Bracelet Design Ideas

One of the funkiest hand accessories is bracelet. This article shares some design ideas so that you can choose the best bracelet for every attire and occasion that can certainly enhance your look.
If you are not able to stand out in the crowd even after sporting some of the expensive watches or wristbands, then a good bracelet design is what you need. Bracelet is something that you can adorn on your wrists with grace and confidence. It can be a great alternative to the traditional wrist watches and wristbands. Watches are common and everybody wears them but only people with desire to look unique and trendy go for bracelets. So you are also one of the people who want to craft their own style statements then read further as this article will discuss some of the bracelet design ideas with you.

Popular Bracelet Designs

Beaded Design
If you are fond of beads, then you can experiment with various bracelet designs with beads. The large single color beads are woven into a thick elastic strings so that it becomes easier to wear and remove the bracelet. These bracelets are very easy to make at home. You can choose from variety of colorful beads and create your own bracelet pattern. Instead of single color you can go for multiple color bracelet. You can choose two or many color beads as per choice and weave them alternatively or some other pattern to make a smart and chic design. You don them for formal parties as well as on casual days. Bracelet with black glazing beads looks good with any party wear little black dress or even black evening gown.

Stringed Design
If you are looking for a good friendship bracelet then bracelet design with strings is the best option for you. All you have to do is select the threads of your choice and create some good friendship bracelet patterns. You can experiment with candy stripes, braided strings, and swirl knots that look equally fascinating and are quite easy to make at home. You can choose from variety of hemp bracelet patterns and colors to match your outfits. If you want to go for vibrant look, then go for shocking pink, dark yellow, fluorescent, or crimson, etc. You can also wear multicolor bracelet that acts as a quick attractor. But remember that bracelets made out of sting looks good only on casual attires and not on formal wear.

Metal Designs
Another good option for bracelets design is metal cuff bracelet. You can select from variety of metals, such as iron, silver, steel, oxidized, gold, or even platinum. If you have the budget, you can go for gold or platinum bracelets that are available in various jewelry shops. You would find number of unique designs in the shop that you can choose from. Some metal bracelets are embedded with diamonds or precious stones to give a royal look to the bracelet. Of course, this design is costliest among all the bracelet ideas. But its worth spending so much as it helps you make an elegant, classy, and rich style statement. You can wear such designer and flashy bracelets only on certain occasions, such as red carpet events or formal dinner parties, etc. Metal bracelets are sure to get the heads turning.

Apart from these, you can select from the wide range of leather bracelets and rubber bracelets that are available in some of the classic designs are generally sported by men. There are various types of bracelets, such as, love bracelets, salvation bracelets, patriotic bracelets, etc. They are like any other bracelet but worn with a different motive, faith and attitude. So next time you are thinking of a hand accessory, you know what to go for. If you go for right bracelet designs and instructions provided above, you are sure be the center of attention and will win lots of accolades for sure.
By Geeta Dhavale
Last Updated: 9/20/2011
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