Brake Lights not Working

If the car is facing a brake light problem, it should be fixed immediately. Brake lights are extremely important especially while driving at night, they play an important role in keeping the driver safe from an accident by alerting the drivers driving behind. So if a brake light is not working, it is obviously a reason to worry.
A car is a prized possession for many of us. People wait anxiously to buy a car and it can be one of the necessary items for a family. It's a great mode of transportation and ensures your safety when you are making a long trip. However, it's necessary that you also take care of your car and carry out regular repairs that it requires. Now, one of the most common car problems that consumers face after the car has gotten some years old, are brake lights not working. You may think that it's no big deal but it's a matter of serious consideration and should be given the needed attention immediately.

The brake lights on your car are not for you but for the drivers who are driving behind you. It warns other drivers if your car wants to stop or slowing its speed. Most cars in the market are equipped with three brake lights one of each side of the rear end and one of the roof line. The fashion of placing the brake light on the roof or deck line disappeared during the mid 90s but has been again introduced by luxury automakers like BMW and Audi. A brake light works on a simple electrical system which is controlled by switches which are at the discretion of the driver. Almost all cars have their switches in the brake pedal. When you apply the car brakes the switch gets activated hence showing us the red light which means the car is slowing down or coming to a halt.

Brake Lights not Functioning

If the brake lights are not working properly, it is probably broken or there's something wrong with the bulbs. Now, it's necessary to know what is the cause of the brake problem, and have them repaired soon otherwise a cop could give you a ticket. But first, let's learn why are the brake light bulbs not working.

Check Brake Lights
Every car has three or two brake lights which help create the brake light illumination effect. If these bulbs fail then no driver behind you would be able to understand that you want to stop. Some people don't bother, they wait for all three to die out which can get very late and might not be healthy for you and your car. If you think your brake lights are not working, then I would recommend you to personally remove every brake light to see what the car problem is.

Fuses not Working
A fuse is installed in the brake lights so that it protects the light circuit from amperage overload. Fuse problems could be a possible reason and that would not allow the electric current to reach to the brake lights. To ensure that the fuse is working you need to first check the system fuse which is located in the fuse panel. Use a test light and turn the car keys to ignition. If the test light illuminates on both sides, then the fuse is OK. If only one side lightens up then the fuse needs to be replaced. If the fuse stops working when you apply the brake then there's an internal fault, and it would be better if you call a mechanic on this.

Checking the Switches
A switch near the brake pedal connects the brake light to the electrical circuit of the car. Basic car switches have 2 wires, power in and power out. It's necessary to use a test light to make sure that switch near the brake pedals work fine. If you see that no power is detected then the switch needs replacement and, needs it soon.

Brake lights not working can actually be a very serious issue, and it should be given some thought and consideration and shouldn't be ignored. If you really want to know how to replace a brake light, you need to have the tools and some knowledge about automobiles. Also remember not to press the brake lights for a longer time as the heat can melt of the wires and bulbs.
By Kulbhushaan Raghuvanshi
Published: 1/17/2011
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