Break Up Poems

A heartbreak and parting of ways with your loved one is always painful, no matter what are the circumstances. But, you are never alone to go through the searing pain that threatens to rip the soul. There are always others who have been through or are experiencing a similar predicament right at the moment. And since pain helps produce the most poignant of emotions, let these poems embalm and soothe that ravaged soul of yours, if even for a moment.
An Empty Head
Sometimes it's harder to close a love affair than we think.
When it's the same old thing over and over again… it's time to get out.
One Final Tear
Face up to a breakup.
If Pigs Could Fly
When love grows stale.
Before You Go
Love broken - Another one from the groaning queen.
A Place Where I'm Yours
Sometimes love is not meant to be...
Vows Broken
Am trying to come up with this break up. I gave this relationship my all and pain is what I get. But I believe TIME is the ultimate healer.
Apologies for the Jagged Edges
Two broken teenagers trying to fight for love as best they can...
Broken Memory
This is an old poem, I wrote in third grade... first one I ever wrote in my entire life.... at first I didn't want to share this... but 17 years later, here you guys go.
Letting Go
It hurts.
Heartaches Last Forever
Another broken romance.
Run For Cover
A breakup is never easy.
I Can't Get Over You
Reflections of a broken heart.
The Distance Wedged Between Us
Hanging on for the sake of it.
Lake Michigan
A poem someone I used to Love wrote about me.
The Last Train
When love comes to an end...
The Pain of Lost Love
A poem expressing the pain of a lost love.
Until the Darkness Falls Again
The nighttime weighs so heavy. The poem of a broken heart.
My Heart is Broken
The shear heartache of a breakup.
Forget Me Never
A girl's first love never dies. It stays,stagnant,fading with the years but never forgotten.
Everlasting Fire
The poem describes itself...
Go Thee Well
A dedication to the person who hurt my heart most. Please spare a moment and comment.
I Can't Blame You
Blame no one take responsibility and live your life.
The Last Hug
Dull Star
Haven't written something good in a while (at least that's what I think) that's why I haven't posted anything in a while. But I felt the urge tonight, so I came up with this.
Sometimes the first love is the one that hurts the most.
Why Oh Why!
I fell for her lies again!
Almost As If It Were Yesterday
A misunderstanding, leading to a short breakup....
Bullet in My Chest
The pain of a lost love.
Bleeding Heart
For all those who are trying desperately to come to terms with a heartbreak.
Love and Loss
A puzzling moment for the lovers.
Why am I Still Standing?
I can just watch her leave, I decided to start writing again, it's something I need.
The Man I Thought I Knew...
About how a lover cheats on their spouse and how the spouse has to continue on without them anymore (they break up).
Nothing To You
How much time does it take to heal wounds of the heart?
Strong Enough
This is about how my ex boyfriend took everything I had and left my heart empty.
Bleeding Angel
Demons are the worst kind of lovers.
A Sense of Desperation
"A poem I wrote a long time ago, about my aching heart. I was so troubled then... and nobody knew. They were just outsiders looking in. They had no clue what my 5 year relationship was like."
I'm Not Too Exact
I try really hard actually.
As Time Passes By
I find no point, but still I try and try.
So many people living in a fantasy, thinking the person they're with really loves them.
So Easily Forgotten
A one-sided romance takes a tragic end.
Happily Never After
Happily ever after?
Once Upon a Time
Heartbreak really sucks.
Life, Betrayal, And... Reawakening
Every moments in life cannot be easy, sometimes you encounter with grief... here is the challenge you find.
One Hundred Tears Away
For those who have gone through a break up. Comment if you like it!
Baby, Be My Assassin
Sometimes we love people more than they love us.
My Heart Pains
This is about that feeling when the cheater you loved so much... tries to play around again.
As My Tears Drop
Dedicated to those who are heart broken; I know how it can feel.
Taste of Heaven
Just something I scribbled down a while back...
Our Memories, My Miracle
Memories of the loved one, waiting for a miracle.
It's Just A Feeling
Umm... it's just some feelings... please comment. Be kind.
The poem describes itself...
I Will Not Cry!
I will welcome you with a smile always...
She Has Forsaken Me
Rekindle a dying love.
The Words You Said
Think of this as the continuation to "Have I Loved and Lost?"
Wish I Hadn't Met You
The poem describes itself...
He's Really Gone...
Heartbreak, sad, love, relationships.
Please Come Back To Me - Version 2
It's just a version of my poem - 'Please Come Back To Me'.
I'm Nothing
Break up poem.
The Last Cigarette
This is the last cigarette, I smoke for you...
One Way Relationship
This poem is about loving someone that doesn't love you back
When There is no You
Without You! Someone you love leaving you and you being strong and moving on.
Trying for a Fresh Start...
Just a random poem I made up. Please give feedback.
Broken End
The poem describes itself...
Dear Kiddo
I just couldn't do it. I'm sorry.
Sometimes you just give up trying.
When You Left Me
Break up moments and dominant emotions.
The Sparks
Sometimes it's too hard to let go.
Goodbye II
When romance no longer burns a candle.
Head Up High
This is a poem about a person who's been cheated on but has the courage to move on. I was cheated on but this guy treated me amazing and it was hard for me to move on but I did it. I hope this relates to anyone who's been cheated...
If I Cannot Save You
She got me caught loving her.
Clouds in Heaven
The deep, gloomy thoughts of loss upon a broken relationship.
Love's Gone
Breaking up is hard to do.
Nowhere Left For Us (To Go)
The heartache of a break up.
So I Hate You...
There will always be that person who's wrong for you but still you want them and keep coming back to... but they just keep hurting you. So you have to move on before it's too late...
Please Just Stay
Please read and comment.
Please Come Back To Me
Just a simple poem for those heartbroken people.
The Love She Longed For
Everything that you wanted, now is nothing at all that you need.
I Will Never Forget It
This actually made me depressed a little when I was writing it. It's a poem about a broken heart. Hope you guys like it! Comment too please. I want to know if I'm any good at this.
Blind Faith
The lost and illusory path that torments a broken heart.
The Welcoming Arms of Death
The desperate misery of a broken love.
It was Just an Echo
What I thought meant something turned out to be nothing at all.
Little Hope
The desperation of rejection.
Tell Them All
The lies you spread will never be true.
I Just Don't Love You
Feelings change.
Forgive These Tears...
I am done waiting...
Meant to Be? As If!
Tut, tut, tut. Beware: The guy that goes to your best friend to complain about you, might actually take an interest in her too. Oh, and try not to be too clingy! It's very unattractive...
You Mean Nothing Anymore
You really don't...
Just Disaster
I don't want to hear from you anymore.
You Broke Me
The pain of being cheated on...
You Lied...
It's complicated, it's an oldish poem...
So Over You!
About a person going through something.
This is for the Girls...
Guys are tools... Mostly...
Typical Weak Heart
Love... Hah. "Love hurts whether it is right or wrong." Duh!
Too Late to Turn Back
Give it a read?
Love Has Blackened
It's about this someone I'm still trying to get back, but she won't... give me another chance. Haha, sorry if it's not like a poem. It's just been a long time, it's been like 2 years.
You Say You Love Me
It's like my heart stopped...
My Only One
Me and my boyfriend had an ugly fight a while ago and well I wrote this. Originally it's a song, so it may seem kind of weird while reading but it sounds pretty good when someone sings it (not me definitely)... enjoy. P.S - We are...
A Spectre from the Past
Coming to terms with a lost love.
You Forgot That I Loved You
Title describes itself.
Stood Up
It shouldn't be called "Stood Up", it should be called "knocked down" because that's what she did to my hopes of love when she didn't show.
Feel Whole
I think you broke me and now I feel empty.
She Wouldn't Answer Me
This must be one of my favorite poems that I've ever written on here. It's a really sad poem, but it has something in it that's so touching. Please comment if you like.
The Walkout
The person that you have fallen for the hardest, and has fallen for you, cannot be yours because of mutual fear... A heartbreaking piece, I had to share with the world because it shows sometimes we cannot get what we want... in...
Life Without You...
It's hard to explain in words, how I feel without you...
This is a poem about a boy breaking a girl's heart.
I Need An Ending
I smile because you told me to...
Words, that I Never Had a Chance to Say
The title explains everything.
My Goodness
There is so many ways you have hurt me.
You Were All Of Me
I want you to leave, but I can't ever let you go...
I'll Miss You, Joe
Is there such thing as a perfect relationship? Maybe, it's necessary we fight. Mind you, not too much! Otherwise we'll have to go our separate ways... Like these two have...
Breaking Each Other's Hearts
I met you on a train one day but now the rest is history.
Tragedy - A Tough Time
This is just when I was going through a tough time.
Losing the Best
Girl finds her boyfriend cheating on her.
Blame Shifting, Hearts Breaking
Please remember our love.
Never will be You and Me
This is a poem I had written when I was upset because of a relationship...
Radioactive Inside
You have no interest in our relationship.
Tell Me To Go Away!
It's hard to let go.
5 But Take 3
Heartbreak after 3 years...
The Girl that Easily Could Kill Me with a Single Heartbreak
I just can't get her off my mind, and I will never give it up. Ever felt like me?
Were You Genuine?
Sometimes, things are not the same as they are portrayed...
Teach Me To Forget
The love left me in a relationship with another girl. It breaks my heart to see them together...I want to forget.
With a Shattered Heart
The way I felt when I got my heart broken...
An Ex Girlfriend
Ex girlfriends aren't born, they are made.
The Last Tear
Broken...It's short but I liked it... so that to share it with you guys...
Your Last Call...
Read it... and please leave some words..
One Day You'll Miss Me...
I was a bit angry I guess, comments welcome.
I Won't Be Coming Back Again
I'm sorry but I'll be leaving today.
Broken History
My past catching up, repeating itself.
Broken Love, Broken Pain
Heartache is all I can say honestly.... sorry haven't been on lately. Guys, here's a new one I got a few more, I wrote as well.
It was not Just Me, it was You Too
This is just me saying that it wasn't all my fault for something that happened. It was my ex-bf"s too. I can't take all the blame.
I Won't Let it Happen Again
Being used is never fun, hardest thing is when they don't even know that they are using you... Read and enjoy.
Gone With the Wind
Sad... but true.
Crying for the Impossible and Unforgettable
It is a poem about love and feelings.
No One
Something I wrote in Maths.
Too Far Out of Line
I've wanted this to work but I can't make anything work, if suddenly it's all ME. I don't know you, you don't know me... is that what 10 years of friendship does to us? Hope you like it!
You Had Your Chance
Someone who played me like no other.
Because They Are Gone
Feelings they will never know because they are gone...
You'd Said You Will Always Be There
Have you ever had someone leave you? But be the very ones you want to see again.
Broken Heart: Echo of a Memory
Memories can be painful.
What Made You Do So?
Who are you now? What happened to you and I? Where are you? But... I won't cry. Hope you like it!
Sleep Tight
Heart broken, never to be made whole again.
Slanted Truth
How can she even think this? I thought she knew me... but it turns out she doesn't. After all, she's over there spouting lies about me... and it's so far-fetched... how could I have thought you had changed? Hope you like it!
End of Today
Everything has an end, how long will it take for you to understand?
Nothing Left to Miss
I'm sorry to say, but I'm afraid there's nothing left. The sun is setting to our day... the storms have passed, the silver lining appeared... then left. All this left us with nothing, only hurt and blame. I'm letting go of it all....
The Day I Ruined Everything!
I wrote it when me and my boyfriend broke up.
Not Mine!
I like a guy... who I really shouldn't! After all, he's pretty out of my reach... and sort of blind to me... I'm sort of the nerd in the corner. Anyway, hope you like it!
Black Heart
About a dream... which hurt me a lot.
Lost Love Once Again
Bored in college so I decided to write.
I Give Up Way Too Soon
I will always love you.
Last Chapter
Letting him go, letting his power over me fade.
Lost Love Forever
Lost someone that you know won't come back, no matter how much you try? I did. I was sad when I wrote this one, still hopes the grammar is okay. Comment please love to know what you think!
What We're Waiting For
I'm lying to myself. Staying inside a broken down car thinking it can work again. But maybe I need to face the facts but I still seem to be waiting. Thanks for reading!
Die a Little... Live a Lot
Not mine. This is one of my friend's poetry... I do not own this.
Cut Apart
Love is so beautiful, so amazing. But what if someone manages to make your life a living hell? Verbally? There goes the love. Hope you like it!
Anger is the Equivalent of Hate
I'm not a hateful person but there's that one person... urrghh... anyways, hope you like it! Very short, probably confusing, but when you're angry can you think clearly? Hope you like it!
A Million Years of Heavy Rain
A million years of heavy rain (biological diary). A memory can be so hard to shake.
Is This the End of Forever?
I'm afraid it's all going to end... and you seem to be leaving... and I'm starting to think it would be just better if I let it go. Never thought there was an end to forever. Comment and do poll! Thanks for reading!!
Can Never Be the Same
Seems everything is slipping out of my hands... but if I could go back.... would I let myself go through this pain again?:) Comment and do the poll! Thanks for reading!!
A Broken Heart to Be Mended
A first lost love.
A Smile Hiding Under a Tear
It is a poem... when you think you have found true love and then it vanishes.
Lovely Nightmares
Perfect couple stands in front of you, two months later they can't stand being on the same side of the world, much less the same room. How is this possible?
Were You Worth My Love?
When the person you love the most leaves you, you are just left with lots of questions and one of them is, was he worth your love?
Truth is...
Read and tell me what do you think? Not much of a poem; just like a little background story of a failure in life, someone who just played games ...
Underlying Truth
I have this guy, an ex boyfriend actually, who somehow makes it impossible to forget his existence, and boy have I tried! Well all was good until the other day, he texts me those stupid few words that bring back all the memories,...
Life Changes
I have lost the only girl I have ever loved and still I'm fighting for her even though she is with someone else but I don't want to move on...
Story of My Life
About a breakup. The dark irony I realized after was humbling, and actually somewhat funny (to me). Yet, for some reason, even looking back on it all, I still would a picked tails.
What goes around...
You are a Sadly Mistaken
It's a poem about love and feelings.
My Empty Heart
For those who never quit..
The Beginning of the End
It's a poem my friend and I wrote together. Yes, reading this you'll like, 'Wow, is she's depressed or something?' I'm not! It's just poems, trust me! Hope you like it!
Not Meant to Be
How can you love someone who you don't like? But others would like me to be with him... it's just... we're not meant to be. (Plus! He's a total jerk!) Hope you like it.=)
Doomed love... ripped apart. One side because she had no other choice? Totally oblivious as to the reasons why. It's a free-written poem, I hope you guys still like it!
Cold and Undone
Feelings echoing from a heart..
Shining Tears
Feel it... live it ... read it silently, so you can know what does it mean.
The slow suffocation of a love gone bad.
Tears Have a Mind
Sometimes you convince yourself that you are over someone you love before your heart is ready to let go. Your tears are closer to the heart than you are, and they normally know the best. Listen to those tears... They have a mind of...
When Will It Be Over?
Once it was the perfect life, then one change, and it crashes around me.
Scars of the Forgotten
Just a poem I wrote for my friend about her life. She asked me to write a poem about her life and love broke up and to kinda include others in the world! Here you go Kelly I hope you like it...
The Burn
About my ex burning my heart.
About me not regretting. A boy breaking my heart.
I wrote this one night while I was upset and stuff was just racing through my mind. So I decided to put what I was feeling in a poem.
I Love You
‎"Never try to forget something, no matter how much you want to. There’s a reason why your mind won’t let it go, even if your heart has. Your memories always serve a purpose, whether you know it or not, and you can’t...
Bad Little Boy Blue
Bad Little Boy Blue..
Plot Your Downfall
The anger of a breakup.
Wish for Eternity
Wrote this about a month ago for my ex...
One Tear
This is to my Best Friend...Well ex-bf.
My One and Only
Free write during first period in school. This is about two people, excluding myself. Gimme your honest opinions :D
I'd travel space for you
I'm Sorry I Lied
Love wasn't enough.
Still Love You!
This poem is spontaneous but I hope you like it.....plz comment..
You Never Understood Love
You were the destruction.
Rip It Out
Sick of the freaking pain... Sick of the lies, Just rip my heart out already...
This poem will make no sense to those who are not close to me but this poem is closure.
The way I wish it would be and what it is like now.
Wake Me
I wrote this poem not knowing where it would it end, but now that I'm done and I've read it repeatedly I see that all a long i knew what I was writing. I was hurt without realizing it.
Without You Girl
I've moved on with life, so this love was wasted.
Too Late
Betrayal. You know the feeling. You've felt it, at least, at some point in your life. You know how to betray, just like you know what it's like to be the injured party. A poem dedicated to all those who've felt the burn of...
This Heart
Hey people please comment :)
You Can't Reverse Time
What's done is done. You cannot reverse history.
Happy Ever After (Not)
Love lost and not return so it's not happy.
Love Forbidden
It is a poem about love and feelings.
A Memory Of You
The dark despair of a break up.
Make Up To Break Up
This is my friends Deloris anthem.
It is a poem about love and feelings.
Emergency Call
It is a poem about love.
I Was The One
The girl who gives her all....
Tell Me Why
Read this... PLEASE! and comment too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)
Each Day I Cry
A poem that cries each day knowing that love is real but will only be a fantasy..
Is It Bad?
About my ex.
Can't Stand It
Some things must stop.
Never Win You Back
I've done you wrong but i'm willing to change.
Final Time
This is Part 2 to 'I held My head Down'.
I Held My Head Down
Sad story.. depressing....
Hi it's time to say.
Like It Was
We were unique but your life is yours to choose.
Blue Eye
Eyes that can tell a story. Can tell you lies.
You At Least Made Me Wish
A girlfriend breaking up with her boyfriend. Comment plz.
Missing Page
Sometimes it's just too hard to get over a broken love.
So Cold The Snow
A haunting tale of tragic love.
Poisonous Love
It is a poem about love, but the person you love does not love you.
Shadow Of Your Memory
A tale of a broken heart, and a love departed.
Daydreams of You
Ever been unable to think of others than the one you love/long for? Read this! Comment plz.
A love affair that came to an end knowingly but unexpectedly so soon. It was like living out a fantasy/dream and coming back to reality/waking up abruptly.
Chains Of Torture
Dedicated to all the victims of domestic abuse, let's hope they find the courage to leave.
Move On
It's time to let go! This was all writing by myself so don't take any of my lines-shai. Comment :)!
The Butterfly
Made from my thoughts. Comment plz.
In The Tears Of Dreams
A dream of tears of the love one person could never have.
A Heart You Give And A Heart You Break
The question is why does love hurt so much. How can it hold happiness along with all the hurt.
Wasn't Meant to Be
I've really liked this guy but I'm just ready to give up and move on. This is kind of like my closure.
Nothing Is Worth It Anymore
I was insecure and we both couldn't take it.
Inside Me
Inside me
Forgiveness Or Not?
An AMAZING poem I wrote. :)
Blank Stare
Poem for someone I love :(
It Wasn't Me!!
A man who failed to sustain his relationship in a dejected mind and hopes given-up.
Waiting For A Lover To Return
When love leaves, it's sometimes too hard to let go.
My Eyes Cry for You
Life without love is nothing.
Roses are Red Violets are Blue
It just came up in my mind while reading my story lol.
Our Love
People come into our lives for a reason, it is your decision if you want to keep them there.
A Shattered Heart on Valentine's Day
The poem describes itself.
Dreaming Memories
Just read its hard to describe.
Dead With A Broken Heart
Huuuu...a girl can never forget when her heart was truly and utterly broken. It sucks a lot. I try to get over it..but it comes back to me in nightmares.. -_-
The Broken Angel
I decided to write this because of a relationship I was in before which didn't end to good for me at least.
My Sweet Love
It is a poem about feeling and love.
Broken Heart
Jotting down what I feel.
Your Done
Not good but I'm bored.
I Need You (Song)
This is a song I wrote its kinds short but when I sing it its longer xD.
A Sigh Above The Roar
Deep regret is so hard to ignore.
The Love Day Gone Again
I get my heart broke two times in one month and I have abuse from bullies :( that's my love day gone comment I want to know what you think
The Pain In My Eyes
Just wrote this because I was in a really bad relationship at the time.
Love is Like a Dream
Love hurts a lot when you see someone you love thinking and loving someone else.
Sharing Beds
Bored in class made me think of him.
Don't Think About Him
Don't cry for a man who has left you, the next one may fall for your smile.
Death of the Perfect
What happens when the ending of a relationship turns into self injury..
Even Though You Won't Be Dead
The maddening thoughts of a sorrow filled breakup.
Impossible Love
It is a poem about love.
Love Equals Pain
Is a poem when you break up with someone.
Who I am Today
It's a poem that I wrote for my ex bf when he made my world crash around me.
The Man With A Nail In His Heart
A story of lost love and deepest sorrow.
For my dear love, Bryan who left my life.
My Heart was Taken
Its cheesy, its written by millions of people, but at least I can say its true.
No Way
Waiting for
Cry You My Song
A short sad tale of a bitter lost love.
All alone, and no longer happy.
''So Many Memories Stuck In My Head''
Just missing the times I spent with my Ex.
Heart Games
I just now wrote this ,1-21-11 its how I feel,the one I love is playing my emotions yet I remain, still hoping although my mind says run!!
I Wasn't Good Enough
I broke up with my boyfriend because I was never good enough for him...this is just me venting..
My Love
My biggest mistake.
My Love
I started middle school in 2009, and I met a guy named Mason. I was truly amazed. Only problem is, he has a girlfriend. When I found this out, I was heartbroken. I've been through a lot of crap in my life, my parents divorce, the...
Broken Love
Been trough tears and pain? Perfect poem... <3
My True Self
Thought I'd try a poem. Hope you like it :)
Your Spot
A struggle to move forward.
This is a poem about loving someone and having to let them go.
My Heart
Good for those in love.
Broken Heart
Just a broken love poem.
Blind Love
About a girl who gave everything she had to a guy and he trashed her and the poem talks about how she is now that he is gone..
I Mean Nothing To You
He doesn't love me anymore.
Love Lost
He is really messing with my head.
Forever is Gone
Please comment what you think, it's my first poem that I've posted :)
You Never Loved Me
For him, and his love for her. Comments?
If You Were Still Here
Trying to get this off my mind.
Washed Away
In a relationship that has come to an end and realization of the purpose of me being in it.
Black and Blue
I like it. I hope you do too.
I Still Love You
Life goes on.
Just A Little Heartbreak
I don't know whom to blame...
Roses are Red, Violets are Blue
A sort of suicide/ breakup poem. I'm writing this because I think my boyfriend is cheating... I swear my life keeps getting worse and worse...
First time posting a poem, let me know what you think.
My ex (Baby) who I loved a lot but then she became a bitch and I found someone who treated me right. I'm by her side she's by mine. With my ex I was just a slave she took all her anger out on me and kissed up on other guys. I was...
Meaningless Love
Heartache...nuf said.
Darkened Heart
Surrounded by darkness yet finding the hope within and moving on.
Coz I Still Love You
Quite a short one(a')
Broken and Bruised
I want to live with you but what you did means I can't.
Don't Look Back Now
A Poem of lost love, Dedicated to all my Broken hearted people out their.
Deeper Than The Soul
The anguish of a broken heart.
Song about broken love.
Love Lost !!
This is what I dreamt of last night. I would really appreciate comments on this one. This is the very first piece of writing and I need a little motivation to keep going. Thank you.
Shattered Heart
We all play with fire sometimes, but we should beware of its consequences.
Never Let You Go
Miss her so much I need to vent.
Let Me Go
A poem of a broken heart.
Let Go
A short poem I wrote about an ex of mine.
This Lonely Heart
I love you and you love me too. But we aren't together.
Together Forever
I would like to dedicate this article to a boy i love the most. Someone has rightly said, "The biggest pain in the world is to sit next to the person you love the most, knowing that the person can never be yours." This...
A flashback to the year of love and heartache.
Gone With No Notice
He just dumped me just like that. No upfront notice, no mistake, no nothing. He just left me with a broken heart. He just decided yo dump me.
True Love
This poem is for my ex and he my true love and I won't ever forget him.
When Love Wrongs You
RI wrote this after I waz pretty upset cause of what a guy did to me and I waz pretty confused about my love life so yea I think that this poem says a lot and a lot of you can relate so yea plz comment and tell me what you think....
I Left You
Just read it................
Two Lovers' Link
Sorry its so long.
When You Did That
I still feel the pain of when my ex Tyler Holloway cheated on me and it has been almost 2 months.
We Belong Together
Finding love.
Loving someone thinking they love you back because they pretend they love to you. Starting a new life is hard.
Where Did Our Love Go?
I'm more of a romance story writer, not a romance poem writer. Tell me wat u think of this. It just came to me.
Tears of a Broken Heart
Loving some with all you heart not knowing what they actually want from you. I had dreams of me and this guy but he was not swimming with me in the same pool. He had me thinking of many things in my life because of him I am the...
I'm Bleeding From the Heart
Bleeding from the heart.
Love Is Not Here
Is there love at the end of hate,.....
Your Loss, Not Mine
A poem to the person that just broke up with you.
Someone to Forget
Please tell how you liked the poem through comments.
Paralyzed and Torn
The aftershock my heart had from her lies, left me so dormant.
Second Avenue
Basically explains what happened to me on Second Avenue..
Should've Known [All Along]
Basically....just read:]
Ex's and Oh's
The highs and lows of my relationship. The memory aftermath.
Always There
This is how me and my ex once felt about each other.
Heart Broken
This is about me and a guy that I thought might have actually but I was so wrong!
When I
I Used To !!
I Guess I Know Now!
This is about me & a guy that I had thought mite actually have a future together {BUT I WAS WRONG}
All My Love
I wrote this after the one boy I thought I could be with for the rest of my life got his mother to basically tell me its OVER! Just so he could see how I would react!
Without You
It's about how I feel now me and my ex are over for sure now!
I Cry With The Pain
A breakup can be painfully angry.
:/ It's a scar.
My Heart
You have my heart rite in the palm of your I was foolish.
Were all Scream for Ice Cream
About a very annoying lil jerk :)