Breast Augmentation Recovery Process

Breast Augmentation simply refers to an alteration in the size shape of a woman's breasts, either for cosmetic reasons or for reconstruction of breasts due to some deformities. Even though the job does not take a lot of time, the recovery needs to be steady and one needs to take extra care for sometime after a breast augmentation.
When you talk of liposuction, transplants and the likes, the most prominent thing which comes to our mind is breast augmentation or breast implant or 'boob job' as they call it in slang. Breast augmentation, is basically a process of modification in the shape of a woman's breasts. It could be for cosmetic reasons or for some real medical problem like a deformity in the breast wall or the likes. Sometimes it is also referred to as breast enlargement as a 'prosthesis' or artificial extension is used to alter the shape of the breasts. There are broadly two types of breast augmentation, one is sub glandular and sub muscular. So recovery from augmentation surgery depends on the type of surgery. Normally, it is said that breast augmentation recovery process takes less time in the sub glandular breast implant, than sub muscular augmentation or implant.

Recovery from Breast Augmentation Surgery

Time Span for Recovery
As mentioned earlier, how much time will it take to recover depends on what kind of surgery you opt for. Nevertheless, on an average, it needs around a couple of weeks to get back to your earlier normal self. If it's a sub muscular breast augmentation, it will perhaps take more time, because in that surgery, the muscle is cut. In addition to this, strenuous exercise and physical activity cannot be indulged in for a minimum of 6 weeks. It is normal for many to feel uncomfortable during recovery for the first couple of weeks. It is also a possibility that the breasts would be swollen for 4 to 5 weeks, so they will be very sensitive. So, that has to be taken care of. Whatever the result may be, it is better not to hasten the recovery process, as it would not augur well in the long term. Moreover, the time span for recovery also depends on the age, overall health and body shape.

Pain Relief
There are quite a few methods to relieve pain after breast augmentation. One of the most easiest and no side effect methods is to use ice packs. For the first couple of days after surgery, expose the concerned part of the breasts to cold compresses or ice packs. Some surgeons would suggest even more, perhaps even till the swelling and bruising has subsided. Pain-killers are also prescribed for dealing with the pain involved in breast implant. During recovery, use of a surgical bra or elastic bandage is also advised by the doctors, for getting your breasts to bind well with the body. Another major part of recovery is drains, or surgical drains to be specific. That is an important aspect of your clinical follow-up post-surgery. In the incision during the surgery, drain or drains are usually placed to give way for fluids to flow away from the surgical site. This helps in preventing the building of pressure, which can affect the healing process. So this needs attention and you are supposed to drain the liquid every now and then. In case, you feel that the shape of breasts has changed, immediately see your surgeon.

Post Surgery Scars and Other Issues
After breast augmentation surgery one would observe scars on the concerned area. Those scars are a result of the incision during the surgery. Again, the location of these scars is dependent upon the area of incision and the technique. These scars will be pink and firm for the initial 6 weeks. Then, over a period of months they fade, but do not completely disappear. To get rid of them as soon as possible, get advice from your surgeon and follow it properly. Numbness of skin over your breasts is also experienced, but it dies down in a few weeks. Another thing is to take precautions while sleeping. It is advised that you do not sleep on your stomach as there is a chance of hurting the already sensitive breasts. So sleeping on your back, with upper back and head elevated, is suggested. In addition to that, unless your doctor or surgeon suggest, do not take a shower. Have a sponge bath when you are recovering from breast augmentation surgery.

These were just the main precautions and pointers. As you go along, the surgeon will guide you and it will be not as bad, hopefully. However, all said and done, frequent check up, specially at a radiology center and otherwise to your surgeon is essential for the first few months and till a year post surgery.

All this is fine, but personally I feel that unless there is some real problem, one should avoid this surgery. You are beautiful and good as you are, there is no need to alter what has been gifted to you by nature!
By Medha Godbole
Published: 9/14/2009
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