Breathe Old Friend

Just reminding one to breathe even when you don't want to.
In the middle of the night you toss and turn,
You find yourself up and down letting the fire burn,
Didn't anyone tell you it would get easier,
Don't give up on me yet old friend.

There's still so much left in store for this season,
Life's my battleground,
I will not back down,
Nor shall you.

Go back to bed,
Pull the covers up close to your chest,
Now close your eyes,
Take a deep breath.

I was never there...
It's all but a dream you see,
When you stand on solid ground,
You will now have what it takes for that leap and bound.

I'm your faith, I'm your air, I'm your heart,
I am YOU,
Breathe old friend!
Published: 11/27/2012
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