Breeze's Touch

A world with no harm, a world with no hurt. Hope you feel breeze's touch.
The breeze slowly caressed my face,
With its hand as soft as silk,
All my problems became a dream,
As I watched the sun hide from me.

As the moonlight began to rise,
As a day was passing by,
Like a baby in its crib,
I let the breeze caress me.

With a simple little place,
All my thoughts began to change,
As I saw the peaceful world,
I began to have hope.

Life is full of dreams,
If you convince yourself is real,
You can actually see the other face,
Of a world of goodness and grace.

While I watched darkness come by,
I felt how good life could be like,
As I shared my thoughts with the air,
We were connected in some way.

As if we were only one,
As if I saw its pain,
As if it could see,
As if it could feel.

And that's when I realized,
That it was just a dream,
That kind of peace could never exist,
Not unless you have the money for it.

You should never give up hope,
Because sometime when you never thought,
You will feel breeze's touch,
And you'll see the real world.
Published: 4/9/2012
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