Bring it On

It's time to leave your comfort zone and face reality. . kindle the hunger that drove you once. .Be ready to face it all. .Bring it on!
Bring it on, all you've got
I'm not scared anymore
Give me your best shot
Hit me as hard as you can. .

A satiated soul is useless
Hunger keeps the fire burning
Comfort and security are poison
Blood, sweat and toil are the elixir. .

Come out of your comfy shell
Take up arms against impossible odds
Swim against the tide of conformity
In struggle you'll find meaning. .

Let heart and sinew be tested to its limits
Stop cribbing, stop whining about the past
You are what you make yourself to be
Toughen up boy, it's time for action. .

Pain is good, hurt is good
Learn to embrace it and grow
Cast away the boy, be a man
It's time to unleash hell. .

Let life hurl its biggest blows
You need them, don't flinch
You will have the last laugh
When you stand up to it all. .

Take the bull by the horns
Face your fears head on
You do or you die
Bring it on. . .!
By Omkar Phatak
Published: 4/12/2011
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