Broken Love, Broken Pain

Heartache is all I can say honestly.... sorry haven't been on lately. Guys, here's a new one I got a few more, I wrote as well.
My palms are sweaty,
My heart is thumping,
Skip, skip,
I look into the distance,
Hoping you will look my way,
Why do you make me feel
Like I'm nothing?

Can't I just be good enough?
I stare, I watch
Until it's too much to bare
I run into my house.

As the fog in my mind disappears,
I cry louder... louder till my lungs burn.
Sitting down,
I think, "I will never be good enough for you,
To hold me once."

I cry my last tear,
I breathe my last breath,
I think my last thought,
I think of how long I fought.

All filled with love for you,
Knowing in my heart it was true,
Not knowing what to do...
I fade into my dreams,
Where this broken love can be fixed?
And fly high above,
Baby you are my wings...
My soul... heart... my dreams... my everything.

But you left just like that in the end,
I was just a lab rat.
Tonight is the last time,
I will say good night...

Because in the morning,
It will be the end.
All emotions will fade,
As darkness consumes me,
I know, I paid the price...
Good night... love and miss you.
Published: 11/11/2011
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