Building Healthy Relationships

Building healthy relationships can be a treacherous path. It takes a lot of patience and an inherently good heart. Check out the article below to get a low down.
7 out of my 10 acquaintances are in a relationship or are on the verge of getting into one. While I am just a spectator to their relationship and I want to be in one, I have realized one thing. Building and maintaining healthy relationships is no cake walk. It is a toil, which, doesn't seem to because we do it for the person we love and it is ultimately for our good. Then the question arises as to what does it take for building healthy relationships? The answers are in the text to follow.

How to Have a Healthy Relationship?

Well, science has definite and specific chemical reactions, and equations and other things (which throw you in a tizzy), however, there are no particular hard and fast rules or characteristics of a healthy relationship. Take a look...

Trust Me
Impeccable and unfathomable trust is one of the foundations of a satisfactory relationship. This doesn't mean blind faith, but believing in the person concerned, not doubting him, would help. If you do not trust your partner, the whole pyramid of the relationship will topple. So TRUST!

Out With It
If you do not speak out what is wrong, or what is great or if there is any issue or even the simple act of telling that person that you do care for him or her, no relationship can progress! Communication is the key to building healthy relationships. Now that doesn't mean that you keep on ranting about your problems and nag all the time. Communication should be positive and should be two-way otherwise there can crop up communication problems. You speak out, great. Although, just as you speak out, you have to listen too. You have to be a good listener for maintaining and developing good relationships. Only then, thoughts can be shared. Mind you this is one of the most important traits of a healthy relationship.

Honesty, the Best Policy
Honesty and transparency are of utmost importance to maintain and develop healthy relationships. Be open about things and secrets are a big no no. Of course there are some things you will keep to yourself. But other than that, being frank, (not in a rude and 'I don't care manner) where required, but politely is warranted. Honesty is the best policy! Remember this as one of those healthy relationship tips which cannot be compromised! If you are not honest, mind you, you are gone for good!

Virtue, thy name is Patience
Patience, my dear friends is pivotal to building healthy relationships. If you do not have patience, you can never have good relationships. It takes years to build a fantastic relationship and a single word or an act for it to crumble like pack of cards. Have patience, let the other person understand you and you get to know that person inside out. That is how you can be in a healthy relationship. Not giving time can lead you into unhealthy relationships (whoever told you that relationship is a bed of roses?).

Time Apart
Spending time with each and having that intimacy for building healthy relationship is imperative. But there are stages of a healthy relationship where you have to spend time away from the person you love. Personal space too has to be enjoyed by the people involved. Spending some time away from each other daily gives you time to think about your relationship and that is how you pave cornerstones for conducive and strong relationships.

Well, this was just a glimpse of what all things are required and how you build relationships. All these are signs of a good relationship. A few other things which will help build healthy relationships are, common interests, taking responsibilities and vouching for each other. Doing things without being told about them and having a certain understanding level can make a truckload of difference and take you a step closer to having a fulfilling relationship.

At the end of the day, if you are in a relationship, by now you have most probably realized all these things. If not, when you take the plunge, you will surely know that building healthy relationships is so much more than just these aspects!
By Medha Godbole
Last Updated: 9/22/2011
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