We're all aware of the destructive effects of a bullet, once it is fired from a gun. However, do we know the intricate details of what happens when the trigger has been pulled? Are we aware of the different types of bullets available, and their effects. Peruse through the articles given below to find out the answers for the same.
Things You Should Know about Ballistic Gel
Ballistic gel acts as a medium that enables the testing and study of the terminal effect of firearms and ammunition, giving a reliable comparison with the effect that they have on an actual living body. This article provides some...
How Does a Bullet Work
The working of a bullet is based on many scientific principles. In this article, we will see how a bullet actually works, and know about its various parts.
Types of Bullets
The bullet is the smallest of all ammunition, yet can cause lethal damage. Curious to know more about bullets and what they are used for? Going through this article on different types of bullets and their characteristics, will...
Bullet Caliber Comparison Chart
The invention of gunpowder and firearms led to the development of the concepts of bullet caliber and sizing. These are the terms used to determine the capacity and range of a bullet. The level of damage that can be inflicted can be...
Hollow Point Bullets
The debate on the use of lethal weapons has been sparked once again; this time by hollow point bullets, which are known for their destructive force.
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