Burn in Flame

A simple poem about myself I guess - after spending years of wondering what is wrong with me for being so depressed all the time, I've finally found a little glimmer of hope. I have also uploaded this to my account on
Self-discovery in order to find,
That which is plaguing my mind,
A struggle for breath in drowning water,
A chance of life in this day's slaughter,
The touch of rain when I'm burning in flame.

This battle, this war, this vicious fight,
Years gone by, yet no end in sight,
Pilled relief from this incessant pain,
A cure for this disease with no goddamn name,
The touch of rain when I'm burning in flame.

Empty shell walking, too scared to feel,
Stretched at the seams, it's part of the deal,
To offer yourself with no thought of you,
It's a bittersweet curse, yet beautiful too,
I've found my breath in that deep blue sea,
I've found my chance, no death for me,
I've found my pill, I've found my cure,
I've found my rain when I burn in flame.
Published: 12/18/2015
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