But A Dream

A yearning for the return of a lover.
When evening mourns the passing day,
And the setting sun fades into gray,
As shadows form around my room,
I'm left alone with thoughts of you.

In my dreams we are together,
Side by side in candlelight,
Wish this spark could last forever,
But life's but a dream,
You're not here with me.

I miss you,
I wish you
Were here with me,
To bring release,
From this misery,
That so haunts me.

When I sleep you come to me,
In my dreams of yesterday,
They entertain me with your smile,
Bring contentment for a while.

I believe that we are destined,
To spend our lives within a dream,
Cast adrift on a blind ocean,
Your presence is felt,
But your image melts
In shadows
Of sorrow,
That drape their veil,
Over love that failed,
How I wish that I
Could turn back time.

I write these words for you to read.
Maybe your thoughts are still of me.
And if you read these words I write,
Maybe you'll realize that I...

Still love you with all my heart,
I still want you in my life.
Please come home and melt the dark,
That hangs like a shroud,
When you're not around,
To hold me,
So warmly.
I feel the cold,
Rend through my soul,
In the cold reality...
My life is but a dream.
Published: 12/23/2011
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