But Why So Soon? Chapter 26

Elena Swan moved to Hawaii because of circumstances which made her life unbearable. This story is about how a person changes it and makes it the best thing that can ever happen. Thank you and please comment. It takes me hours to write every chapter, your comments make it all worth it. *Picture is of Elena's dress.*
It has been one week since we returned and this trip did not turn out the way I expected. Jonathan was a different person now, he seemed sad, in agony and I could not do anything. I was sitting next to window watching waves rolling at the beach. Tears invaded my eyes because I knew I could bear anything but not seeing Jonathan in pain.

Jonathan showed me his house today and it was pretty near to mine and very beautiful. I could imagine me and him there smiling, but whenever I looked at Jonathan's face I felt as if that vision would be just a wish and nothing more. I had no idea how to make him happy. I tried calling Austin and even Caroline but they never answered them. I did not tell anyone about our engagement because whenever I tried to talk about it to Jonathan he seemed to get quiet and sad, so I just stopped talking about our trip. Suddenly an idea struck me; I should have a dinner party at my place and invite Aunt Marry and Uncle John and tell them about our engagement. I knew if they would readily accept us Jonathan would feel better knowing somebody actually want us to be together.

I rushed to the telephone and told Jonathan about the entire idea and for a moment I heard him smiling at the other end, he seemed happier. I took a huge sigh of relief and hugged mom who remained silent but I knew if she could respond, she would be the happiest person alive. I called Aunt Marry and invited her and Uncle John at my place for dinner. I cleaned the whole house and cooked multiple dishes with mouth-watering desserts.

Finally feeling proud of myself I changed into beautiful peach dress and it was almost time for dinner so I sent Brenda home. She seemed a bit weird lately as she did not talk much or I thought that I must be over-imagining things. I pinned my front hair at back and let them hang loose. My hair flicks looked perfectly straight and I applied light makeup with peach blush on. The ring looked so beautiful on my hand and I felt happy for the first time after Jonathan's birthday party. I heard the doorbell, so I rushed to open the door. Jonathan stood there, warm and *my Jonathan* smile on his face.

"Am I late?" He asked with a sexy smile and I could not help smiling back.
"Yes Mr. Jonathan." I joked with a huge smile, my eyes staring in his gorgeous blue eyes.

"Hmmm... So Mrs. Jonathan what punishment would you give me?" He said as he pulled me closer and I smiled and gently touch his hair and he pulled me in to a passionate kiss.

"Knock, knock!!" I heard Aunt Marry say and suddenly Jonathan and I broke the kiss and I blushed deeply.

"Hi Aunt Marry and Uncle John!! I am so glad you made it... tonight is going to be full of surprises!!" I squealed with excitement and kissed them both. Aunt Mary looked fatter as I saw that she was soon be giving birth to a baby. We all went inside and Jonathan followed me to the kitchen.

"So you said I was late..." He said with a mischievous smile.
"I wanted to kiss you." I said lamely and he bent down and kissed me politely.
"And I can kiss you my whole life." Jonathan whispered and I blushed again. I was blushing a lot, maybe it was because today I was going to give the biggest news of my life to the people who I cared the most for.

Jonathan helped me take the dishes to the dining table and Aunt Mary insisted on helping but I knew she was pregnant and it would be perfect if she just rests. Aunt Mary was dressed in a beautiful lilac color dress and her hair looked perfect with her figure. She looked happier as beautiful color filled her cheeks. Uncle John's eyes were permanently fixed on the beauty in lilac.

"OH GOD! Melissa this is so yummy! I did not know that you knew how to cook so perfectly!" Uncle John said eating mouthful and I could not help smiling. Soon the dinner was over, so I brought the chocolate Mousse and even I was surprised at the delicious taste. We all were done with the dinner when Jonathan held my hand from under the table and I glanced at his handsome face. I knew he wanted me to tell them now so I finally smiled and blushed again.

"You are blushing a lot!!" Aunt Mary said as she noticed the smile on my face.
"I have a surprise for you!" I said, smiling a bit too much.
"Yeah..." Uncle John said wiping his face with the napkin.
"I... am..." I started when suddenly Aunt Marry looked at my hand and she literally jumped with happiness.

"Elena! OH MY GOD!! Congratulations!! OOHHH!!! I am so HAPPY!!! "Aunt Mary said and her eyes went tearful with happiness.
I also started laughing and suddenly we both hugged each other. Uncle John looked at us, clueless.

"Hey, what's going on??" He asked still astonished with Aunt Mary's reaction.
"We are getting engaged." Jonathan said half smiling. Uncle John leaped to his feet, smiling and clapping.
"Hey kid, you grew so much..." He said as he looked at me and immediately turned to Jonathan and gave him a brotherly hug.
"Congratulations! Keep Elena happy!!" Uncle John said while hugging Jonathan, "She is more precious than thousand diamonds."

"I know." Jonathan said in his most confident voice and with a marvelous smile on his face.
"Welcome to the family!" Uncle John said to Jonathan who smiled and looked at me with so much affection that it made my heart skip a beat.

"Hey, it's the time you and I have a proper chat!" Uncle John said to Jonathan who nodded and for the first time I saw him smile so much. He glanced at me, happiness filled his eyes. I knew I was successful in bringing back the fire which evanesced away when his family rejected us. Uncle John and Jonathan went out leaving Aunt Mary and me alone. Bubbles as if knowing what happened also barked and I hugged him and he waged his tail.

"Elena... I think we should talk as well... I still cannot believe you are engaged. You have to tell me everything... and I have to tell you how to work your relationship..." Aunt Mary said as I was picking up the last dish from the table. I opened up the windows so the sea breeze lifted the atmosphere of the room further. Aunt Mary and I sat down and I told her how everything went at Paris and how Jonathan's grandmother rejected us. And I told her how amazingly he proposed. She was a bit mad that I did not tell her earlier but soon she smiled and hugged me again.

"Elena... from now on you are in a relationship that is more than a label. Respect it and do not take decisions when you are angry and do not promise when you are happy. Be with Jonathan when he needs you and give him space when he needs some. Compromise because this relationship brings you a lot of happiness and compromising is the key to happiness. When your partner is happy you yourself would feel happy. I love you Elena, please be careful and love him unconditionally!" Aunt Mary said when we both were done hugging with sincerity in her voice. I felt as if every word was more treasurable than gold and I knew that I would never hurt him and a smile on his face would make me smile even if I am in the worst of pains. I thanked Aunt Mary and she hugged me again and told me that she will always be there. Tears rushed to my eyes but I was too happy, so I did not cry in fact hugged her even after. I immediately stood up because it was time for mum's dinner so I left to take her dinner from the kitchen.

Today is the happiest day of my life I thought as I placed some food on the tray for my mother. I went to mom as she sat on her chair like always. Suddenly the food tray dropped as I saw streak of blood running down her mouth.

"MOM!! MOM!!! MOM!" I screamed as I shook her. Her eyes were closed and blood dripped down her chin. I felt as if somebody gave me a thousand volt current. Mom looked pale and suddenly I felt so suffocated as if I might die.

"MOM!! MAMA!!!" I cried shaking her violently, searching for response knowing she would not give me any. I felt a tight knot in my throat and shook all over.

Aunt Mary rushed by my side and she also saw the blood. She immediately called the ambulance and helped me carry mom to room. I was crying, my makeup running down my face. Jonathan and Uncle John also came back but as soon as they heard me cry, they both rushed into the room.

Jonathan hugged me immediately as he saw mom on bed and Aunt Mary wiping blood off her face. I buried my face into him and held him tighter, afraid to lose him.

"What is happening to mom?" I cried as Jonathan hugged me even tighter.
"Everything is going to be okay!" He said, his voice also a bit unsure but still confident enough to convince me.
Uncle John held mom's hand and checked her pulse rate and immediately he ran out to get his car started.

He returned breathless, his eyes wide with fear.
"We need to hospitalize her now! Ambulance might get late because of the construction on highway." Uncle John said alarmed.

"MOM... Nooo..." I wailed as I saw Jonathan and Uncle John carrying mom to hospital. My heartbeat seemed to stop as I realized I might lose the person I love the most. I was crying hysterically and Aunt Mary held my hand and took me to my car. She took the car keys from me and we both also drove to the hospital. I looked at the sky as the same thought echoed and reechoed in my ears, why every happy moment has to end so soon... but why so soon?


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Published: 7/13/2012
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