But Why So Soon? Chapter 28

Elena Swan moved to Hawaii because of circumstances which made her life unbearable. This story is about how a person changes it and makes it the best thing that can ever happen. Thank you and please comment. It takes me hours to write every chapter, your comments make it all worth it.
Emanuel entered my house; his eyes fixed on me then shifted to mom on the wheelchair.
"You must be Elena. It is a pleasure to meet you!" Emanuel said with a smile. I nodded and smiled back. Jonathan came to my side and kissed my forehead.

"I will be leaving now. You should go ahead and give him instructions." Jonathan said and bent down to give me a polite, goodbye kiss.
"Sure," I said and gave him heart filled smile. Jonathan left leaving me and Emanuel alone.
"So... let's begin from mom's room...," I said motioning towards my mom's room.

Emanuel eyed me quietly and then silently followed me to my mother's room. I told him about all the necessary information and timings.

"You can leave by six at evening. The numbers to call in emergency are at refrigerator." I said trying not to make an eye contact as his presence made enormously uncomfortable.

"Is that your dog?" Emanuel asked, his first question pointing towards the dog and I nodded happily because for the first time the uncomfortable atmosphere lapsed. I went to bubble which licked my face with his small tongue making me laugh. I handed him to Emanuel who immediately held him and bubbles also seemed pretty friendly.

"I will be leaving now," I said as moved towards the main door when suddenly I remembered, I forgot to tell him about my Aunt Mary and Uncle John.

"Oh... I almost forgot, my Aunt Mary and Uncle John visit me often so let them in and make sure you don't bring any of your friends and if you do then no smoking, drinking and also not until mom is asleep." I said and he gave me an assuring glance so I left, leaving my entire house to him.

I was in my office managing files when Jonathan called and asked me about Emanuel and I told him that he was good. I went to meet Sam who was busy with her shift so after a wait of ten minutes I thanked her. She looked tired and whenever I mention Emanuel, she went pale for a moment. I did not know why she being this way, so I finally asked and she just said it was due to lack of sleep.

"Hey," I went to Jonathan's office as I started missing him already. He was on a phone so I sat down and waited for him to end his call.

"Sure and ask Mr. Raymond to be there. They will get my consent if their project is worthy." Jonathan said in his formal tone, "As I said, I will approbate and endorse if it's well-planned. Next week will be fine." Jonathan hung up and looked at me. I felt like jumping at him and then he gave me 'my Jonathan smile' and I could not resist. I went to him and gave him a passionate kiss, my heartbeat elevated as he gently pulled me to his lap.

"I have a surprise for you..." Jonathan said between kisses. I looked in to his amazing blue eyes with mine questioning and excited ones.

"What is it... you know I get curious so quickly so bad," I said as I held his handsome face in my hands. He pulled closer and kissed my lips which left me in a haze and I just looked at him dumbly. "Tonight at dinner, my place," Jonathan said and I gave him thumbs up like a kid. He smiled and I had to go back to work so I stood up and was about to leave when Jonathan asked me to stop and told me that he had to go to Chicago next month for six days. I felt sad and he saw it in my face and immediately he asked me to come but I knew my mom was sick and Jonathan will be busy with his meetings and he will also feel worried for me as he would not be able to give me enough time. I told him it was okay and when he will return we both will take a day off and go to 'our secret spot'. He smiled and kissed and mouthed, "I love you," and "to which I whispered, "I love you more."

I reached home and Emanuel was sitting on the couch watching some show. He gave me a big smile and I smiled back. I went inside to mom and she was sleeping and she looked peaceful.

"Thank you! You did a great job!" I said as I went outside and saw Emanuel getting his stuff and ready to leave.

"It's okay! Bubbles kept me company!" Emanuel said with another smile. As far as I could remember, I never told Emanuel the name of bubbles but then I thought maybe I did. I just nodded and told him goodbye. He left and I went to take a shower. I was ready by the dinner time as Jonathan invited me to his place. Mom was sleeping and she was fed dinner according to her new schedule by Emanuel, so I locked the door and rushed to Jonathan's house. It literally took me one minute and I saw Jonathan was waiting at the entrance.

"HEY!" I greeted and rushed to him. He shared a beautiful kiss and I went to wonderland again.
"I cooked myself today!" Jonathan said as he suddenly lifted me.

My sea green dress was casual looking and his T-shirt and jeans looked perfect. We both settled on the dining table and Jonathan served me his half burnt food. I ate them and he gave me an apologetic look but I gave him a full 'his Elena smile'.

"I have two surprises..."Jonathan began, "firstly; I am planning to build another branch in Chicago of Black Diamond so that's why I have to go to Chicago." I hugged him and told him how happy I was and he also laughed lightly. "The second surprise is, I enrolled you in Harvard University as medical student. It is in Boston and you can begin by next semester that is in three months' time." Jonathan said happily and I looked at him in shock rather than surprise.

"I...I...I..." I felt speechless and Jonathan again broke my continuous chain of 'I's .
"And the best part is, you will finally be Dr. Elena Martinez!" Jonathan said and suddenly I felt there was not enough air in the room.

I have never been this happy. After my father's death, it has been my only goal and now Jonathan made it possible for me. I was so happy that I felt tears in my eyes. "Hey... don't cry... I am sure your dad wants you to be happy now!" Jonathan said as he came to my side and held my hands, kneeling on the ground. I stood up from the dining chair and pulled Jonathan up. I smiled to him, missing my father but thanking for this guardian angel.

"Jonathan... I love you..." I said touching his face gently, not knowing how to express that he was literally my air and now life without him would be impossible. Now I realized why people committed suicide when someone they felt so much love for just leaves. He smiled and bent down to kiss me but we got interrupted by a call on his cell phone.

"Hello." Jonathan said and nodded continuously. "Call in the shareholders. Yes, I will call on them once I reach Chicago... I know their consent is important."

Jonathan was busy talking so I went to the window and smiled. Life had changed drastically in the matter of months and it looked so beautiful now! I thought and breathed in the air happily. Jonathan held me from the backside and kissed the nape of my neck.

"Do you want to go for a walk?" I asked Jonathan who replied in a big yeah!

We went to the beach, my hand safely in his, our finger entwined. The only sound in the silent night was of the sea.

"Elena, when do you want to get married?" Jonathan asked, breaking the silence.
"Jonathan... I am already yours... make me yours any day you want..." I said suddenly, the bad memories of Jonathan family rushed in to my mind.
"Elena... I want to marry you now... this instant..." Jonathan said. "I have never seen any girl, woman as beautiful as you. I want to make you mine for eternity..."

I looked at his making sure he was not kidding, which I knew he wasn't but still just to make sure.
"Jonathan are you sure?" I asked, knowing I would marry him if he takes me to the church this moment.
"Elena... I don't know... I don't want to wait.... but I just my family to accept us..." Jonathan said his voice tired.

"I understand, Jonathan... we will get married very soon! And don't worry... things change... for good. I promise you... you will be back with your family in no time!" I said assuring Jonathan, giving his strength and hope back to him.

"Elena! I will marry you once you join your university. This way they will accept you knowing you are becoming a doctor!" Jonathan said firmly and I smiled because I knew this way I might win over his grandmother. He dropped me at my place wishing goodbye. I looked as he walked back and impulsively I ran to him calling out his name.

"JONATHAN!" I screamed, happy for some unknown reason.
He turned around and jumped on him. Kissed him passionately to which he replied in the same way.

"I can't believe we will be married in three months!" I said, squealing with happiness and excitement.
"Yes, we are," he said with a warm smile.

"Stay with me tonight!" I said and he smiled at me. He scooped me in his arms and carried me home. We both laid down and I cradled to his chest and went to deep sleep.


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Published: 10/17/2012
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