But Why So Soon? Chapter 30

Elena Swan moved to Hawaii because of circumstances which made her life unbearable. This story is about how a person changes it and makes it the best thing that can ever happen. Thank you and please comment. It takes me hours to write every chapter, and your comments make it all worth it.
My head was groggy, my eyes aching yet I tried to open them. My back was hurting and I barely moved when suddenly I heard Aunt Mary's voice.

"Elena?? Sweetheart, are you okay?? I found you on the road I..." She continued and suddenly everything flashed back to me, I realized Jonathan was gone.

"JONATHAN!" I screamed as I jumped to my feet. My back aching like hell but still I knew I had to stop him. I needed to reach Black diamond. Suddenly Aunt Mary held my hand and pulled me towards her.

"What happened to Jonathan? I saw pictures of you and the new nurse. They were beside your body..." Aunt Mary said as disappointment engrossed her voice. I did not have time to delineate what happened earlier. My heart was pounding higher than the raindrops that hammered the window the night I first met Jonathan.

"ELENA!" She suddenly pulled me so that I could face her. My eyes were wet and tears scurried down my face sliding along my quivering lips. Suddenly I broke into tears and told her everything and then she hugged me, without asking anything. I closed my eyes and remembered how Jonathan jerked his hand away and how painful his beautiful eyes looked. I felt pain piercing through my body and felt my heart wrenching in pain.

"Please let me go..." I cried as I looked at Ant Mary's face. Her eyes were soggy and then she stammered, "Elena... you were out for two hours. A doctor visited you and said you fainted due to severe shock and you need to rest as you injured your back badly. He must be gone by now... sweetheart, don't worry, he will return... he loves you he..." She could not carry on as we both heard something falling. She jumped to her feet and dashed out of the room. I also got up but was unable to run, but as soon as I reached the door I heard her scream. It was coming from my mother's room. I raced to my mom's room and halted as soon as I saw my mom's body on the floor and her head was bleeding. Aunt Mary was already calling an ambulance and I just could not move.

"Mom..." I whispered as my mom lay lifelessly on the floor. I saw bubble rushing to her and sniffing her and then he began to bark.

"MOM!" I screamed, suddenly, as if coming back to my senses I rushed to my mother's body. I held her face in my hands and saw her forehead bleeding. My hands were covered in her blood and I did not feel her breathing.

"Aunt Mary... mom..." I looked at Aunt Mary's face, and she herself was crying uncontrollably. Suddenly I felt my windpipe narrowing as I could not breathe. My head began to spin again as I passed out over my mother's body.


***Two Days Later***

I stood silently as people came to me and introduced me themselves as my mother's friends. My relatives whom I met long ago also told me how amazing my mother was. I could not cry. My eyes felt drier than the desert itself. I saw Rachael who looked at my blank, expressionless face. For the first time I saw respect in her eyes for me. I was sure she knew Jonathan was gone. I did not cry last two days, neither I ate or slept. I just stared out of the window, looking at the waves. My brain was so blank just like right now. I was unable to response, I was unable to feel. I looked as they lowered my mom's coffin in her grave and suddenly I realized that my mom left me.

"NOOO....!!" I wailed as I rushed to her coffin. Uncle John held me in a tight hug.

"LET ME GOOO!!" I screamed and sobbed but I found myself so weak that I could not fight back. The numbness in my brain vanished away as I realized what was happening. My mom was dead and Jonathan was gone. Uncle John hugged me harder as tears rushed down his face.

"Elena... no..." He whispered and I saw Aunt Mary crying and Rachael went to hug her, to console her.

The sun seemed to dim away as suddenly everything looked so dark.
"Jonathan... please come back..." I whispered as I saw his smiling face, then I saw my mom and dad smiling, they too looked at me lovingly. Uncle John looked at my face and I was numb and away as I felt my soul drowning in the sea nearby.


***Two Months Later***

The waves were rolling like it was a usual day. My lips were dry as I looked at the perfect view.

"Elena, please eat something. Here drink this milk." I heard Aunt Mary's voice but I was not hungry. She sat next to me, the wind of my back porch made a crackling sound due her movement. She brought the glass to my lips and tried to give it to me. I looked at her face then took the glass and took a small gulp. I felt like puking so I just let the glass fall.

"Elena... stop it... stop hurting yourself. It has been two months... please eat..." She said as she squeezed my hand. I looked at the sea which seemed blue like Jonathan's eyes and smooth like my mother's smile. I did not know what I did in two months. Time seemed to glide away and I just lost track of it eventually.

Suddenly Aunt Mary hugged me and started crying. I looked at her face which was very pale. I saw her waist and it had also enlarged.

"I beg of you... please comeback please..." She wept, her tears damping my shoulder. I felt blood rushing to my face as for the first in the two months I opened my mouth.

"How's the baby?" I asked and she smiled and hugged me.
"Baby is good... he is a boy..." She said as I wiped tears from her face.

I smiled and stood and went to beach. Aunt Mary did not stop me, maybe she realized I will be better alone. I walked and walked. I sat by a small rock and felt water under my feet. A tear fell out of my left eye and suddenly my eyes began to rain. I started crying and I realized that I was alone. There was no Jonathan and no mom. My heart twisted in pain as I thought how Sam and Emanuel betrayed me. But this did not hurt me as much as the fact that I lost two people who actually loved me. I cried as every memory of Jonathan haunted my mind. I still remembered how Aunt Mary was telling the doctor that I woke up every night crying and screaming. I remembered her telling me that mom died due to heart attack. I cried as I thought how Jonathan never came and I kept on waiting. I cried as I looked and at the empty space on my finger which was covered my Jonathan's ring.

We were about to get married and now I was just alone with his memories. I remembered how he smiled when I said him 'yes' for our first date and how perfectly I fit in his arms the first time we danced on 'breathless'. I still remembered how handsome he looked as he came to me with my skates as he planned to teach me ice skating. I yearned for the moment when he held me against his chest and I could smell his amazing body scent. Suddenly I was crying helplessly as more memories flooded my mind. I remembered how he kissed me and how he used to say "my wife". I grabbed a fistful of sand as pain of his memories killed me from inside. I still recalled how he used to cook French toast and gave 'I am sorry look' because they were all burnt. I remembered how he proposed me and we laid beneath the starry night. I felt something against my neck and saw Jonathan's 'J' which he gave me the day he asked me to go to Paris with him. I could hear him sing 'Your guardian angel' and suddenly I realized I could not take it more. I started screaming as more of his memories came to my mind and I began to run. I ran and ran and soon fainted somewhere in the midst of nowhere.


***Three Weeks Later***

Uncle John entered the house and like every day he gave me a big hug to which I barely responded.

"I have huge news!" Uncle John said with an excited smile.
"What...?" Aunt Marry mused in, her eyes gleaming with excitement.

"I got a mail from Harvard and asked me to send over Elena for her interview. She is accepted but all that's left is an interview. Elena you never told me you applied!" Uncle John said as a huge smile enlightened his perfect face.

"I did not apply." I replied dully.
"But..." Uncle John began and suddenly understood.

"I do not want to go. I want to stay here with you and Aunt Mary." I said as I remembered how Jonathan told me he applied on my behalf. Tears rushed to my eyes and I went inside my room. I held the 'J' in my hand and wished to have drowned the day Jonathan saved me. It hung loosely around my neck, giving me hope that Jonathan will be back.

"Elena.... we love you... but now you have to listen to us... your parents did not want you to end up like this. I know you have been through a lot but think how much it will hurt them. They are looking at you right now from heaven. Do not disappoint them. Your father saved for you a lot of money. Put it to good use and go. Make them feel proud to have a daughter like you. Make your mother know that she gave birth to a fighter." Aunt Mary said and tears rushed down my cheek. I missed my parents so much right now that it physically hurt me.

I nodded as I thought of my father's smile who said to me that I was a champion and I will become the best neurosurgeon. I remembered how he would tell me he's proud of me when I scored well and how my mother hugged me when I did great in my exams.

Aunt Mary smiled and then like an elder sister she immediately began to help me pack as my interview was in three days and I had to leave tomorrow. I smiled at her but only I knew how much pain I felt as I was leaving the city where my memories with Jonathan were. I asked Aunt Mary to go for the last walk and despite she was happy but she reluctantly nodded. She did not let me go to beach after they found me on the beach half-fainted three weeks ago. I pulled the locket to my nose which smelt like Jonathan. I was walking and my heart felt unbearable pain due to my past, all the memories and everything that happened to me in front of this sea and under the same stars. My eyes looked at Jonathan's house which was illuminated with lights. Suddenly I felt myself running towards his house. I kicked a rock on my way and cracked my toenail but I did not bother to look. I wished that Jonathan was in there so that I could explain everything. I banged the door and rang the bell and suddenly heard someone coming out. My heart was beating like a drum as soon the doorknob moved. My mouth was dry but I was the happiest person because I felt as if I will finally see 'My Jonathan' and win him back. My eyes suddenly wet with tears of happiness and my breathing rate elevated as I just wanted to be in his arms and get lost with him. I felt as if I were dreaming. I would do anything to see him again, anything... I loved him so much and knowing I will see him I felt I would die of happiness. I knew the moment he will know about mom, he will hug me and tell me he will be always there... he's permanent. Each moment seemed like eternity and gradually the door opened.


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