But Why So Soon? Chapter 31

Elena Swan moved to Hawaii because of circumstances which made her life unbearable. This story is about how a person changes it and makes it the best thing that can ever happen. Thank you and please comment. It takes me hours to write every chapter, and your comments make it all worth it. Picture is of Amy.
The doorknob moved again and finally it opened. My heart inflated with hope, bombarding my ribs but immediately deflated due to sheer disappointment. A guy in his maroon-colored robe opened the door with an unpleasant look.

"What? Why were you knocking like crazy?" He inquired, sneering with his black eyes.

"I… Mr. Jonathan Martinez used to live here. Where…" I started, but the ill-tempered man looked with a scorn.

"I bought this house a month back… there was no…" He started explaining his presence, but suddenly stopped and stared me for a moment.

"Wait a second here…" He said and rushed inside. I wondered what was going on. I felt so badly hurt and disappointed because there was no Jonathan, and I had no idea how to contact him. I tried calling him, my calls and emails and infinite texts went unanswered. The pain was increasing with every moment and I knew I would eventually go crazy without him. I lost so much that I did not have enough strength to lose him as well. I knew I had to get him back but was blank when I thought ‘HOW?’

"Here… found this on floor the day I moved. Thought of throwing away, but I sort of forgot but your face reminded me of it. This is you right?" The man exclaimed while handing me over the picture of Jonathan and I. It was in two pieces and was ripped exactly from the middle, separating Jonathan and me. We both were lying under the Eiffel towers and I was looking at him, the smile while he was staring at his camera, his handsome face reflecting happiness. I remembered him taking this picture.

"Yea…" I whispered as tears flooded my eyes. I looked so happy, satisfied and content in the picture. My eyes were shinning as they rested on Jonathan’s face whose radiant face completed the picture. The man closed the door and went inside while I silently walked to the beach and held the two pieces together. Tears streamed down my cheek as I died a little inside. 'What happened?' I whispered to Jonathan’s picture and cradled it to my chest. A long time ago these fingers used to touch his face, his hair, his lips and now all that was left was a locket and this torn picture. I smiled to the waves and closed my eyes as I imagined that Jonathan was just standing next to me and telling me he is waiting for me at Boston. I heard his voice in my mind telling me he won’t leave me... yet he did. I opened my eyes and went home feeling scared and lonely.

My shoes made a tapping sound as I moved out of the airport. I couldn’t believe that I was at Boston. My eyes looked at the unfamiliar place and saw the hustle and bustle of the city. People zoomed out of the airport and yelled to the cabs and few were greeting each other. I felt lonely and isolated. Uncle John also wanted to accompany me, but he was not given even a single day off. Pedestrians walked by and I just looked around wondering how will I give the interview. It was tomorrow and I did not even have a clue. My stay was at Harborside Inn. I pulled my luggage and gestured for a cab. A cab just stopped in front of me, a pale-looking man glanced at me. He came out and helped me settle my luggage and dropped me off to my destination.

The city was extremely lively as I saw busy lives of people. Hawaii was not this busy and it seemed so peaceful and breathtakingly beautiful, but here it was all buildings. They added color to my sight yet I felt duller than gray hues. The hotel management helped me settle in and I changed into pajamas and lay on the bed. It was not the first time I was staying in a city in fact I had stayed my entire life before moving to Hawaii. But now all these lights scared me. I pulled out Jonathan’s torn picture from my bag. He was smiling as he looked at the camera. He made my heart flutter and suddenly I was helplessly crying. Carefully putting aside the picture, I pulled my knees to my face and began to sob. My heart ached for him and my mother. I heard a faint sound of my cell phone buzzing which led me to raise my face. It was Aunt Mary and I knew she must be worried. I cleared my throat and received the call.

"Hello…" I said as I felt my voice heavy.
"Elena! How are you sweetheart? Did you reach Boston yet?" She asked, her voice concerned.
"Yes…" was all I managed to answer as my voice got heavier and I was on verge of tears again. I missed her so much and right now I felt lonelier than ever.
"Elena… Are you crying? Did something happen?" Aunt Mary asked, her voice suddenly worried.
"No… was just sleeping…" I lied as another tear fell out of my eye.
"Okay… have some rest… I will call you later. I don’t know the exact time difference… take care… and don’t worry! If anything happens just call me. Have good sleep… you have a big day tomorrow." Aunt Mary said and I nodded as if she could see me.
"Goodbye, I love you and miss you!" I said fighting through tears.
"I love you too! Now go to sleep and eat healthy!" Aunt Mary said in a motherly manner. I hung up the phone and hugged the pillow. Tears brushed my cheek and died on the pillow. I cried and somehow drifted to sleep.

I was through my interview and was standing outside the Harvard medical school. The interview went horrible as I felt scared and fragile as they kept on asking questions. I did well in questions related to my subjects, other than that I messed up. The sun shone bright and the city looked busy. I looked everywhere feeling all jittery. My eyes were aching from all the crying last night. According to the university, I would be emailed my acceptance letter within two days. I had no idea where to go or what to do in the meantime. I went to a small park nearby and sat on bench, thinking about my mom. I remembered she used to take me to the park where I fed the ducks. A tear rolled down my cheek but I immediately wiped it. I did not want to cry in a public place, so I tried to distract myself by looking at the kids playing in the play area. They all looked so happy just like the way I used to be. I called Aunt Mary as I kept on thinking about mom and me. Aunt Mary was at a hospital just for a regular checkup so the chat only lasted a few seconds. As soon as I hung up, a cold gust of wind blew my way. I saw a scarf in the air coming my way, so I grabbed it and searched the view for its owner.

"It's mine! It’s mine!" I heard a child and saw her running towards me. I saw a young girl running after her.
"AMY! Stop!" She shouted to stop the girl who frantically ran to me to get her scarf.
"Here you go…" I said to the most beautiful child in the world as I handed her the scarf. I gave her a warm smile to which she smiled back and said, "Thank you" in her cute, little voice.
"HI!" The young girl finally reached me and she was breathless.
"Hey! Sit down…" I said to the girl who smiled and nodded. After a few minutes she caught her breath and pulled the child on the bench as well.
"HI… I am Delilah! And this is Amy," the young girl said as she kissed the head of the child.

"I am Elena!" I said with a cheerful smile to which Amy smiled back. Amy rushed to the play area but Delilah stayed and kept on looking at Amy.
"So… um… how are you related to Amy?" I asked as I looked at the sadness in her eyes.
"I… she is an orphan and I volunteer there." Delilah said and suddenly I felt a new wave of emotions in me for Amy.
"Oh… I… can I volunteer as well?" I blurted out, unable to hide my feelings.
"Sure! Why not? I will take you with me to the orphanage." She said also unable to hide her happiness. Delilah was very tall and also beautiful. She had blonde hair and a bright face. She stood up and I followed her to the play area where she collected five children and took me to orphanage.

I entered a house like place. There were around twenty children who were living there according to Delilah.
"Let me introduce you to their caretaker… Mrs. Maya." Delilah said as a gorgeous woman came to me.

"Hello." She greeted with an enormous smile, her eyes twinkled with happiness.
"Hi!" I replied with the same attitude. I felt happy at that place as I looked at all the kids playing and smiling. Delilah told Maya that I were interested in volunteering, so Maya took me to her office and asked me about my life and everything. I told her about my mom and dad, and clearly omitted the part about Jonathan.
"Wow… a med student!" She smiled as soon as I filled the form and registered myself as a volunteer.
"Yea." I said and suddenly Jonathan’s face rushed to my mind and the night when he gave me this good news.
"Well, the timings you are supposed to come here are from 2 pm to 5 pm, and if you face any problems with this schedule then please do inform me." Maya said and we both shook hands like adults as I left her office. I went outside and Amy came to me smiling.

"Yay! You will be with us now!" Amy squealed excitedly, and I squatted so that I could be of same height as her.
"Yes! And we will have a lot of fun!" I said with a smile and hugged little Amy who seemed bursting with excitement. She reminded me of bubbles as she jumped up and down laughing. Bubbles was with Aunt Mary and he would also come to Boston as soon as I find myself an apartment.


***Three Days Later***

I could not believe I was a med student as I finally got an acceptance letter. My days were going comparatively better but my nights were painful as hell. Every night I cried to sleep, pretending my pillow was Jonathan and everything was okay. Every day kids kept me super busy as I was volunteering for an entire day. I felt so many feelings towards them as I thought they were all fighting the battle similar to mine. Amy and Leah were two kids who I was supposed to look after. Leah was four-year-old child who was left at orphanage when he was barely a day old. He was a very shy kid, but to me he opened up very quickly. He had blonde hair and gray eyes which lit up whenever he smiled. Orphanage was very close to my university, so I thought it was great advantage for me.

Delilah also lived close to Harvard and she was looking for a roommate. I immediately took up the offer and moved with her. My medical school was starting in two days so I went to look for a job. It was a job of a waitress at a beautiful cuisine "Bergamot". I was scared to be a waitress again, but when I thought of my experience and about the rent, I took up the job.


***Three Weeks Later***

Life was moving very fast and it was literally dragging me along. It all seemed fine with me as I did not get enough time to think of mom and Jonathan. But like always, nights seemed extremely painful. It felt as if I died every second. I thought of how Jonathan’s life would be or what he would be doing. I kept on wondering but all I felt was pain which increased with every night. During daytime, I was busy with studies and the load was killing me. I made three friends namely Tia, Channing and Craig. Channing and Craig were gays and they were a couple. They were very helpful and friendly. I never showed them my real self and always kept a mask of happiness. All they knew was I moved from Hawaii and my parents were dead. They did not know about my life with Jonathan and how I got here. My noon was busy at the orphanage and my night at the cuisine. Bubble came a week ago and he was happy like always. Kids at orphanage loved him so I left him with them and they all seemed unimaginably happy. When I returned to my apartment, I took off the happy face mask and went to bed again feeling the pain of wounds which time did not seem to be healing.


***One Month Later***

The medical school was keeping me busy as ever and so did the kids. I helped them with their homework and took them to the park where they played. I bought them ice cream once in a week and Leah told me about his drawings. He drew and colored all the time and made me a card every once in a week. He was an amazing child and he kept me happy. When I was with them I never had to wear the happy mask because I actually felt happy. Delilah was studying fashion designing and she had a boyfriend named Jared who was also like a big brother. He was a law student and always kept Delilah happy. I relished them and thought about Jonathan and me. My life was weird as I did not know who I was any more. I felt as if I were acting all the time. I felt tired and memories of Jonathan haunted my mind whenever I was alone.

I looked at the Helen who was another waitress and she was a single mom. She gave me courage whenever I felt scared. It was a busy night as many people came in and dined in. I was busy serving and I was happy as Amy turned five today. I gave her a very beautiful purple-colored scarf and we all had a great party. I baked her Barbie doll cake with the help of Delilah and Amy actually cried with happiness. She reminded me of myself when I was young. I thought her happy face as I served and Helen noticed my smiling face.

"You look so happy… I mean you seem to be smiling always, but today it feels as if you mean it." Helen said as her lips were stretched in a smile and her straight white teeth added spark to her face.
"Yes! Today we celebrated Amy’s birthday!" I said and for the first time I smiled from my heart.
"Ladies! Back to work!" I heard chef Tao and we both giggled like high school students and went out with our orders. I approached a table, my eyes fixed on the notepad as I canceled out all the orders which I was through.
"Hello Sir and Madam! May I take your order?" I said with a bright smile and finally looked up.

My heart stopped for a moment or two as the guy lifted his head. It was Jonathan. My world suddenly stopped, everything stopped for an instant as I looked at his face. My jaw dropped and I finally took a breath. His face was also in shock and his eyes buried into mine. I tried to speak but my voice was lost. My heartbeat was so hard that I felt I would die because of a heart attack. Jonathan was sitting in front of me and all the memories flashed in front of my eyes. His handsome face seemed so distant, his eyes afar. I searched his face for my Jonathan but his expression did not change.

"We would like to order… HEY Elena is that you!?" I heard a woman’s voice and I looked at the woman who addressed me. I nearly died as I saw Caroline staring at me, her eyes popped out and her lips parted with shock.

Suddenly Caroline jumped to her feet and tugged at Jonathan’s arm.
"Let’s go," was all she managed to choke. My legs trembled and I held table for support.
"Jonathan I said let’s go!" Caroline pulled Jonathan who just looked at my face and then I saw the warmth return to his eyes as he stood up.
"Jonathan…" I whispered and a tear streaked down my cheek.
"Elena…" He said in hushed whisper and he moved his hand so that he could touch my face.

"JONATHAN, stop! God! You know what she did to you! Let’s go!" Caroline screamed and everyone looked at us. As if suddenly the man I did not know returned and Jonathan looked away and moved out of the door.

Suddenly I gained enough strength and ran after Jonathan.
"Stop! Wait!" I screamed as Jonathan sat in his Audi and Caroline followed.
"Shut up! Leave me and my fiance alone!" Caroline yelled back and just at that moment the world stopped spinning. Fiance? I thought and my eyes rushed to her finger which had the same engagement ring that I once wore.

"No! You are lying!" I cried as I rushed towards the car knowing the truth but not believing it. Jonathan eyes were on road but I saw tears in his eyes. Why is he doing this? I thought as my body engulfed in pain as I looked at all the agony in his eyes. Caroline sat inside the car and Jonathan drove off without looking at me.

My heart seemed to stop beating as I realized what happened. I lost Jonathan forever.


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