But Why So Soon? Chapter 32 (Final)

Elena Swan moved to Hawaii because of circumstances which made her life unbearable. This story is about how a person changes it and makes it the best thing that can ever happen. *I will take this story slow and it will be very long so if you can stick to it, then do so. If you cannot, then don't get mad at me. Thank you and please comment. It takes me hours to write every chapter, your comments make it all worth it.*
My breathing was slow and my eyes were dry. I felt numb from inside, tired of fighting. My heart was bleeding from all the wounds inflicted by this world. I was fired from my job because according to chef Tao, he did not need drama in his café. The night was falling over me like a bad news and it was around seven p.m. I went to the park and sat under the tree and laughed at my life. It was funny how everything I loved literally died or left me. A tear came to my eye and slowly fell out. I was trying so hard to be happy, to forget about my past about Jonathan. And I was failing miserably. I wanted to fight for Jonathan, to make him mine, to bring him back but I knew I have to find some proofs. But now he was gone. He was with the person who made my life a hell.

I was crying hysterically now because I only wanted to be with him but this world made sure that I fail at every step. Images of the ring on Caroline's finger flashed in front of my eyes and reminded me of the time Jonathan proposed me. I took out the torn picture from my bag and held it close to my chest. Why are you doing this to me? I cried as I looked at Jonathan's perfect face. I did not want to live anymore. I looked at the moon and the trees. It was so dark. I stood up and suddenly had this urge to kill myself. I never had suicidal thoughts but now I had this weird feeling to be free of this pain. I wanted to float in air and forget everything. My cell phone began to buzz and saw Delilah's name.

"Hello." I said lightly sniffing.
"Hey! Helen called me and told me about everything. Just come home." She said her voice concerned.
"Okay." Was all I managed to say and hung up. I again thought of committing suicide but I wanted to make it quick. Should I take some pills, I thought. I was so badly absorbed in my thought that I did not notice a car coming towards me with high speed. It honked a horn which brought me back to reality. I screamed and rushed to the other end of the road and realized that I was about to get hit by a car and probably die. It was then I realized that I did not have enough courage to die let alone kill myself. Suddenly image of Amy and Leah came in front of my eyes, they need me. I closed my eyes and thought how wrong I was about having stupid suicidal thoughts. I thought of Jonathan and I had a strong feeling to get him back. I am going to prove him that I am innocent. I ran to my apartment and saw Delilah and Jared waiting for me.

"Are you okay?" Jared asked, his eyes looking at my tired and tear-stained face.
Delilah pulled my arm and took me to her room. She asked me to tell her everything and I began to sob again. I told her everything and by the end she was sobbing as well. She hugged and told me she would help me prove my innocence. She asked me why I did not tell her everything before and I realized I was afraid to trust again after how Emanuel and Sam betrayed me.

***Two Days Later***

Life was moving, every day was a busy day. My studies were already a big headache and I barely slept every night. Aunt Mary called and told me she has her delivery next week and I felt so happy. I did talk to her once every two or three days and I knew she will soon be giving birth to a baby boy. Life was getting better I realized as new parents were planning to visit Amy and Leah today in order to adopt them and also Jared gave me an invitation to a big Charity festival. I knew I could get a lot of money for orphanage so I felt very happy and satisfied. In my heart I was still aching but now I knew I will get Jonathan back. Delilah said she asked her friend in Spain to look for a person name Emanuel. Emanuel told me he had a girlfriend who worked at a culinary shop. This was all the information I had. I wasn't very sure about Delilah's friend finding Emanuel but I did have my hopes high.

"Amy and Leah be good kids... you know I will always love you!" I said to them as they were leaving with their new parents. The parents were both very lovely people. I was sure they were going to keep Amy and Leah happy and give them a life they would not have here. Leah hugged me goodbye and gave me small card like always. Amy gave me her scarf that led me to meet her and Delilah. Everyone at the orphanage said their goodbyes. I felt teary-eyed but I was very happy because at last they both found a family.

I was getting ready for the charity festival. I bought a beautiful knee-length dress and wore artificial black earrings I borrowed from Delilah. I applied makeup after like four months. I looked different, and pretty. Delilah and Jared were also going with me and I felt comfortable knowing I won't be alone. We all went to the function and saw elegant ladies with handsome gentlemen going inside. It all reminded me of my life with Jonathan. Tears came to my eyes but I fought them. I knew Emanuel will tell the truth once I find him. I will make sure he does, I thought and went to Delilah to ask whether she found out about Emanuel.

"Elena... I am sorry... I wanted to tell you this later but my friend said that information you gave was not enough." Delilah said with an apologetic look, "I did not want to tell you this tonight but..."
I nodded and gave her a smile. I was let down a lot of times and now the pain seemed to reduce or maybe I was very much used to it. I just decided to make through this night and bring some aid to the orphanage and all the kids I love. The hall was decorated and girls in beautiful dresses danced. It all seemed so familiar yet scary.

For moment I thought I was dreaming but then I realized I was not. I saw Jonathan and Caroline with Austin and his Grandmother at the corner of the hall. My heart stopped beating and I felt scared and inferior. Delilah noticed the look on my face and immediately took me to the restroom.
"What happened?" She asked, her eyes searched for more clues on my face.
"Jonathan is there and so is his family." I said feeling terrified. I did not know why I felt so scared. I was trembling and Delilah hugged me. Maybe I was scared because I knew Jonathan won't be there to defend me anymore. I had this weird surge of confidence dwell inside me and I decided that I won't let them screw with my life anymore.

"Let's go back!" Delilah said, "I will ask Jared to get you a ticket for another charity function."
"No... we need this money. And I can handle it." I said and gave her a reassuring smile. I felt confident suddenly and I walked out of the restroom. I know I can deal with it because I am not the culprit, they are! I thought as I walked to the hall and stood confidently.

"I am proud of you!" Delilah said and I smiled. Delilah went to talk to people to get some contacts and stuff. Jonathan still had not seen me because I knew he would get tense or may be even leave. He was busy chatting with other businessmen and people. I looked at him from one corner and smiled at the way he looked so handsome. He was mine, I thought as tears began to sting my eyes. He was smiling as he was talking to guy who apparently looked very rich. I tried to save his face in my memories. My heart wrenched in pain and saw him finally moving to the counter to donate money. His eyes had this warmth in them as he looked through the pictures of the kids. After all he did to me; I was still madly in love with him. I closed my eyes and tears finally began to flow.

"Everyone, we have a newly engaged couple among us, Mr. Jonathan Martinez and Ms. Caroline Stinson. We would like to begin the dance with them!" The announcer said and I saw the limelight falling on Jonathan and Caroline. I felt my heart twist in agony as I saw Caroline pulling Jonathan with him. I remembered how I was treated when Jonathan announced us getting engaged. I felt like collapsing and I knew I could not take it anymore. My eyes searched for Delilah and Jared but then they finally met Sam's. She looked at me, horrified. Suddenly, out of the blue I felt rage bubbling inside me and I ran to her. I took her hand and pulled her out to the terrace.

"Why did you do this to me? Why!!!!???" I screamed at Sam who looked scared, worried and terrified.
"I am sorr..." She whispered as her eyes also filled with tears. She saw me crying at the hall and I was sure she must be enjoying the view.
"Sam... you were my friend... you sold our friendship for a few dollars?" I cried as I gasped for air. I heard people coming and going but I did not care. I wanted answers.
"Elena... I did not do this for money," she said quietly and was calm now. She did not want to gain people's attention; "I did it because Leah asked me to. He said he would leave me otherwise. You know how much I love Leah!"
"You Love Leah?! You can never love anyone! You took the man from me, I loved the most!" I cried, tears rolled down cheek.
"Leah asked You?" I heard a familiar voice that I had been craving to hear. Sam and I instantly turned around and saw Jonathan who heard each and everything.

I saw Sam's composed face again getting scared and terrified.
"I..." Was all she managed to choke. I saw anger rising up in Jonathan's eye and his face exploded with rage. He pushed against Sam against the wall and his voice serious, calm and threatening.
"Tell me everything or I swear I have many other ways to get things out," he said and I saw the face I saw the night, I was about to drown.
" I..." She again cried, may be too scared to talk.
"Tell me! Or I will make sure Leah tells me! And I won't think twice hurting him because he tried his best to hurt the girl I love the most! I am going to make him pay for every tear she shed!" Jonathan said as he pushed her further inside the wall. I wiped tears off my face and realized what actually was happening. I was so shocked that I did not realize that Jonathan was actually here and he was actually in love with me.

"Don't do anything to Leah! I am sorry but Austin was involved in the whole plan!" She stammered.
"What Plan?!" Jonathan asked, but before listening to the answer he dragged her to his limo with his one hand and also pulled me along with other.

Sam was crying and she was scared. She looked at Jonathan and I, and began her story.

"It all started when Austin told Leah that your grandmother never approved of your mother so your dad in order to protect her, gave his half of the wealth to her. He made this rule that half of the belongings go to the wife of his sons so that you both don't fool around and marry girls who you can trust and count on. Austin said that he bribed your lawyers to keep this from you and obviously your grandmother never dared to tell you this. Austin had his share of business but he knew you will always dominate. He found Caroline before you moved to Hawaii and fell in love with her. He told her everything and they both came up with a plan to get Caroline married to you. Once she receives the money, she will leave you or according to Austin, get rid of you. But then you met Elena and they saw their plan falling apart. That's why they asked Leah to get me do their dirty work and Austin promised we will be given one-fourth of the share. It was good for us as we both wanted to start new life. Initially I told him a clear no, but he was blinded by the lust of money that he even threatened to leave me. But I knew he loves me deep inside and then I thought of our life, so I did. Your grandmother is not involved in any of this but Austin has brainwashed her by telling her lies about Elena and that's why she supports him and Caroline so much." Sam said staring at her feet all the time. Her voice filled with guilt and her eyes with tears.

"What about Emanuel? And those pictures?" Jonathan asked, his face shocked and puzzled.
"Emanuel was also paid. His girlfriend used to work at a culinary shop but she got cancer and he wanted money for her treatment so he also committed all the ill crimes. He drugged Elena and kept her telling that she was with you. The drug led her to hallucinate that it was you. I kept Elena from telling you the truth and told her that I was planning a party for your return... I am sorry Elena... I am so sorry..." Sam said and she finally looked at my face, "I never slept a peaceful night and I knew I would tell you this whole thing one day but I love Leah and I don't want to lose him."

I felt tears in my eyes and looked how love and lust for money forces people to do such stuff.
Jonathan took Sam and me inside the festival where Caroline, Austin, Leah and his grandmother stared us.
Sam began to sob all. Caroline, Austin and Leah all realized that the truth was out.
"Austin, it's over! Your plan is over! You threatened me to stay away from Elena by saying that you will get her imprisoned on the case of forgery and to stop you from this I promised to marry Caroline. But you were the one who betrayed me. I trusted you!" Jonathan began, his voice heavy. He pulled me closer as if making sure I was real and there with him.
"I am sorry... I..." Austin said but no words came out. Everyone at the hall stared at us. Delilah rushed to my side and gave me a questioning look. I nodded to assure everything has finally worked out.

****One Week Later***

Uncle John was waiting for me at airport with a huge smile on his face.
"Let's go! Mary is in hospital..." Uncle John said and I smiled and nodded. I could not sleep the entire night as I thought about the baby and everything.
The amazing smell of Hawaii greeted my nostrils and the most beautiful view in the world greeted my eyes. I still remembered all the drama happened last week. Once all the lies were out and truth unfolded, my life was back to perfect.

Jonathan told me that he never forgot about me and believed me all this time but because Austin kept threatening him by saying that he will sue me on case of forgery, thus Jonathan always stayed away from me. He said that he looked for Emanuel but he could not locate him. Austin said that he would use the pictures of me kissing him and such stuff to get me imprisoned but Jonathan could not let me become the headline of the news or gossip of the town. He could not stop Austin because he had no proof to defend me so he tried to comply with their demands to keep me safe. I remember the same day we both went to his place and I could not stop crying. He hugged me and then I realized how broken I was. I told him about mom and my life, and he just held me and told me he was sorry. He told me his life was hell as he was Austin and Caroline's puppet. He told me that when he saw me at cafe, he tried to avoid me but once he saw tears in my eyes, he lost control and he was about to touch me but Caroline's screams brought him back to reality and he left. He said those were the most difficult steps of his life when he walked out on me. He also said that when he saw me leaving with Sam, he could not resist a second longer without me.

That was the reason why he followed us out and he came to know the truth. He left Caroline in midst of the dance because he knew he would rather die than live without me. He said that I saved him from his brother because if it wasn't for me, he would have married Caroline and lose the game of his life. He kissed me and said he will never leave me, even if the world ends. I closed my eyes and even after one week I still could not believe he was back. He promised me he will meet me at night in Hawaii as he has some work in New York. His grandmother also apologized and she told me that the first time she met me, she thought how I can do things that Austin told her but she was too blinded. I smiled at the beautiful memories of Jonathan and I, and all the time we spent last week. The car stopped and I rushed inside the hospital and greeted Aunt Mary. I told Uncle John and Aunt Mary all the things happened at charity festival on a call last week. They both were so happy that Aunt Mary began to cry out of joy then. It was around noon when I reached hospital but now it was about eight and Jonathan came as well.

"Hey!" He said and immediately kissed me, "God, you are so beautiful!"
"Hi!! I missed you!" I said and we shared another kiss. We both seated down in the waiting room because inside Aunt Mary was having her delivery. Uncle John also waited outside, pacing around the room. He wanted to be inside but he had a very weak stomach so he decided to wait outside.

"I would be waiting like this for you one day," Jonathan whispered and I smiled.
Soon the delivery was over and we all rushed in. I saw Uncle John holding the baby, his eyes has tears in them. I smiled and Jonathan took our pictures to preserve this memory. By ten Jonathan and I left as we both were starving. We went to the café where we first had dinner and once again I felt lucky to have him.

On our way back, Jonathan took us to the place only we know, our secret spot.
"Elena... I love you... and..." Jonathan said as we walked. The moon was full and a light wind gently blew.
"and will you marry me?" Jonathan completed his sentence and slid down on his knee. My old ring twinkled in moonlight and I nodded. He gently slipped in my finger and then kissed me like it was our first and last kiss.
We both went to his hotel and cuddled together. I closed my eyes and after months of pain, I finally had him with me tonight.

***************************The End***************************

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