But Why So Soon? (Epilogue)

Elena Swan moved to Hawaii because of circumstances which made her life unbearable. This story is about how a person changes it and makes it the best thing that can ever happen. *I will take this story slow and it will be very long so if you can stick to it, then do so. If you cannot, then don't get mad at me. Thank you and please comment. It takes me hours to write every chapter, your comments make it all worth it.
I looked across the vast plain of wheat fields. The golden hues made the view spectacular. Jonathan looked handsome as ever, his sleeves rolled up as he drove the car. Ethan was sleeping, his pacifier loosely hanging around his neck. I smiled as I thought how much I have grown since past five years. I still remember the night when Aunt Mary gave birth to Mason and now, I, myself, was a mother of five months old baby. I could still remember my wedding day five years back. The memories were as vivid as they happened a day ago.


***5 Years Back***

I looked myself in mirror, my stomach feeling weird. I could not sleep and I could still remember everyone dancing and having fun at my rehearsal dinner. I could not eat or drink anything and now I felt just weird. It was three in the morning and I was so jumpy. My friends from Boston flew to Hawaii yesterday, and the entire Black Diamond was booked for wedding guests, who also arrived yesterday. Jonathan re-proposed me three months back and it seemed like a fairy tale all over again. I still remembered the beautiful smile on his gorgeous face. His grandmother also came to meet me after a week of his proposal. I remembered her long white hair were tied in a fishtail braid and she was looking so... perfect. She bought me a beautiful diamond necklace and I was unable to accept such an expensive gift. She said it was a gesture of an apology, and she held my hands and began to cry. She cried and told me how she always felt sad whenever she saw her son taking side of his wife and how she could not accept her due her ego. She cried and said she lost her son and she always blamed Jonathan's mother for taking his father away, but all along it was her fault by never accepting him. I hugged her and told her things are fine and Jonathan will always be there for her. Ever since then, I started loving her and realized why Jonathan loved her so much. She, with the help of wedding planners planned an amazing wedding and I felt like whatever I would say would be plain stupid. My stomach churned and I thought I was going to be sick. I was getting married and all the excitement and everything seemed too much for me. I closed my eyes then called Jonathan who immediately picked up his phone.

"Hey!" I said, suddenly feeling nervous and shy. My cheeks were red and I felt sweaty.
"Hey!..." He replied and I knew he felt the same.
"I am so nervous..." I said as I sat on my bed and thought of all the people. I was scared that I might embarrass myself in front of all the guests. They were no ordinary people and in fact half of them were world royalties. Actors and actresses were invited and I just felt so scared.
"Can you meet me at our secret spot?" He asked me and I replied with a big 'yes'.

All the guests were staying at hotel, so it was only me, Aunt Mary and Uncle John at home. I quietly slipped into a white dress which Jonathan gifted me. I never wore it but tonight I decided to. I wore a little makeup and was ready by three thirty. It was still dark outside so I quietly sneaked out and wrote a message to Aunt Mary and Uncle John that I will be back soon. I ran outside and pulled my car out of garage and thankfully no one woke. Aunt Mary and Uncle John were always sleepy since Mason was born. He kept them up all night and that's why little noises did not wake them up.

I strapped on the seat belt and rushed to my little world. Jonathan's car was already parked and I saw a beautiful white canopy which was decorated with candles. I walked to it, my heart beating so fast that I thought I might pass out because I realized everything was just the way I wanted my wedding to be. I wanted it to be on beach with lots of candles and lilies. Then I saw under the canopy was small comfortable looking bed sort of thing. In front of the canopy was a table with two chairs and mouth-watering food was served. The food was exactly what I would have ordered for my wedding. Tears of happiness and warmth shone in my eyes under the candle lights as I looked around for Jonathan.

"Looking for me?" I heard Jonathan's voice, I turned around, smiled and rushed to him.
"You look breathtaking!" He said, and he finally cupped my face and bent down to kiss me. I closed my eyes and felt as if I were going to die in his arms. He lifted me up and took me to the bed.

"I know you did not eat anything and so did I so... lets eat!" He smiled as he pointed towards the food. I smiled and we both ate. The wind gently touched my face and sound of sea made everything so unreal yet romantic.

"I love you!.... and I know because of gramps you did not get to plan your wedding, so tonight we will have our wedding your way." He smiled and I kissed him. I still could not believe I was going to marry this amazing guy who makes me fall for him every time he just looks at me.

"I love you!!" I said between the kisses and then he read his vows which actually made me cry and smile. They were: Mrs. Elena Swan, the first time I saw you, I knew I wanted to spend the rest of my life with you. You looked so beautiful and I still remember our first dance and I almost found it impossible to leave you. I still remember the way you laugh on all of my jokes and eat the half-burnt French toasts like they are yummiest things in the world. I love how you listen to all my problems, comfort me and hold me together when I ever I need you. I fall every time you look at me and your beautiful eyes, which shine with tears of happiness whenever I tell you 'I love you'. Elena, you saved me and loved me, I am ready to trade my life, my everything, just to be with you, even for a second! Will you honor me by being my wife?

Tears of happiness flowed down my face and I hugged him. He felt like dream, so amazing.

"I love you... I love you so much..." was all I managed to say as I was trying to control my tears. I heard "Your Guardian angel" which he played on his iPod and he asked me to dance with him. I closed my eyes and we both got lost in our little world. We both lay down on the bed and slept for an hour. I woke up by Aunt Mary's message who was asking if everything was alright, and I told her everything could never be better. It was almost time for sunrise and I woke Jonathan up. His face looked so incredibly beautiful that I felt I would die of a heart attack. If his beauty was a drop of water, then I was sure the whole world would have been flooded. He held me in his arms and we both saw the sun rising from the horizon, beautifying the entire view. I have never seen such an amazing sight and with Jonathan on my side, I knew every morning with him would be better than this.

Soon we had to leave each other and it seemed a lot more difficult today. He kissed me goodbye and I felt like crying, but I knew I have to go to get ready to be his forever. I reached home, Delilah and Jared were waiting. My cousin Alice also came, who lived in New Jersey and she was only a year older. After spending night with Jonathan, my nervousness was gone because I realized today I was just going to marry MY Jonathan, the man I yearn to be with. Wedding was around noon at the back beach of Black Diamond. We went to Black Diamond and I was rushed to the bride's room, where Tia, Delilah and my cousin Ariel were waiting. Helen also met me at Black diamond and Ms. Maya with Amy and Leah also greeted me. They both looked so happy to see me and I met their foster parents who also looked happy. Helen, Alice and Tia were the bridesmaids and Delilah was the maid of honor. The hairdresser started with my hair while other beauticians did my makeup and nails. Soon, Delilah and all the other bridesmaids were ready and they helped me wear my wedding gown. It looked amazing and finally they added a beautiful veil. I stood up, looked myself in the mirror and I never looked this beautiful. I smiled to my reflection and Delilah was teary-eyed.

"Oh! You look stunning!!" Channing said and my smile stretched further.
"Thank You!" I replied and soon we all were ready to go to the back beach. Aunt Mary and Uncle John met me near the entrance. Amy was the flower girl. Aunt Mary kissed my left cheek and went to the sitting area. My hand rested on Uncle John's arm as I looked at the aisle and then my heart skipped a beat when I saw Jonathan waiting for me at the end.
"Ready?" Uncle John asked, I smiled and nodded.

He led me to Jonathan who smiled and his eyes twinkled with happiness. Uncle John kissed my cheek and gave my hand in Jonathan's. He held my hand firmly and I stood opposite to him. Soon the entire wedding procedure took and the entire time my heart bombarded my ribcage. We exchanged our vows and I felt like I was the luckiest woman in the entire world.

"So I now pronounce you Man and Wife. You may now kiss the bride," the priest said and Jonathan lifted the veil and gave me the sweetest kiss ever. I closed my eyes and realized I was finally his WIFE!!

The lunch was served and the wedding singer sang 'Breathless' by Shayne Ward and we both danced and got lost in our world. It was the most amazing day of my life! I felt satisfied and contented because now I knew I was finally his.



Ethan opened his amazing blue eyes and he rubbed his eyes with his tiny hands.
"Aawwiieee Ethan... my baby's awake!" I said as he smiled as soon as I looked at his face.

"We are almost here." Jonathan said, his eyes looked lovingly at me.
He parked the car as we reached a beautiful place with golden-colored plants everywhere. I lifted Ethan off from his seat and held him. He curled up which made kiss his cheek. Jonathan smiled at me and bent down to give me a kiss. My heart suddenly skipped a beat and even after five years of our marriage, I fell for his kiss as if it was our first.

"Here Ethan, come to daddy! " Jonathan said as Ethan stretched his hand toward Jonathan. He was the cutest thing ever. I gently handed him over to Jonathan and he again curled up against his father's chest. Jonathan and I were here to attend Delilah's wedding. Tonight was rehearsal dinner and I was very happy that she and Jared are finally getting married. I was finally a doctor and the last five years I spent with Delilah as roommate were one of the best years of my life.

"Jonathan let's go in!" I said as I held his free hand. He smiled at me and gave me a passionate kiss.

We both walked inside and I knew there was nothing better than this. I was so broken before and went through so much pain, but now having Jonathan and Ethan by my side, I knew I was complete.


I am happy that this story went well... I mean, I feel very sad knowing I would not be able to write about Elena and Jonathan, but I am also happy there are so many other characters whose life is yet to be penned down! Do make sure you read them all!


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Published: 6/12/2013
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