Buzz Animals: Baby Joey's Story

Did you know that Joey actually means 'baby kangaroo'? Well, of course you did.
Once upon a time, a mother kangaroo was giving birth to her child in a land far, far away. When the baby kangaroo came out, the mother almost stomped on him as he was so tiny.

"What will we call our child?" Mr. Kangaroo asked her. The mother kangaroo averted her eyes away from him and gazed down at her baby. Mr. Kangaroo was not the father, but he didn’t know that and she wasn’t planning on telling him any time soon.

"We’ll call him Joey," she replied softly.

FACT: The meaning of Joey is ‘baby kangaroo’.

Joey loved to jump a lot. He was very good at it. He could jump really high and pretty far for his age. He worried his parents are senseless when he went out of their sight. He was so small and so fast that they actually lost him on several occasions. Nevertheless, he always came back and he still loved to jump as much as possible.

One day, a man was sitting outside a café and he was stirring his cup of tea with a silver teaspoon. Joey noticed the shiny spoon and when the man laid his spoon down on the table, Joey hopped right into the spoon and tucked himself down carefully.

FACT: A newborn kangaroo is small enough to fit in a teaspoon.

The man was startled to see little Joey. The baby kangaroo looked up at the man with curious eyes. The man slowly raised his newspaper, his eyes still fixed on Joey, and then he whacked the baby kangaroo as hard as he could. Joey fell down on the floor in pain. He tried to lift himself up and quickly escape, but the man stomped on him with his boots.

Meanwhile, the mother kangaroo and Mr. Kangaroo were searching for him high and low, far and wide.

"Why does he always disappear?" The mother asked bitterly. "Isn’t he happy with us? Must he take us for granted all the time?"

Mr. Kangaroo sighed sorrowfully. "Don’t worry, darling. He’ll come back. He always comes back, right?"

The mother kangaroo nodded and together they returned to their habitat, not knowing that baby Joey is laying in a crippled position outside the café floor. Joey took a last breath before he collapsed and was welcomed into the arms of death.
Published: 9/25/2014
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