Buzzed Haircuts for Men and Women

Buzzed haircuts have been on the scene for quite a long time. Here are some interesting tips related to these haircuts for men and women.
The trends in hairstyles are always changing. Take a look at some of the hairstyles of the '50s and the '60s and you would surely know what I am talking about! Men and women hairstyles have undergone a phenomenal change. Women no longer are restricted to growing long tresses; they can wear short hairstyles with ease! Of the latest hair trends, buzzed haircuts are amongst the most sought after for men as well as women. This haircut is such that men and women can adopt it for various reasons. Here, we shall take a quick look at details associated with these haircuts.

Buzzed haircuts are increasingly popular especially with young boys. These haircuts are obviously low on maintenance as it is a no-fuss hairstyle. This haircut is very short. This kind of hairstyle would not even require one to comb the hair. A simple shampoo and voila! The kid can be off to school!

This cut is also known as a wiffle cut. The name, buzz, has been given for a particular reason. To create this hairstyle, one needs to use an electric razor and the buzzing sound that is created by the razor has led to the haircut being given its name. The razor is used to shave the hair very close to the scalp. This haircut is very popular amongst men especially between those that follow the hip hop culture. In many countries, buzzed haircuts are often given to recruits when they are about to undergo training for the armed forces. In the earlier days, this look was spotted amongst various singers and rock stars. Who can forget this look was also popularized by Sinead O'Connor in her video where she beautifully rendered the track, 'Nothing Compares To You.'

Many men and women choose the buzzed haircuts as a fashion statement. This helps one to get rid of bad hair days and endless worry about shampoos and conditioners! These haircut brings more attention to the features and makes the jaw line really prominent. Therefore, it would suit men and women with petite features. They are often chosen as an option because it makes the person feel more liberated and confident from within.

Buzzed haircuts can also be accessorized if you want to try different looks. Wrap a colorful scarf around it and wear big glares. Or a funky bandanna that is tied across the forehead can also make a great style statement. Whatever the reason you may opt for this hairstyle, remember to wear it with confidence.

Many times, hairstylists leave slight bangs that can be given a spiky look. For this, one would need to use hair gel. An expert hairstylist would help you to select the right options needed. Always consult a hairstylist before you go in for a buzzed haircut. This would help you to determine whether such a look would suit your face shape and personality as well.
By Kashmira Lad
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