Call Me "The Unattached"

A poem made at 11 pm.
I'm afraid to be held,
To break down the walls that took me years to build up,
I never wanted to build them,
But I had to...
I was tired of hurting so much,
Of crying,
Of feeling,
I became unattached,
So unattached, the threads of love became untangled.

I am but an empty human vessel,
I do what I am told,
I wake up to study,
Study to work,
Work to earn money,
Money to live a life.

A life...
What is life without feelings?
I can no longer feel,
For I have buried myself for so long,
I can no longer get back up,
I have become separated, unattached,
Can such a life exist?
It does.

Just look around you,
You are lying,
If you say to me that you cannot remember a face,
A face you know,
Whose smile no longer resembles sunshine and roses,
Whose voice now become easily silenced,
Whose body now withered,
Thoughts gone,
You are not alone,
If you tell me that all this time,
The face you remember was yours.
Published: 1/24/2018
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