caN I Be wiTh yOU?

A child's longing to be ...........
God chose you to be my parents.
That responsibility was too much for your shoulders!
Mother, I was very happy to be in your womb.
Little did I know that my parents had decided for me a tomb?
My heart had just started to beat in rhythm.
You decided to sing my funeral’s anthem.
How could I come in your happiness’ way?
I symbolized love is what doting parents say?!
Being unwanted by natural guardians cost my life.
I was done away without a needle or knife!
My span of a few weeks inside you would always be precious to me.
Mother, father and you hated me too much to let me be….
For you two, thrown out of your life was just a pound of flesh.
By that abortion you proved to be utterly selfish.
Before opining about you, I didn’t wait.
I got to know about you, not very late.
From god’s lap, I was looking at my "special" sibling.
Amazed and equally perturbed, I found you to be so caring!
May be for some inevitable cause you didn’t let me live?
But my bitterness towards you didn’t let me forgive.
God wiped the tears of repentance from my eyes.
With great clarity I could admire my family from the skies.
Dearest parents, I want to come back to you.
Please god, help me with a birth, very new!
Published: 11/6/2008
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