Can We Say Goodbye

Are we too late to say goodbye
In my heart I know what I half to do
I know what I must get done before I am gone
Life is never long and usually too short
We never know when it may end
War is coming again, and women crying for their lost ones

Children go hungry and die on the streets
And many people are killed by bombs
We once hoped this world would come to an end
But we were wrong, it just started
When do you think we will learn that war is no good for the soul?

When do you think we will learn that love conquers all?
When do you think we will learn that tomorrow will never come?
Because we are too busy preparing for the future deaths of tomorrow
That we never noticed that people have started slowly to fade into the earth
And that we no longer populate this earth

We are nothing but empty shells
Did we not learn from history what happens with war?
Did we not learn from our past mistakes?
Did we not learn that love conquers all?
Do you think that the sun will rise once more again?

Or has eternal darkness completely won
Is evil here for good
Do we have a chance of surviving?
Or has mankind finally met its match
Is this the end?

Is there no tomorrow
Can I say goodbye without any tears
Will I die in my sleep?
Or will I die with the countless piles of people
Am I too, be lost among the thousands

Have I no grave
No marker to remember me by
Is thing in this world left?
Did we kill each other off?
Can nobody say goodbye
Are we doomed to repeat the same mistakes...?
Published: 10/22/2009
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