Can You Say, 'Tarnished'?

Questions answered by Ams Kingston: a) Where have you been? b) Are you coming back? c) What's happening with the story? With a random photo added just for daily humor!
BOO! It's me, Ams Kingston. Did you miss me?

So I know for a really long time I haven't uploaded any new chapters and you've all been growing increasingly more impatient and annoyed deep down that I've seemingly deserted you all...

But guess what?!


The thing is I got abducted by aliens... No not really. I actually went and joined a Mafia in Italy. No sorry I'm lying again. The truth is being a student is a lot more challenging than anyone thinks; having 3 different assignments going on at once is exhaustive. Each individual deals with it in their own way; and I dealt with it by hibernating.

I appreciate - in fact no - I DEEPLY appreciate all of your support and the few commenters who were freestyling a mix of being like "OMG are you okay?" and "Where DAFUQ are you?!" I am DEEPLY touched by it and I DEEPLY apologize for leaving you all hanging. I did not do it on purpose and I don't intend to do it again.

Today is the day: and I have uploaded about 90 chapters - just joking, not really, that was a slight exaggeration, there's only about 4.

If you've been keeping an eye open for me then look below for your shout-out:

Tamika - SORRY, SORRY! You hit the nail on the head, I've been in a car chase trying to track down Korbin for the past few weeks, hence why there's been no updates. That rascal got away! I guess we'll have to wait until another chapter to get him! I like how you start sweet talking me calling me 'honey, baby' when you want me to upload! I'm sorry, if I had known I was missing all this love I would have come back sooner. Anyway the next few chapters are up and I'm in the process of writing even more. Stay tuned, I'M BACK.

Sasha - How did Hurricane Sandy go? I hope you're okay? Sorry for disappearing! Feels like I've been hit by some sort of hurricane these past few weeks, definitely wasn't Sandy though! I hope you're staying tuned and haven't given up on me. Thanks for your previous comments and hope you're alright star!

Chrystina J - Thanks for the comment and sorry to keep you waiting! There might be a background character, who knows?! Thanks for reading and hope to read a comment from you again!

Xeneb - Missed me?! More of the scenes you like are coming, and I wasn't planning on uploading the photos as I wanted you all to come up with your own mental images... I don't want to ruin them for you. But we'll see. Thanks for the comment. It will be a positive ending, not a good one... A positive ending. Think about it. Comment again!

Skyler Grace - First of all, I need to go and catch up with Forever Alone. Second, sorry for disappearing! I probably won't get famous... It would be a hassle to be honest - I don't plan on being the next Britney Spears if that's what you had in mind! Thanks for the comment and you're a wonderful author too. Fazio just cracks me up. Comment soon.

Lucy - Sorry for not uploading quickly, Joe is a main character in this PART of the story. We're not diverting the story as such; we're just bringing in an extra issue to deal with. Thanks for all your comments, hope everything is well with you? Happy reading!

Graceanna - The attempted murder on Korbin will be one of the last things that you see in this enormous flashback; that is the purpose of this enormous flashback, to show all of you the events that occurred and led to the final BANG that got Viola into the mess she was in from chapter 1. Glad you're still finding it interesting; thanks for all the comments and hope you continue to enjoy it! Sorry for disappearing!

Honey - Welcome aboard. Your comment touched me, very inspiring and insightful to see how it affected you. You made an important point; you can't force someone to love you. Thanks for your comment and sorry for not posting for ages, being a student sucks sometimes!

Neno - I'm back! It's all good, thanks for the comment. Hope you're still enjoying the story? You'll see a new chapter every day or every two days, that is the plan anyway!

So on a final note, I would like to say sorry, thank you and ARRIVEDERCI.
Published: 11/29/2012
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