yet another poem for English class. a girl who has cancer and the boyfriend she thought left her.
Where could you be now?
I’m sitting here alone and down.
Were you scared to face my pain?
Will you fall under the strain,
or are you just that vain?

Well here are the tears I tried to contain…

How much did I mean?
Our last must be our final scene.
Was I just yearning not fought?
Will I haunt your every thought,
or am I just to rot?

We had too much happiness and got caught…

How much longer left?
Counting the breaths I breathe ‘til death.
Was my life worth living?
Will I know my soul’s lifting,
See my vision drifting?

I know my love was a gift worth giving…

Who is at the door?
You’ve come to me so we can mourn.
Our past shared, our best times.
‘Cause our future will not shine.
You cry as I flat line.

The time has come for us to disentwine …
What dd you think?
Hated it
Needs work
Loved it
Better than you last poem
Worse than you last poem
Its so sad!
I'm just voting to vote
Published: 1/14/2010
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