Cancer Poems

Cancer can end life but it cannot shatter hope. In fact, hope is the one thing that stands undefeated against all evils. Hope can help you stay steadfast as your loved one battles with this disease. Our collection of poems can help you build this hope and encourage you.
A Willow Tree
The poem is about a victim of cancer and her death.
Clicking Echo
My mother is dying of cancer, we are all being very brave and trying to make it easier on her. We've done this before. But we want to howl and batter at the walls of time.
Once Your Gone
Feelings I have about my mom battling cancer.
The Secret
Parents fight all the time but there is never "not" a reason. Cancer has killed many, and I am sorry for those who had to find out in this kind of situation.
yet another poem for English class. a girl who has cancer and the boyfriend she thought left her.
It's Cancer
This poem is also for my friend's mom that died. Enjoy.
Not Enough Time
My friend's mom died Feb, 25, 2008 at the hospital after struggling with cancer and having a car accident. I hope everything works out for you. Please comment.