Candida Symptoms In Men

It is a misconception that candida is restricted to women, there are symptoms in men which cannot be ignored. Read on for more information about yeast infection symptoms in men...
Candidiasis is a fungal infection caused by an outbreak of a fungus that is present on the human body. This fungus is kept in control by the bacteria that are on the human body and when these bacteria get destroyed the fungal infection grows, causing skin infections and other problems. It is widely believed that candida is non-existent in men, this is far from the truth. Men do suffer from candida and the most affected regions are the arm pits and groin. Yeast infection in men is more common than you might think, though yeast infection treatment for men is fairly simple. Neglecting personal hygiene is one of the most common reasons behind a yeast infection. One myth is that men get a yeast infection only if they come in sexual contact with a woman who has an infection. Men can easily get a yeast infection if they are on antibiotics for a long period, because antibiotics kill the bacteria which keeps the fungal growth in check. Men with diabetes are also prime candidates for an infection as the high sugar levels assist fungal growth.

Common Symptoms

Men can experience an outbreak of candida in any part of the body, although the oral infection is one of the most common areas for a fungal infection. The fungal outbreak can give men skin infection, oral infection, penile infection and intestinal infection.

Oral Candida: A yeast infection in the mouth is known as oral thrush and it can make a big dent in your eating habits. Anyone suffering from oral thrush will have difficulty in swallowing and a painful feeling while chewing. Wounds appear on the tongue, the upper palate and the side of the mouth, and the skin inside the mouth becomes sensitive. Abrasions on the gums and tonsils appear, and can be very painful at times. A person will also lose their sense of taste if suffering from oral candida. One visually disturbing symptom of mouth infection is, bleeding in the mouth and cracking in the corners of the mouth.

Skin Candida: Candida albicans symptoms in men are the inflammation of the skin and irritation. Skin infections are common in the pelvic region, around the jock strap areas, arm pits, and skin folds. Erythema and inflammation of the skin is symptomatic with fungal infection on the skin. Red swollen pores appear alongside each other and these pores make the skin look scaly. Itching is also an irritable symptom of skin candidiasis, and every time you scratch it becomes painful. Skin rash is also a sign of candida and you need to pay extra attention to it as it is one of the earliest signs of candida.

Intestinal Candida: The infection affects the digestive track and causes pain in the abdominal region. Stomach spasms and constipation are also some of the symptoms experienced during intestinal candidiasis. Fatigue without any reason and bloating of the stomach are some signs along with undesirable gas problems. In severe cases of yeast infection symptoms in men people will get diarrhea.

Penile Candida: Although a penile infection may sound horrible it can be treated easily if the symptoms are recognized early. If you have an infection on the penis, the head of the penis will become sore and red. Blister like sores will appear and you might experience a white discharge from these spots. A burning sensation every time you urinate is one of the painful symptoms along with pain during intercourse. Itching around the base of the penis going all the way back to the buttocks is something that you need to look out for before devising the correct yeast infection treatment.

Some of the other symptoms are tiredness, brain fog, and sinus infections. However, almost all symptoms can be taken care of with the help of some yeast infection home remedies and over the counter anti fungal medications. If one pays attention to personal hygiene and the yeast infection symptoms, causes, and treatment it will be easier to deal with than perceived.
By Indrajit Deshmukh
Published: 7/16/2010
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