Candle Of Love!

This verse is a tribute to every mom...
Call her mama, mummy, mother or mom,
Uttering those words give mind both excitement and a special calm!
At any age, holding her hands give a sense of security,
For her immortality, every child prays to Almighty!

It is said, she is the caretaker sent by God,
To believe that say is indeed very hard?
But, his most precious creation begins to breathe inside a mother!
This could only be a miracle and nothing beyond or further!

Child is her own blood getting ready inside her,
The mother carries it for a long time without a murmur,
She enjoys every moment of this oncoming motherhood bliss!
With the baby’s birth starts the gradual metamorphosis.

In their happiness and joy, her eyes get moist and glisten,
To every single tale and story she gives keen ear to listen,
She is a friend and guide besides being the lovely parent,
This angel showers unconditional love and yet remains discontent!

Her heart craves for something or other which she is unable to do,
For her precious ones, she is always there when turned to,
Children rush to her shoulders when crisis befalls them,
Those strong sides bring the sweethearts close to the bosom.

Her embrace and hug exudes immense warmth and concern,
This candle of love never ever melts or ceases to burn!
From its maternal fragrance no child is deprived or kept far,
This flame of virtues enlightens with compassion and care.
Published: 6/28/2010
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