A last attempt
This candle Is the only light I have left
After this, it is just me and the dark
The darkness is the only thing I have left
I have been left to die in the darkness
Because I dared
I dared to say yes
I dared to be different and this is the price I pay
I knew vampires were a topic never to discuss
But I could not resist
Could you
Evil has just a pretty face
Seductive words
Yet I betrayed my family and friends
Watched the blood pool around my feet
I did nothing but stand there
I kissed his lips after
Held his hand and walked into the shades
So later on, Here I am
Confessing my sins
Did I cry as I knew I was going to die
No guess what
I did nothing but smile
Death was nothing but a twisted door.
Published: 9/9/2009
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