Canned Soup Reviews

If you do choose to go for canned soups, our reviews will help you to pick the best one out there. So, read on..
None of us can resist the aroma of delicious, frothy chicken soup on a rainy day. The piping hot soup is indeed one of the best culinary delights invented by mankind. The rich, creamy texture of the soup satiates the taste buds of a gourmet. However, it is not always possible to concoct fresh soup recipes every time. More so, if you are a busy person or need to travel a lot. Canned soups can come to your rescue whenever and wherever you feel like having a bowl of soup. However, the myriad brands that dominate the market can really leave you confounded.

Reviews for Canned Soup

Given below are the canned soup reviews for some popular (not necessarily best) canned food brands. The order in which they appear has nothing to do with the rating.


Split Pea
This flavor by Progresso has nice cloud green brew with little peas floating in it. It tastes simply superb when combined with coarsely chopped ham, spices, and cheddar cheese.

This is the ultimate soup which we all love coming back to. Delicious meat balls in good, solid chicken broth, you cannot possibly go wrong here!

Beef Barley
Nice barley flavored broth with pieces of beef (or was that a carrot?). Anyway, not bad if you are fan of beef barley soup recipes.

Beef and Vegetable
The beef is nice and lean and the vegetables soft. The beef broth flavor, though not particularly delicious certainly passes off as acceptable.

Lentil Soup
This is a fat free soup from Progresso with a smooth and chalky texture. Don't have much to say about flavor.

Potato and Ham
If you go for cheese version, it is good with a decent flavor. It's thick but contains very little of ham (though you might get lucky and find more!).

Zesty Herb Tomato
This tomato soup is smooth and has a distinct herbal flavor. Some people might find the strong flavor a bit nauseating.


Sirloin Burger
The broth is thick and the ground sirloin pieces are grilled to perfection. The sirloin pieces are crumbly and chewable.

Potato and Cheese and Chicken and Broccoli
Chicken, broccoli and potato are cut to right sized, though you might find chicken a little sticky rather than the dry breast chunk you are used to.

Italian Wedding
It's actually not bad at all. Mini meat balls with spinach and distinct Italian herb. Perfect, if you are looking for an unusual taste.

Chicken Rice
Standard taste, standard broth, though wedge shaped potato and carrot pieces come as a welcome change from the randomly cut pieces you are used to.

Chicken with Egg Noodles
Chicken is nice and dry and the noodles a little chewy. Overall good.

Split Pea with Ham
A typical product from Cambell's, it tastes like any other split pea soup with ham.

Wolfgang Puck's

Organic Creamy Broccoli
Delicious with a perfect texture. Neither too creamy nor too runny.

Organic Split Pea
Its taste is at par with other split pea soup brands. The broth is a perfect combination of graininess and smoothness.

Old Fashioned Potato
The flavor is superb but the broth too thick. It is recommended that you add water to it and split it in two servings.

Health Valley's

Vegetable Barley
It has a peculiar flavor of barley and the quality of vegetables is also good. Sprinkle some grated Alpine cheese for a rich flavor.

Split Pea
Passable flavor but the broth is too thick. Haven't got anything much to say about this one.

Potato and Leek
The flavor is entirely missing in this one. You will have to add a spoonful of cream and some salt before you can even consider about drinking it.

All these soups cost you pretty much the same amount. There are other soup brand's like Amy's, Pacific, Swanson, Safeway, Eating Right, ShopRite, Great Value which are comparable with the above brands. Some brands also offer your healthy, fat free varieties. However, you may not have a particularly good experience with their flavor.

Usually, it is best to stick to the brand you have always trusted with canned foods. More than flavor, go for the ingredients and quality of the soup. Since, canning involves adding preservatives, they may not be the best health food you can have. Yet, be cautious with the manufacturing date and the state of the can. Discard the can if you find it tampered or if it exceeds the expiry date.
By Ashwini Kulkarni Sule
Published: 6/10/2010
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