Can't Resist - Chapter 2

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Isabel's POV

Hunter threw back his head and started to laugh. He went rambling on and on in some language and I couldn't, or maybe I just didn't even try to understand what he was saying. When he was done, he looked at me and said, "Isabel, if you actually believe that you don't like me, then you must be very good at lying to yourself."

I stayed silent for a while. He was right; I am good at lying to myself. But right now, I wasn't. I truly didn't like him; I loved Sean, my boyfriend. So what if I had kissed Hunter? So what if I had loved every minute of it? Sean was my boyfriend, not Hunter.

Ugh! Why did my dad have to hire Hunter? Having to see him everyday isn't helping me ignore my feelings towards him.

'You just admitted that you have feelings towards him.' All of a sudden, an annoying little voice pipes up again.

I cringe, 'Oh God, it's you again. Please go away; I'm not in the mood to argue with you.'

'I can't believe that, you said you loved Sean when it's very obvious that you love Hunter.'

Gasping, I shout at the voice, 'Oh no, you did not just say that! If anything, I feel a mere physical attraction towards Hunter, nothing more, not love.'

A husky, sexy voice broke into my conversation with the voice. "Isabel, are you talking to somebody?"

Good question. "I'm not talking to anyone, why?" I lied.

"You look like you're talking to someone," he pauses, then snickers, "Oh, I get it. You're having a conversation with yourself."

"No! I'm taking to the voice-" Stopping myself just in time, I blush a deep scarlet. Oh crap. What did I just get myself into?

"Oh please go on, I would love to hear what you have to say, who are you talking to?" Hunter said, a beautiful smile spreading across his face.

"Never mind, just forget I said anything."

"That's never going to happen, but for now let's do some gymnastics!" He had a mischievous gleam in his warm brown eyes.

Groaning I got to my feet. What did he plan? It's glaringly obvious that he has something up his sleeve, and I have a feeling that I'm going to find out soon.
Published: 4/26/2013
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