Can't Resist - Chapter 3

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Hunter's POV

So she has conversations with herself. Interesting. Actually, I found a lot of interesting things about her. Like, the way that she takes gymnastics so seriously, and the way that she cares so much about her brother. What I said before, about me not feeling like this toward anyone else; I was telling the truth. I think I'm in love with this girl, and I don't fall in love easily because I know that love hurts. Love means giving up everything for the other person, whether you want to or not. Love means being willing to make mistakes, it means being vulnerable. I do not like those feelings at all, they didn't fit right with my personality.

What is my personality? To be honest, I really don't know. I guess if you asked someone from my school, they'd say that my personality is that I don't give a shit, but I think that's a load of bullshit. That's just what I want everyone to think. My true personality is something that I don't let anyone see, except for maybe Zac or Isaac.

The Mexican chicks in my neighborhood call me hot, sexy, and some other things that aren't going to be mentioned now. So maybe that's my personality? I don't really think so, but right now, being hot and sexy is something that I'm depending on.

So she thinks that Sean loves her? Bullshit. I'm going show Isabel the real meaning of love. I was going to use everything I have to get my girl back. Mm, my girl; it feels good thinking that.
"I think it's getting a little too hot in here," I said lifting my shirt over my head, "Don't you think so?"

"Come on Hunter; put your shirt back on." Isabel's voice has an emotion in it that I haven't heard recently. Want. Need. Lust. Tossing my shirt to the side carelessly, I watch her as she starts checking out at me.

When my eyes find hers, she blushes. "Checking out this sexy guy is not something to be embarrassed about beautiful. You can look all you want girl," I step closer to her and whisper in her ear, "'Cause if you want me, then tell me right now and I can make it happen." Standing this close to her is dangerous. Unintentionally her lips have parted and her breath is coming out in quick breaths, I swear just that almost gave me an obstacle.

She places her hands on my bare chest, and then really slow, she presses herself up against me. I moan as pleasure seeps through my whole body.
But as soon as I go to put my lips against hers, she steps back.

"Hunter, why do I have to keep saying this? I have a boyfriend already; I have Sean. You can't tempt me like this. It just isn't right. I don't want you, okay?"

You might think that I'm going to be sad, but no. That's where you're wrong. What happened is what was supposed to happen. Now I have an excuse to go do what I was planning on doing before. My plan is to go make Isabel jealous. How I am going to do that I have yet to figure out, but it'll be good, you can count on that.

"I want you to work on bars today. We can work on some release skills or some dismounts." This way I have to spot her most of the time, since she won't be able to handle the things I throw at her. And when I spot her, I can put my hands wherever I feel necessary, you know, to make sure that she's safe.

"Oh, shit." I hear her mumble as she realizes this too. I just smile nicely and innocently.

After a hard workout, I walk her home. I feel like a jerk for making her condition as hard as I made her, but honestly, she could use a good exercise routine. Plus seeing her body like that, all glistening with sweat, it turned me on. If she won't kiss me, then I think I'm allowed to have a dirty thought or five.

When we reach her house, I turn her round quickly and plant a kiss on her lips. A sigh escapes her mouth before she can stop it.

"You're a jerk, a hot, sexy jerk." She whispers against my lips before pushing me away violently. "Hunter."

"You have a boyfriend, I get it. That doesn't mean that I'm going to stop doing what I want to." Damn, I hate her mood swings.


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Published: 6/20/2013
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