Can't Resist - Chapter 4

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A new voice starts up from behind me, "You got that damn straight, she does have a boyfriend and he happens to be standing right here."

I swing around to punch him in the face. "You," I say, venom dripping from my words, "are a complete idiot." I stress the last word, "you let her get drunk last night, what were you thinking, jerk?" He was moving his jaw, making sure that it still works. I found myself hoping that it didn't but no such luck.

"You asshole! You can't punch me!" I duck down a little as he swings a right hook at my face.

First I jab him in the stomach then kick him in the groin. I see Isabel wince out of the corner of my eye, and even I have to cringe a little, that kick must have hurt. Sean crumples to the floor for a minute, grabbing at his crotch, before he gets up slowly.

He shoots Isabel a glare, "Are you just going to stand there?" He asks her, then he turns to me, "Don't you have any manners? You're not supposed to fight in front of girls you know."

"Yeah, well you aren't supposed to get girls drunk, then fuck them when they have no say." I shoot back.

"Fuck you Hunter. Stay away from my girl." With that he grabs Isabel's hand and goes into her house. Before closing the door he grabs her ass and starts grinding her. He smashes his lips on hers and looks over her head to glare at me. His hand comes up to flip me off as I walk away. Isabel flips his hand away. She slaps off his grinding hands and says, "You're such a pervert, Sean. Get out from my sight." She walks away angrily and starts up her car, leaving Sean open-mouthed with shock.

"You'll pay, Hunter." Sean walks up to me with a nasty sneer.
"We'll see." I reply, furious.

My fists were shaking with rage and I am panting, trying to control the rage that surges through me. I'm practically running as I try to get away from that place.

My phone buzzes just as I am about to reach my house. Flipping it open, a smile lit my face. Perfect, this is just what I need. The text read, 'Hunter, want to hook up tonight behind the school?' It was from Zoe, one of the hottest girls that went to my school. I've only been here a few months and already I know that she's always up to a good make out session. I type out a quick reply, 'Meet me there at 1 am, okay?'

This isn't typical behavior for me, I'm not one to usually go out at weekends or anything, but tonight was an exception.

I walk into the kitchen around eight o'clock at night. Surprisingly, my little brother is still up, and my dad is not around.


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Published: 7/19/2013
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