Can't Sleep

Guilty conscience keeping you awake? Check this out!
Can't sleep
I'm counting sheep
The clock ticks by
I sing myself a lullaby.

These cures really suck
My sheep are killing ducks!
I really should be sleeping,
Tomorrow morning I will be weeping.

Yet I stare at my ceiling
I hate this guilty feeling...
Mistakes were made, big deal
If it would help me sleep, I'd squeal.

All I want to do is get some rest
I don't want to confess
Because of this tragedy I haven't been dreaming
All the memories keep streaming.

Unconscious thoughts of letting him know
Doing what I convinced my friends I did long ago
No me and him are not together,
Yet his love for me is too much to measure.

His girlfriend would probably disapprove
But it's our choice to choose
Flirting with an ex is always fun
But we had moved on, now it's undone.

We both are in a relationship
We are just making a side trip
I could never imagine myself with another,
He has been my only true lover.

But I know his new girl is worthy of his heart
So I should back off, even if it tears me apart
I need to release the truth and set myself free
I need to do so before he gets down on that knee
He says he wants to marry me...
But right now all I need is a little sleep.
What did you think?
Uhm... huh? I'm confused...
I understood there were two guys... but who do you love?
Great poem.
Awesomely Boring!
Why would you bother wasting your time or any of ours with this stupid worthless excuse of poetry!
Published: 8/24/2011
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