Car Paint Design Ideas

The different car paint design ideas presented in this article should help you in giving a nice appearance to the ordinary/conventional looking car. The classic beige colors are always a safe option if one doesn't know much about car paint designs.
There are many options for car owners these days, to give their vehicles a makeover by painting it in different shades and designs. People with great interest in designing, decorating and adding accessories to their cars can experiment a lot with colors. Here are some useful tips pertaining to car paint designs.

Ideas for Car Paint Designs

Here are a few ideas for car paint designs which can enhance the appearance of your vehicle. One has to be very careful and all prepared before going about car paint designing. The colors used for painting the cars are quite expensive. Any mistake made in the process of painting will cost you dearly. Finding as much of information on car painting cost is bound to help in planning the job in a proper manner. Having a proper plan along with some interesting ideas is therefore, necessary.

Flames Design
This design has been an all-time favorite among car enthusiasts. The patterns of flames have however, undergone changes with time. The earlier flame designs were not very much flashy. These designs had a simple form with blades of flames shorter in length; the flames were drawn/painted on the lower car body around the car wheels to signify speed. Extensive forms and patterns of flames are observed in today's, modern kind of designing. The different designs of car paint being used today, cover the sides and even go up to the hood. The shades of car paint colors used for flames are the red and yellow.

Tattoo Designs for Car
Themes for tattoos used in car paints change from time-to-time. Nowadays, designs of buildings, skylines of cities, music notes and even guns can be observed. Earlier, people used to have tattoo designs of ships, flags, scenery, mountaintops for painting the car. One can choose from any of these designs to make the look of his car appealing. You can find thousands of websites on the Internet which provide excellent designs for painting.

Business Logo
Painting a business logo on the car can be a great tool of advertising and also enhance the appearance. However, care should be taken to see that the logo is not too artistic. The main purpose of imprinting the logo is to make it readable. If possible, the URL which directs Internet users to the company website can also be painted on car.

Team Logo
The logo of your favorite sports team could be a topic/theme used for car painting. Logo of the team is generally painted on the hood of vehicle. Doors can be painted with different colors associated with the team. This can really be an interesting idea to attract attention.

The skull is a form of design which first became popular among motorcycle users. Cars owners too were attracted to using skull designs. A weird combination of skulls and roses is used in car paint designing. This kind of design is suited for those who are always on a lookout for something new and interesting. The sword designs, just like that of skulls are popular ones.

The animals that are known for their strength generally find place in car paint designs. Animal designs are generally found on the sides of cars. Rhinos, elephants, tigers, etc are the commonly found animals. Eagle is amongst the popular birds used in car paint patterns. Using the stripes of zebra also is one of the options to be considered for car designing.

It is the best way of designing cars with paints. Using your own ideas and designs gives you the freedom of expression and is one of the best custom car painting ideas to follow.

Toy Cars
The design ideas used in toy cars can be used to come with car paint design ideas for you. There are so many design ideas used for toy cars that one would feel spoiled for choice.

Names of Movies
The use of names of movies in car painting is one of the commonly observed trend. You can think of painting the name of your favorite movie on the car.

There is literally no limit to what one can try in designing the car with different paints. Apart from the above mentioned designs and patterns, one can also make use of his or her creativity to add a completely unconventional look to the cars.
By Shashank Nakate
Published: 3/29/2011
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