Career Choices for Women

Wondering about the good career choices for women? Read on for some of the most satisfying and well paying jobs for women today...
When it comes to choosing a profession, are there different parameters for men and women? Well, looking at the way women are successful today at the jobs which were predominantly considered a male bastion, it no longer holds true. Today's women can do as well as any man in a given profession. However, there are still some career opportunities whose requirements and criteria for success are inherent in women. This makes these jobs the best career options for women.

Top Career Options for Women

Job market researches predict that health care is one sector which is going to grow by leaps and bounds in the future. Nursing jobs, just like any other job in the health care sector, will see a tremendous demand. The pay scale too is expected to be high as there is a shortage of personnel in the health care sector. To become a nurse, one needs a bachelor's degree and a certification from American Nurses Credentialing Center. This is one of the most satisfying careers for those women who believe in serving and caring for others.

Teaching is one of the best careers for women. The working hours are lesser, number of holidays is more, making it easier for women to balance home and work simultaneously. Teaching jobs entail handling children, which comes naturally to most women, if not, they can learn it on the job really well. Moreover, it is one career which is recession proof. No matter what the situation of the economy is, there will always be a need for good teachers. To become a teacher, one needs a bachelor's degree, one year course in teacher's training and a license to teach from the state education department.

Human Resource Management
In the recent years, many women have found success in the corporate world by entering the human resource field. The job involves interviewing people, hiring and training them. Employee benefits, performance appraisals, leave structures, company employee policies, solving employee disputes - they are all handled by the human resource personnel. A woman in this profession has the opportunity to become a human resource head of any given organization.

Media Jobs
Women who are creative and are looking for jobs that mentally stimulate them, can opt for a career in the media industry. Writing, advertising, acting, graphic designing, photography, there are so many choices available for women who do not want to settle for run of the mill jobs.

As empathizing with people comes naturally to women, so one of the best careers for the future for women is to become a psychiatrist. These professionals diagnose the mental problems and disorders in a person and prescribe treatment for the same. To become a psychiatrist, a college degree is required. After this, one needs to attend a medical school, followed by a year of internship, a three year residency in a hospital and an exam to get the license to practice it.

Administration professionals are the backbone of any given office. They ensure that office operations run smoothly. They maintain files, schedule appointments, perform accounting jobs, keep the office equipment and supplies updated, arrange office meetings, etc. As this job is a sitting job and the work timings are fixed, it is taken up by many women, making it one of the jobs in demand for the future. To get into this profession, one needs good organizational, management, technological and communication skills.

What profession a woman chooses, completely depends upon her individual interests, qualities and skills. Nevertheless, knowledge of the well paying and in demand careers, such as the ones mentioned above, will give her a fairly good idea of the job market scenario today.
By Aastha Dogra
Last Updated: 10/1/2011
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