Cartoons are probably the first thing we saw on television! Tom and Jerry, Disney's Mickey & Mini, Donald & Daisy, Goofy and the list goes on. Cartoons are not only watched by kids but also by adults. This section on cartoons will take us back to the feeling of being kids once gain, make us forget all worries, take us to a different world and fill our minds with fun and laughter!
the K Chronicles: Skatepark
Skatepark Cartoon
Keef has been takin' his kiddie to the skatepark.
Story Minute: "Spring Cleaning"
Spring clearning - cartoon
She got canned from her job, so she cleared out her desk.
Story Minute: "Potion Parts"
Potion parts cartoon
His assignment was to gather tears of grief.
Story Minute: "Head"
Story minute cartoon
The frozen head could only think very slowly.
Story Minute: "Advance Copy"
Story minute cartoon
The siblings started getting their daily paper a day early.
(th)ink: Me Too
Ever wonder who came up with the campaign?
the K Chronicles: Bugs Bunny
Keef schools his eldest on that wascally wabbit!
(th)ink: Florida Cops
Florida Cops vs. Interior Designers.
the K Chronicles: Birdwatching
Keef tells the truth.
(th)ink: Chad
Trump explains.
the K Chronicles: But, Mom!
Adventures of Mrs. Keef!
(th)ink: Tammy Duckworth
All u need to know about the military.
the K Chronicles: Germany Pt. 1
Keef takes the fam to Germany.
(th)ink: Irony
Take 'em down..
(th)ink: Eclipse!!
Nice to have a break..
(th)ink: Charlottesville
Whaddaya hafta do?
(th)ink: Green
Before it was trendy!
(th)ink: Hail Hela!
Keef on "mother science".
the K Chronicles: Justine Damond
Keef on the latest high profile victim of the police.
(th)ink: On the Beat
So, that why it's called that.
Hard to Get
Cartoon about bees.
(th)ink: Gun be N.C.
North Carolina is at it again.
the K Chronicles: Deer Mama
Keef's yard is infested with deer!
the K Chronicles: Sheriff David Clarke
Milwaukee's most (in)famous cop.
(th)ink: Roger Ailes
Death of a (snake-oil) Salesman.
(th)ink: Red Sox Fans
Why some call Boston the South of the North...
the K Chronicles: Dumpster Fyre
Keef was there!!* *(not)
(th)ink: Gamers
New scholarships in Utah.
the K Chronicles: Recording Jake the Fake
Keef brings his son into the recording studio!
the K Chronicles: Liquor Store
Ahh... Memories of youth..
(th)ink: Pick-a-pope
How they do it.
the K Chronicles: Jake the Fake
Keef has a new book coming out!
(th)ink: Russian Roulette
Let the investigations begin!
(th)ink: Ivanka Trump
What Ivanka wants, Ivanka gets.
(th)ink: Judy Garland
Another sad note about the screen legend.
Forever, Maybe Longer
Cartoon about life in schools.
Domino Effect
Cartoon about Donald Trump
the K Chronicles: The March
Wish you were here!
Teaching Dangerously
Cartoon about life in school.
(th)ink: W.E.B. DuBois
Know your history.
(th)ink: Steve Bannon
Merry Christmas!
the K Chronicles: Rogue One
Keef reviews the new film.
A God is Born
Cartoon about snow storms.
the K Chronicles: "Tiny House"
Keef tries something he's never attempted...
(th)ink: Pot of Mail
An interesting tidbit about the U.S. Postal Service.
Cartoon about flashing.
the K Chronicles: New App
The app you need!
(th)ink: Going Green
Good luck on election day!
the K Chronicles: In Play
Keef ponders his vote's newfound attractiveness.
(th)ink: Cop Apology
Not a minute too soon.
the K Chronicles: Teen America
America is at that age...
the K Chronicles: NC's Best and Worst
Keef rejoices and laments about his new home state.
the K Chronicles: Brock Turner
What will he do next?
(th)ink: Taco Trucks
Is this what you want America?
the K Chronicles: "Trader Joes"
One day at ye olde Trader Joes...
(th)ink: Rio Olympics
Who won in Rio? Condom companies!
the K Chronicles: Comic-Con 2016
Keef was a special guest!!
the K Chronicles: Sausage
How it gets made.
the K Chronicles: Aurora, NC
It's birthday time for Keef's eldest.
the K Chronicles: Belle Foundation
Keef gets a surprise in the mail!
Story Minute: Power Lines
He had a morbid fear of straight lines. Power could be transmitted through them that could destroy him. He didn’t go out much because of all the lines.
Lost Independence
Cartoon about work.
Not the Father
Cartoon about Star Wars.
the K Chronicles: "What if..?"
Shoot... Carrboro Sam might be on to something..
Stairway to Heaven
Cartoon about Orlando shooting.
(th)ink: Zoo
Looking forward to Cleveland.
the K Chronicles: The Greatest
A salute to Muhammad Ali.
Cartoon about life in school.
(th)ink: Officer Safety
the Real Numbers.
the K Chronicles: New Gig
Keef joins the ranks of city government.
the K Chronicles: N.C. Zoo
Keef talks animals.
My history of the world is almost complete. But as soon as I bring it up-to-date with today’s news, it will be unfinished again because there is always more history to come.
the K Chronicles: Nina Simone
Keef examines the recent biopic.
(th)ink: Dear Mama
R.I.P. Afeni Shakur.
Gun Crazy
A shill for the N.R.A. has written gunned-up versions of the fairy tales "Hansel and Gretel" and "Little Red Riding Hood." In the latter, even grandma is packing heat.
Story Minute: Modem Romance
They fell in love at 60 words a minute. Each found that baring one’s soul and touching another’s was easier online. Nothing either had experienced compared with this melding of minds.
the K Chronicles: R.I.P. Phife
A great emcee remembered.
Fear, Grief, Support-Belgium
Cartoon about Brussels attack.
Allegory’s End
Once upon a time the world was overflowing with intelligent life… and the spectacular mess that attendant stupidity produces.
the K Chronicles: Petulant Children
Can you tell the difference?
School Choice
Cartoon about the illusion of school choice in the United States.
Jewel Accrual
Cinderella, I need you to color this for me in Photoshop. I like telling you what to do. Sure thing, princess. But tell me - why don’t you learn this app? You’d have more control that way. Yeah? Take a number.
Cartoon about recent education legislation in the United States.
(th)ink: Voter I.D.
Gettin' ready for election 2016!!
the K Chronicles: Force Awakens Review
No spoilers here... (I think).
The Loser List
John McCain = "Loser", Cher = "Something of a Loser", Rosie O'Donnell = "True Loser"…
(th)ink: John Trudell
A legend passes.
(th)ink: Tis the Season... turn away the needy!
How To Fix The World
Make everyone equal. If we all have the same amount of stuff, there would be no envy. Enough Stuff For Everyone…
Yea or Nay
Cartoon about school budgets.
Fear, Grief, Support
Cartoon about French Tragedy.
(th)ink: Lovecraft
..wasn't so lovable...
(th)ink: Guinness
Something's fishy...
the K Chronicles: Tummy Aches
Keef responds to an Op-Ed.
the K Chronicles: Back to School!
Keef announces he's off the grid!
(th)ink: Grace Lee Boggs
Rest in Peace...
Middle School Mile
Cartoon about life in school.
the K Chronicles: Football
Keef comes around with 1 pm football.
the K Chronicles: James Blake
U.S. open lowlights.
(th)ink: 90 Proof
For the children.
The Donald
Cartoon about politics.
(th)ink: Denali
Obama compromises again...
the K Chronicles: Teachers
A strip Keef did 20 years ago, recently seen on Comedy Central's Key and Peele.
The Landlady
Why are you vacating the place? Personal reasons. It’s great! I just spoke with the landlady over the phone. Have you ever met her? No. She sounds sweet, like a chirpy Disney princess.
The Hoarder
I bunked in the controlling woman’s basement. My sister know her from suicide survivor meetings.
Cecil's Revenge
Cartoon about lion hunting.
One time a friend and I watched traffic on her corner in Santa Monica. It’s got a 4-way stop.
Secret Weapon
Cartoon about Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.
(th)ink: Trump'd!!
Please, let this happen...
U.S. Versus Them
Cartoon about life in school.
Pursuing Success
Cartoons about new teacher success.
Budget Cuts 2
Cartoon about life in school.
Enjoy this classic!
the K Chronicles: Confederate Flag
Now are we post-racial?
Goodbye Flag
Cartoon about the confederate flag.
Teacher Tenure
A cartoon about whether or not teacher tenure hurt or improve the quality of the teaching force?
(th)ink: Officer Pool Party
Audio explains his behavior.
More than a Test Score?
Should teachers be more than a test score?
the K Chronicles: My Alma Mater
All hail Salem State!
(th)ink: Wotta Riot!
Quotes from MLK and... Rumsfeld?
the K Chronicles: "2 Good 2 B True?"
Keef highlights a new trend on the web! Contrarian confessionals!
Wine, Woman, And…
A study found that women who consume alcohol in moderation gain fewer unwanted pounds than teetotalers.
A cartoon about immigrants in US schools.
Toonage about Tune-age: A Comic about a Favorite Song
Keef pontificates over a song produced by Dr. Dre. The comic was produced for Keef' online autobio comics class at Skillshare!
(th)ink: Whoa, Nellie!!
This latest (th)ink strip will leave you FURIOUS!
First Class Problems
Cartoon about first world problems.
(th)ink: A Real Dick
Zuley: Quite unruly.
(th)ink: Public Enemy #2
Coming to your town soon?
(th)ink: Scaly Scalise
This is who they want in charge?
Hypocrisy in America
The injustice of the legalization of marijuana.
(th)ink: Say Uncle
Happy Holidaze!
White Trash Christmas
It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…
(th)ink: The Beat Goes On...
... and on and on...
The Thing Is...
In College, I lived in a defunct frat house. House of Ozone.
(th)ink: Blacker Friday
This year it counts.
(th)ink: White Privilege
... in a nutshell.
(th)ink: Shock Treatment
... from the police.
All Balled Up
Suddenly, there was a surplus of crystal balls… Sale!
Story Minute: "Hollywood Planet"
She was the biggest star on Earth.
The Evolution of Jesters
Jesters are born, not made… ha ha ha ha…
(th)ink: The High Life
The return of Afroman!
A cartoon about Al Sharpton.
(th)ink: Different
Microsoft Vs. Apple.
Holy Crop!
Aliens used the Earth like an Etch-A-Sketch.
(th)ink: Wildlife
Not a good stat.
Cartoon about life in school.
the K Chronicles: Busted
Keef's favorite coffee bars busted!!
Ages of Rocks
I must write a song for those hills made of boulders.
(th)ink: Cee-Low
Todd Akin is now a fan.
(th)ink: Wish I Weren't Here
Is there a 3rd choice?
the K Chronicles: In NYC!
Keef hits Times Square. Gets hit.
(th)ink: NFL
What does it stand for?
(th)ink: Choke job
Radio Raheim comes to life.
the K Chronicles: Die Mannschaft!!
The Wifey's team wins!!
Serenity: Molehills
She used to make mountains out of Molehills.
Global Warning
The aliens became alarmed by their favorite experiment.
Make It Stop!
Cartoon about Ellen Degeneres and Portia De Rossi.
the K Chronicles: Papaya
We feel your pain.
Chow Chow
The woman lived near a wilderness in the high desert.
the K Chronicles: The Day I Met Maya...
Keef recalls a special moment in time.
(th)ink: R.I.P. to a Party Pioneer
A man who was all the rave...
(th)ink: Caged Bird
The only one who truly knew...
Story Minute: "Time Bomb"
Some called her selfish for not wanting children.
the K Chronicles: Hall of Fame
Keef gets voted in!!
(th)ink: Yo Mama
...has a day.
Story Minute: "Imprinted"
She read all about imprinting young minds.
(th)ink: Market Value
Is it worth it?
the K Chronicles: Smart Gunz
Now in development!!
(th)ink: Frankie Knuckles
RIP: The Godfather of House.
the K Chronicles: "Public Comment"
... at the City Council Meeting.
(th)ink: The Earth Finally Speaks!
Here's what it has to say...
Story Minute: "Damaged Goods"
She felt incomplete.
(th)ink: Downton Abbey
...ain't got nothin' on U.S.!!
Story Minute: "Ghoul"
Items associated with great disasters were highly collectible.
the K Chronicles: Stadium Series
Keef takes the Cuteness to his first hockey game!
Story Minute: "Tripping"
Neither of them had ever left home.
the K Chronicles: "You'd Better Recognize"
Guide to knowing gang signals.
(th)ink: "His-Story"
Bravo, Mr. Sam!
Story Minute: "A Clear-cut Mistake"
Those who profited from the forests had said, "Not To…"
the K Chronicles: "Soul Corner"
A tribute to a mentor.
(th)ink: R.I.P. Baraka
Cheers to one of America's finest poets.
Story Minute: "Class Reunion"
Even after 20 years, he didn't get an invitation. Sunny Hills High School 20th Reunion…
(th)ink: "The Worm"
Dennis Rodman plays in North Korea.
the K Chronicles: "Car Accident"
Things get ugly on the road.
Story Minute: "Total Makeover, Inc."
After 22 years of marriage, he dropped her flat.
Story Minute: "Call 911"
Breaking up was hard for her to do.
Story Minute: "Sisterly Love"
Her older sister didn’t love her - She never would.
(th)ink: Jay-Z/Barney's
What's required for purchase!!
Story Minute: "Scarecrow"
She’d been alone with those crows an awfully long time.
the K Chronicles: "InCognito"
Are you ready for some?
the K Chronicles: "Sox Win (again!)"
Keef's gloating continues.
the K Chronicles: "Totally Biased"
Behind the scenes of Keef's appearance on the show.
Halloween Costume Contest
Cartoon about life in school
the K Chronicles: "A Good Jolt"
Just what's needed...
Story Minute: "December-May"
The old gal wished her planet could afford a real weather system.
Healthy Lunch
Cartoon about life in school.
(th)ink: "Recent Discovery"
Politician of the animal kingdom!
(th)ink: "Rookie Miss Take"
Bad Halloween advice.
the K Chronicles: "Bad-Azz Mofy"
Keef's fam goes commercial!
Story Minute: "The Diary"
By all rights, her diary should have been blank.
the K Chronicles: Sit-comic Strip
Keef's goin' Hollywood?
Story Minute: "Bait and Switch"
When she came home, something was different.
Story Minute: "Splitsville"
She couldn't decide which path to take.
Story Minute: "Mr. Predictable"
The man followed a rigid routine every day.
(th)ink: Settlement
Look what I found!
the K Chronicles: "A Woman Named Marissa"
In another part of Florida...
Story Minute: "By The Book"
The novel she was writing was keeping her up with worry.
Story Minute: "The Joy Division"
Gathering tears of grief hadn’t worked out for him.
Story Minute: "Lock and Key"
She found a key that could only lead to something wonderful.
the K Chronicles: R.I.P. Edith
Remembering Jean Stapleton.
Story Minute: "Viruses"
One day the entire human race developed amnesia.
Story Minute: "Flip-Flop"
At work he was mild-mannered Mr. Milktoast.
the K Chronicles: "Boston"
Dedicated to Keef's hometown...
Story Minute: "The Opinionator"
People with whom he disagreed never had long to live….
Story Minute: "Crate Expectations"
The man was given a giant warehouse full of stuff.
Story Minute: "Things, A Lot"
The woman and inherited the enormous warehouse.
Story Minute: "Lay Lazy Lay"
She was the laziest human on the planet.
Story Minute: "Testing"
She paid rapt attention to those in line ahead of her...
Story Minute: "Licker Is Quicker"
Her rate research was revealing.
(th)ink: Finished Line
Lance comes out.
Story Minute: "Hitting Bottom"
She was addicted to the thrill of bungee-jumping.
Story Minute: "Matchless"
An expert matchmaker, she was top in her game.
(th)ink: "Hug Them Tight"
Post-Newtown massacre.
Story Minute: "The Light At The End"
The tunnel changed lives for better or for worse.
Story Minute: "Twosome"
The couple decided to take a chance in the tunnel.
Story Minute: "The Tunnel"
The man thought hard about going through the tunnel.
Story Minute: "Matchmaker 3.0"
The Software designer fell in love over the Internet.
Story Minute: "The Card"
She was on the subway somewhere near Wall Street.
Story Minute: "Karmaternity"
He was constantly delivering things to people.
Story Minute: "Butterfly Therapy"
She was fascinated by butterflies.
the K Chronicles: "Carmageddon!"
Keef ponders the best thing to happen to Los Angeles.
Story Minute: "The Collector"
The man doggedly hated all types of art.
Story Minute: "Wall Flower"
She was really quite popular but she rarely went out.
Lies and Half-truths
Cartoon about life in school.
Story Minute: "Poor Traits"
The portrait painter always took small liberties.
In Las Vegas
I spent the past week in Vegas visiting pops over the Thanksgiving holiday… Drink the beer in the fridge… it’s left over from the last time you were here…
Story Minute: "Road Signs"
She wasn’t sure when she saw the first sign.
A Recent Study Shows...
Cartoon about life in school.
Story Minute: "Dream On" Part 5 of 5
Recorded dreams were ultra real and highly addictive.
Story Minute: "The Dream Machine" Part 4 of 5
The marketing of recorded dreams was an art.
Story Minute: "Beautiful Dreamer" Part 3 of 5
Producing recorded dreams was a lucrative business.
(th)ink: "Haterade"
Cheers to Gabby!
the K Chronicles: "Village People"
Keef opines about NBC's Olympic coverage.
Story Minute: "Dream Reaper" Part 2 of 5
Obtaining good recorded dreams was an iffy business. It’s finals time and I forgot to study!
the K Chronicles: "Cop Car"
It started off okay...
Story Minute: "Sir Reality"
The inventor came up with a way to record dreams.
Story Minute: "Digging It"
Feeling very low, the man decided to dig a hole…
Meet Your New Teacher
Cartoon about life in school.
the K Chronicles: "Labeouf!"
Keef's Comic-Con gets busier!
the K Chronicles: "Self-Esteem"
Keef contemplates too much TV viewing.
Story Minute: "The Wait Guy"
He was a professional waiter.
(th)ink: The Eyes Have It!
Look at the (glowing) bright side!
the K Chronicles: "Stanley Cup Final"
Keef and the boy watch hockey!
Story Minute: "Like Clockwork"
She ran her life like Mussolini ran trains….
Story Minute: "Danger Danger"
The first human clone was developed in secrecy.
Story Minute: "Like Father"
His father left them when he was three…
the K Chronicles: "Trouble"
Keef being nosy again.
(th)ink: "Garbage!"
Let's keep our trash in the tabloids...
Story Minute: "Mother Load"
The nouveau riche mother had an only daughter.
the K Chronicles: "Helping Hand"
Keef will buy for you.
Story Minute: "Secrets and Lives"
She loved to snoop into other people’s things.
Story Minute: "Star Stuck"
The woman believed that the stars determined all….
the K Chronicles: "Toilet Train-wreck"
More adventures of the Incredible Cuteness of Being!
Story Minute: "Disappearing Act"
One day people started to just pop out of sight.
(th)ink: "Holla-Gram"
First Tupac...
the K Chronicles: "Death Penalty"
Keef tells like it is.
Story Minute: "The Last Racist"
The pot was almost thoroughly melted.
the K Chronicles: "30 Days of Knight!"
Keef's Kickstarter is complete!