Cast Your Rays, Sunshine...

Just a little harder push, and you'll be there...! Because you'll be proud of yourself. Others will surely follow you.
Imagine you are the sun,
And your light reaches earth,
All the way, it travels to leadership's Villa,
Where a baby is born!

A very exhilarating moment for all,
The little soul cried as you had disturbed its abode,
The miniature creature’s mind-blowing virtues, being admired,
But its talk was impossible to decode.

You grew up to be a little boy,
You were the strongest person, the town had ever seen,
You grew as time flew by.

You were a 12-year-old,
As you would zip up your jacket and put on jeans,
You went to school and witnessed the torture,
By the diabolical students to the misfortune.

You decided to open a club for those tormented,
And led them the way to bravery,
The children inevitably found it fascinating,
As it was the only club in school, what a melancholy!

The very boy turned to be an 18- year-old,
Now you were "a man",
The man owned an institute filled with fierce souls.

You and your institute were life-long partners,
Because you were more distinct, and a chief,
People wanted to follow you,
Because nobody was better than you,
Nobody was a better leader to you than yourself.

Don’t stand against your innovations,
The more you push yourself,
The less you have interrogations.
Published: 1/13/2014
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