Catch the Rippling Brook

Human attempt to harness nature needs to stop somewhere. What are we on...some might-proving spree on the path of self-destruction? Are we really so delusional that we refuse to acknowledge His presence?...
You talk so much about technology,
And the science behind the universe,
But try to clone flawlessly our biology,
Or develop in a lab, a love filled verse.

Oh! I dare you, friend...

Try to replicate the dark, grey stratus,
Or any of life's unique senses,
Or make a daffodil with apparatus,
Or capture song with grand lenses.

It takes more than measure to share,
And more than eye to inward look,
And more than will to brave and dare,
And might, to catch the rippling brook!
By Gaynor Borade
Published: 4/1/2009
Bouquets and Brickbats