Celtic Symbols for Love

Are you searching for Celtic symbols for love? Here are some Celtic symbols that carry great meaning in themselves and have become popular in today's world.
Celtic art, symbols and meaning are associated and related to people who are known as Celts. Celtic symbols have great meaning and power hidden in them. Even we can learn and use these Celtic symbols in our life. The Celtic art and culture originated in Steppes and now it has reached Europe and Britain. The Celtic symbols are now seen everywhere like in wedding rings, fabric prints and even in Celtic tattoo designs. Nowadays, Celtic symbols for love and tattoo designs have become very common for the lovebirds. Celtic love symbols have mostly gained popularity because of the association of the legends to it and many interesting folklore as well. In this article, we will be discussing the Celtic symbols and their meaning with special reference to love.

Celtic Love Symbols and Meanings

Crosses are symbolic of eternal spiritual love. It is believed to be a passage between the earth and the heaven. The ringed cross has a circle that represents infinity and eternal love. The cross is also a symbol of unity of divine energies at the cross-section where the cosmic powers reside.

Welsh Love Spoon
The old tradition of giving carved wooden spoon by a suitor has now become popular in Whales. Nowadays, these love spoons are transformed in gold and silver necklets or other accessories and even carved by craftsman for sale. This symbol of love reflects inspiration, affection, promise and never-ending hope. The design of spoon sometimes has heart in it representing support and good luck.

It is called so because in early 1700s it was sold from locked booths in Scotland. The old tradition says that it was exchanged in between the lovers on the occasion of betrothal. Sometimes, intertwining hearts were also made on the brooch and sometimes phrases related to love and long-lasting relationships were also inscribed on it. It is one of the most romantic and beautiful Celtic symbols for love.

Claddagh Heart
A beautiful love story is associated with these Celtic symbols for love. A fisherman, just a week before his marriage, was capsized by pirates and was sold for slavery. But fortunately he managed to escape and when he returned he found that his beloved was still waiting for him. So he made a beautiful ring for her, which is known for its three symbolic meanings - friendship, love and loyalty. It is worn as a symbol of everlasting love.

Celtic Knot
The intertwining knots of Celtic knots symbolize everlasting love and two souls that have been bonded together forever. The design of the knot looks like a continuous loop which too carries a meaning of interconnectedness and eternity. Sometimes, interconnected people and animals are also found that signifies nature of depending on each other in life. More than two knots interwoven together mean lovers or spiritual union of man and God. Triangle knot symbolize three folds of nature - earth, water and sea or the cycle of birth, death or rebirth and so on.

Serch Bythol
This Celtic symbols for love denotes three-cornered knots or triskeles. It has mind, body and spirit seated in each corner. This Celtic love symbol also has two triskeles that symbolizes spirit and mind of just two individuals.

These Celtic symbols for love prove that the Celts were the firm believers of God and spirituality. Celtic love symbols are not just an end, the legends and folklore of that tradition has introduced Irish Celtic symbols, Trinity Celtic symbols and many more. The Celtic symbols and meanings have gained immense popularity in the modern era and have also become an integral part of the fashion and other upcoming trends.
By Megha Tiwari
Last Updated: 10/6/2011
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