Chamomile Extract

Chamomile is a herb that has been in use since ancient times due to its many advantages and properties. Read this article to know the benefits of chamomile extract.
Chamomile is said to have antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties. Experts also believe that this wonderful herb has antifungal properties too. Chamomile tea is no stranger to us, and we all know the various benefits of chamomile essential oil. Similarly, chamomile extract is also said to be very beneficial, medically. The extract is in powder form and ethanol is used to extract various compounds from the chamomile flowers. This extract has been very useful since a long time due to its soothing powers. Let me introduce to you the chamomile benefits for your health.

There are several health benefits of chamomile. Chamomile extract helps to provide relief to a person suffering from cardiovascular diseases. This extract is also helpful in treating fever, common cold, sinus infections, etc. Due to the anti-inflammatory properties of chamomile, the extract is used to treat various skin problems like eczema and skin disorders. The anti bacterial properties of this wonderful herb make the extract a wonderful treatment for intestinal problems. Minor health issues like teeth pain, indigestion, sore throat and diaper rash are also treated with the help of this extract. Due to the smooth fragrance of the extract, it can be mixed with water and used as a mouthwash.

Chamomile extract is also used to treat the more serious problems like blood clots and a lowered immune system. People suffering from jaundice are recommended to take this extract in the form of tea to get the chamomile tea benefits. Alternative medicine suggests the use of chamomile in treating water retention and inflammation in the digestive system of the human body. Due to the sedative properties of this herb, people suffering from insomnia and migraine are also suggested to consume this extract as it will enable them to fall asleep. Cramps in the stomach and other muscle cramps can also be treated by consumption of this extract. Pain in the joints due to arthritis, osteoarthritis and swelling of the limbs can also be treated by drinking herbal tea made from this extract.

The cosmetic uses of chamomile include the use of this extract in lotions, face creams and in shampoos. Chamomile oil is popular for aromatherapy. Adding a cupful of this extract into a hot water bath will help the person relax as chamomile extract helps in relieving stress from the body. Gels containing chamomile and chamomile oil also help in reducing various skin disorders like acne and scars. If the skin is irritated or inflamed, applying this extract to the skin will help in providing relief to the person.

Chamomile Extract for Anxiety

Chamomile extract is one of the natural anxiety cures. We know that sipping chamomile tea, when suffering from an anxiety attack or depression, has been very beneficial. Similar is the effect of the extract. The soothing and relaxing effects of this herb has made chamomile one of the best herbs for anxiety, that works. A study conducted revealed that in an 8-week period, people taking this extract were found to have reduced the feelings of anxiety by 50 percent. Several supplements and pills for anxiety also contain some amount of this extract and are prescribed as anxiety medications. Usually, the medications that are prescribed for anxiety have several side effects. This extract is used extensively in alternative medicine, as it is believed that using chamomile extract is safer than any other medication. However, it is also recommended that this extract should be consumed in controlled dosages to avoid suffering from any chamomile side effects.

As it is said that too much of anything is bad for health, chamomile is no exception. Hence, in order to prevent the side effects, it is recommended that this extract should be consumed in the quantity prescribed by a physician, as per the case. However, do use this extract to experience its various benefits.
By Deeptee A
Published: 11/20/2010
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