Chances - Part 1

My name is Andrea Flores. My life is hard at times, but no one really understands. My parents don't listen to me or really care about me. But, there is that one person - Blake.
Andrea's POV

"At times, I don't think people really understand me. I change my mind all the time. I've been heartbroken and screwed over, way too many times. People just think I have issues. Seriously? They don't think I know that. But, there's that one person that just gets me. His name is Blake. He's my best friend. I know all of his darkest things. He's "Mr. Popular" but the funny part is, I'm not. I know everything about him. All his secrets and all the dark things he's done. But some of the stuff he has to do is for his family, so I don't judge. I've been in love with him since the fourth grade but he doesn't know it. He has never looked at me that way. He has a girlfriend of three years. Alison. Ugh! I despise her. She was my best friend. She knew I like him and she still went after him.

Well, now since we are going back to StoneField High school, maybe someone new will come along? I don't know. "Hey," says Blake. He's standing at my doorway wearing khaki capris and a tight Abercrombie shirt. I turn around and immediately log off from my online diary. "Hey," I say back. "What are you doing here so early at my house?" I ask as he starts to get on my bed. "Nothing, I was hoping to score some free breakfast but I see your mom's not awake yet." He says as he flashes a cocky smile at me. I just melt. "Is that the only reason why you like to hang out with me?" I ask with a smile as I gently push him. "No, I just love..." 'What? You just love what?' He never got to finish his sentence. He had to go because poor little Alison needed him.

Ugh! I just don't like them together at all. Why doesn't he see me that way? Why can't I be the girl to make him feel something? Why her? Why not me?


Blake's POV

I couldn't tell Andrea the real reason why I had to leave so quickly. I just didn't want her to worry. It's my younger brother. He was diagnosed with lung cancer and he called with an emergency. He can be annoying at times but hell, I would take a bullet for him.

"What's wrong?" I ask frantically. "Bro chill, I'm fine. Have you told her yet?" "Nick! Why would you do that? You nearly scared me half to death!"

"Haha sorry."
"No, I haven't told her... I'm just too afraid."
"Afraid of what?" I turn around. That voice is so familiar. It's my girlfriend Alison. "Afraid of losing you." I go up to her and kiss her soft perfectly shaped lips.
"Yo PDA," says Nick. I get a text from Collin saying we have to go meet up with Freddy. Freddy is the main guy. He's the one that calls the shots. "I have to go." I tell Alison. I lead her to her two million dollar Bugatti and wave as she drives away.

In a couple of days, I will soon be a senior. I'm not to excited to go back to school. Collin comes to pick me up and he tells me we have to deal blow. I'm not proud of doing this, but it's what keeps food on the dinner table right?
Should I write more?
Ehh... It was alright but I want to read more.
No. It wasn't good.
Published: 5/16/2013
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