Chances - Part 10

Hope you guys enjoy this chapter. I'm so sorry, it's a short one.
Blake's POV

When I heard those words come out of Andrea's mouth, I froze. I know it's totally weird since I'm a dude and I wouldn't hesitate. This is a green light and I'm not sure if I'm willing to take it.

"Are you sure?" I look up at her and she nods. She wraps her arms around my neck and kisses me.
"Like positive?" I say testing her.
"Blake, I'm more sure than ever. Plus we have the whole house to ourselves, with Brayden back in Afghanistan and mother out in girls' night out, I have never been so sure."
"Alright babe." The kiss deepens and we move under the covers. She turns off the lights. She takes off her shirt and starts to touch my abs. She takes off my jeans and I take off hers. Oh shit. Now I can't stop so she better not make me. Her hands start trailing down my abs to my boxers. She pulls them down. I groan against her lips. She slips down her undergarment and that's it. She moans against my neck and as she rests her head on the pillow, a tear escapes from her eye. I wipe it away.


Andrea's POV

I've never felt so close to Blake before. But right now, it's amazing. It hurts and I can't help but have a tear escape my eyes. Blake starts to groan and he's gripping the pillow with a death grip. I can't help but moan. This is a better experience than what I had with Andrew. Blake's head rests on my shoulder, and keeps saying he's sorry for making me cry and that he loves me. Soon enough we are both cuddling under the covers. I move to my side so I can face him.

"I love you Andrea."
"I love you too."
"I just hope that you know that I never did it with Alison..." He closes his eyes and he looks like he's blushing.
"Wait, so you are... you were a..."
"Yes, I was."
"Damn sure, didn't seem that way." He starts to laugh and pulls me close to him. I lean in to give him a kiss when I hear the doorbell.

I quickly get up to put my clothes on and Blake does the same. We both go down the stairs. I open the door when I see some guy in Army uniform. Blake wraps his arm around my waist and pulls me in close.

"Hi, may I help you?"
"Yes, you must be Andrea, Brayden's sister."
"Yes, I am, what's this all about?"
"I'm so sorry to inform you.."
"No, no. This is not happening. You're lying." Tears start forming in my eyes and escape my eyes.
"He was on field when he didn't know he was in a minefield..."
"Oh my gosh," I grip on to Blake tightly because if I don't, I know I'm going to fall. I start to sob into Blake's neck, "this isn't happening. He is not dead." I keep yelling that out. Blake keeps hugging me tightly. Once I let go and face the man who is still standing there, he hands me this letter.

"I was a really good friend of his and he told me that if anything ever happened to him, to give you this." I reach for the letter and start to cry even more. The grip on Blake's hand is trembling.
"Thank you."
"I'm very sorry for your loss." He starts to walk away when I let go of Blake and just fall down on the floor. This isn't happening. He didn't just die. I just talked to him a few days ago and he was fine. He was smiling. He told me he loved me. Blake manages to carry me off the floor and into my room. My hands are shaking as I'm opening the letter. I start to read it out loud.

'Hey Andy,

If you are reading this then that means that something has happened to me. I told Chad to personally give you this letter himself. I know that this news is hitting you really hard. You were the best sister anyone could ever ask for. You were my best friend and will always be. I need you to be really strong for me, okay? And for mom and dad. I know Dad is never around, but I know he loves you deeply.'

I stop for a second to look up at Blake, whose eyes are red with tears forming in them.

'I know we used to always fight and we had those discussions about Blake which I'm pretty sure he's with you right now. If he is there, read this part out loud for him to hear. Hey Blake, I know you love my sister, even though you were with that whore Alison for three years, man you know I never saw what you saw in her, anyway back to the letter shit. Now it's your turn to step up and be the best for her. I know I can trust you that you will never hurt her in any way. Also, that you will be with her while times are tough. Thank you for always being there for her when I was away. Okay, now back to you Andy. I know I made a promise that I would walk you down the aisle when it's your turn to get married. I will be there for you in spirit. If you ever need me to just be there with you, just know I will always be there. Even though you can't see me, I love you Andrea. You were the best sister. I love you till the end of the earth. Just know that. I want you to have my lucky necklace that I promised to give you that's in the envelope. Now, go on and live your life. I will be watching you.'

I laugh a little bit, Brayden has always been a goofball. I wipe my face and put the letter down and reach for the envelope. I reach inside and take out a gold necklace with the 'B' as a charm. I hold it in my hands and close to my heart. I look up at Blake, who now has tears streaming down his face. I reach to touch his face and wipe his tears away.

"I didn't expect this. But why my brother? Why Brayden?" Blake opens his arms. I crawl into his lap and start crying. He kisses the top of my head and we wait until my mom gets home to break the news to her. I sit my mom down and tell her everything. She breaks down. I go to sit next to her and hug her.

"You should go home Blake."
"No, I'm not leaving your side until I know you're okay."
"Okay babe. Just wait upstairs."
"Alright." I let go of my crying mom and look at her.
"Mom, it's going to be okay. Let's get some rest." We walk upstairs and I wait until she's in bed. I kiss her forehead and walk into my room. I pull on some sweats and a comfy sweater. I put on Brayden's necklace and get under the covers. I turn to my side to look at Blake and a tear escapes my eyes. He pulls me in close and I just start bawling. He kisses my forehead and whispers, "It's okay." Soon enough, we both fall asleep.


Author's Note

Hey guys, I'm sorry I have written in a while. Writing this chapter brought me to tears. I hope it did the same with all my beautiful readers. Thank you all for supporting my writing and I hope you guys comment. Something similar happened to me except with my Aunt. She was really close to me and I miss her dearly. She's a beautiful Angel up in the sky. This is dedicated to her. Rest in Paradise.
Published: 8/16/2013
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