Chances - Part 3

Things between Andrea and Blake are heating up. But will they let that come between their friendship? Leave comments!
Andrea's POV

After our idiotic but fun pillow fight, we both got dressed and went downstairs for some breakfast. My mom made Blake's favorites. Chocolate chip pancakes with scrambled eggs with just a little bit of syrup on top.

"This is why I love your mom." Blake says. My mom goes and plants a big kiss on his cheek.
"Maybe if you marry my daughter, you will be able to eat this everyday."
"MOM!" I was so embarrassed. Blake just starts laughing.

"Maybe we will one day Mrs. Flores." He says with a sweet but not cocky smile.

Was he being serious? Wow, he is just beautiful. With school starting tomorrow, things will change. I will see Blake with his entourage and his little toy holding hands with him. And I will just be with Tiffany (My Girl Best friend) while jamming out to 'You belong with me' by Taylor Swift. As we finish breakfast, I get up to go back to my room and clean the mess we made. But, I come across Blake's boxers. I start to laugh so hard. He walks into my room and just slams himself onto my perfectly made bed.

"What's so funny?" He asks.
"Dude, are you wearing underwear?" I can't stop laughing.
"Uhhh no..." He says and he starts to blush.
"OMG, awww you're blushing, how cuteee." I say mocking him.

"Shut up Andy. And give me back my boxers, so I can put them on."
"By all means my friend." I still haven't controlled my laughter. He goes into my bathroom to change. I'm just lying on the floor, thinking about how perfect he is and how he completes me. After he's done, he lays down next to me. I turn my head to look at him and I catch him staring at me. We have a little twilight moment.

"Do you know what I'm always thinking?" He says.
"What?" I reply.
"How I got such an amazing best friend. Awe." I get teary eyes. I get up and start taking off the clothes I put on top of my sports bra and spankies.
"Uhhh, what do you think you're doing?" Blake says.
"Uhhh... About to shower? Are you going to stay?"
"Yeah, I am."
"Okay bro, and keep it in your pants." I say laughing. The last thing I see before going inside my bathroom is Blake blushing. God, he is sooo cute.


Blake's POV

Oh my gosh. How embarrassing? I just couldn't help but get turned on by stripping best friend. She has a killer body. She probably thinks I'm a dork now. Well, with school starting tomorrow, it's as if we have never hung out before. I honestly don't like that. But, hey I guess that's what keeps our friendship fun and mysterious.

"So what do you want to do?" I hear her call out from the shower.
"Whatever you want to do." I say.
"Well, I need to go shopping... Do you want to tag along? Or are you afraid of being seen with the loser Andrea Flores?" I start laughing.
"I don't care about what people have to say. Sure let's go."
"Yeah Blake?"
"I love you..." I say very quietly.
"What'd you say?" I turn and all I see is Andrea in a towel. I turn around quickly making sure she doesn't see anything.

"Wow, you seriously need to control that," she says laughing.
"Shut up. I'm a dude. Get used to it."
"Haha whatever. You can turn around I'm already changed." As I turn around, I see my beautiful best friend with a tight shirt that hugs all her curves and these shorts that show off her legs. I'm in awe.
"What?" She says.
"Nothing, you're ready?"
"Yup." We walk outside and we get into my Rolls Royce. In perfect timing my obnoxious girlfriend calls.
"Babe, what are you doing??" I'm done lying.
"I'm going shopping with my best friend, what's up?"
"I want to be with you. Ugh you're with Andrea,"

"Yes and I have to go." I hung up on her.
"Why are you still with her?" Andrea asks. I just stay quiet, because I myself don't know why I'm with her. As we get into the mall, we walk in laughing.
"Ohh, I need a new underwear, are you okay with going into Victoria Secrets?"
"Yeah, yeah..." She goes and does her thing and this worker comes up to me.
"Is that your girlfriend?"
"Uh no..."
"Oh, I'm sorry. Just by the way you look at her, it seems like you are in love with her." As she walks away, I look toward Andrea and smile. She looks back at me and blushes. I start to think about her. Wow, she's just perfect. My thinking gets rudely interrupted by an obnoxious voice.
"BLAKEEYYYY." Oh my...
Do you think there is something that's going to happen with Blake and Andrea?
I don't know.
Published: 5/28/2013
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