Chances - Part 4

Will Blake and Andrea remain the same? Or is it just a fling?
Andrea's POV

I'm on my way back to Blake after I'm done paying, and all I can really think about is if there is really a chance for me and him to happen, and honestly all I can do is smile at that thought. I look up and all I see is the beautiful and ignorant Alison sitting on Blake's lap. Getting distracted I drop my bags.

"Shit," I mumble. Blake gets up carefully enough that Alison won't fall and helps me. I finish just in time before he can even attempt to see my new underwear.
"I just want to go home. Now."
"Ok, ok I'll take you home right now." He just looks at Alison and walks away with me.
"All you ever do is pick her over me..." Says Alison.

"I'm sorry." Blake mouths to her. I look back and I can't help but feel sorry. But hell, does it look like I really care? On our way out we run in my ex that scared me. He's the reason why I can't love again. I look up at Blake and he suddenly got tense. I look down at his fists and his knuckles are white from squeezing them so tight.

"Relax," I whisper.
"Damn Andrea, you still haven't gotten the guy yet? It's obvious you're in love with the musclehead." All I do is look at him and spit him in the face.
"I don't know who the hell you think you are but you have no right to talk to her like that. So get your pathetic ass out of our faces." I have never seen Blake so riled up. Andrew starts to approach him.
"What did your punk ass say?" "I said Get the fuck out of our faces."

"Blake, calm down." I say tugging at his arm. He's heated and I find him so sexy right now.
"Ha, you're funny. You can have the little whore. She's nothing to me. I got what I wanted and that's it. It shouldn't take so long before she opens her legs. Word of advice," He gets in Blake's face and whispers in his ear loud enough that I can hear it, "After you do her, leave before she starts talking about her feelings." He starts to laugh with his little crew. In a matter of seconds, all I see is Blake punching Andrew square in the face.

"Come on Andy." I look back at Andrew on the floor. We leave the mall fast enough that the mall cops didn't find us. I buckle up my seat belt and just look out the window. My biggest secret is out. To my best friend. "Why didn't you tell me anything?" He stops the car in the middle of nowhere.

"That's not something I like to share honestly..." "Did you think he was the one?" "I mean I guess. You know we went out for four years. Why not? I loved him."
"I know you did but I would have never thought of you like that."
"Well guess what, face it. Don't you dare start to judge me."
"I'm not."
"Good. Because you sure as hell don't judge Alison."


Blake's POV

Damn, that hurt. "I never said I was going to judge you Andrea."
"Ok Blake. Just take me home." I have never gotten into a discussion with her like this but all of this is too overwhelming. I see a tear escape her eyes and I see that all of this really hurt her.
"Where are we going?" She says wiping that one tear away.
"Just shut up." We get to Shattered Beach after an hour from driving.
"Get out." I say.
"Get off the damn car before I drag you out myself."
"Fine." We start to take a walk down the beach and I'm the one that breaks the silence.

"You know you're not the only one with a secret..."
"Wow, Blake Anderson has a secret? Tell me more."
"Damn, I just love the sarcasm in your voice."
"So what's the big secret hotshot."
"I deal drugs. Only because my brother has cancer and my parents just don't give a damn anymore."
"I know. You can't hide any secrets from me Blake."
"Did I ever tell you that you talk in your sleep?" I love this girl. "See I know everything, and am I here to judge you? No. So please don't judge me." I go and give her a big hug. She starts to cry.
"I lost everything. I can't get it back. I never will."
"Shh. Soon enough you will find the right one and he will make you feel better than ever." I'm the right one.

"What um Andrew said is it um true?"
"No. It's not." Damn that just hurt me more than what she said before. She looks up at me and she's about to say something when my phone starts to ring. I answer it.
"We have to go. Now," the hospital called and Nick is in surgery.
"What happened?"
"My brother is in surgery and we need to get to the hospital now. I can drive you home first and then-"
"No Blake, I'll go with you." She holds my hand in hers and it's a perfect fit.
"Alright, let's go."
"Hey Blake?" She says as we get in my car.
"I lied."


Andrea's POV

"Wait, what?"
"What Andrew said. It's true." He looks at me. But stays quiet. Did I just mess things up? We run into the hospital just to find out that he made it through the surgery. He has a pair of new lungs and he's happy. The smile across Blake's face is priceless. After a few hours, I realize I have to start getting home.

"Blake I have to get home." He looks at me as if I have something on my face.
"Alright let's take you home." On our way to my house our favorite song goes on. We start to jam out as if we are locked in our rooms and nobody is watching. I get off the car.
"Hey Andy?" Blake says.
"Can I still sleep over?" That just made me smile.
"Of course." We start walking up to the house and before I can even put in the keys in the lock, he kisses me. It was nothing like before. His lips were so big and luscious. I couldn't help but kiss back. After we separate, I unlock the door and we head up to my room where I find a note on my bed. I open it and it says, "Turn around -B." I look at Blake and he just starts to smile while he just throws himself on my bed. I can see him staring at something. I turn around and all I see is my big brother Brayden standing there with a rose, while wearing his army uniform. I couldn't believe it.

"Oh my gosh. What are you doing here?!" I'm speechless. I have nothing to say, but to go and hug him.
"I'm out now."
"YAY, I miss my brother man!"
"I see Blakey over here is sleeping over." Blake stands up and gives him a hug.
"Good to see you man,"
"Alright I'm going to give you kids your privacy, but um keep it quite. And remember that there is school tomorrow." I smile and give him another hug. He leaves and all I do is stare at Blake.


Blake's POV

Andrea is just perfect.
"What are you staring at?"
"Obviously you."
"Well, am I a good view?"
"An amazing one." I get up from Andrea's bed and grab her by the hooks of her shorts and pull her towards me. I bend down just a little bit and kiss her perfect lips.

"Blake, what are we doing?"
"What do you mean?"
"You have a girlfriend. Alison remember?"
"That's over."
"No, it's not." I take out my phone and call her, and turn on the speaker.
"Hey baby."
"We can't do this anymore."
"It's because of her right?"
"Whatever I have to go."

"Babe, who's that?" The voice sounds really familiar and then it clicked. Joshua. My best friend.
"Wow, you're sleeping with my best friend? Should've known. Bye Alison." I hang up the phone and look up at Andrea who's now in a towel. I smile.
"Don't get to happy. I'm gonna shower." She goes off to the shower and I change my relationship status on Facebook.
"Can you um get me an underwear from the Victoria Secret bag?"
"Yeah, sure." I go to reach in the bag and I pull out a pick leopard print thong. I chuckle.

"Here." She gets out and starts getting ready for bed. She's in her sports bra and spankies as usual. I take off my shirt and pants as usual and I get into the bed.
"What do you want to watch?"
"Whatever." She starts to flip through the channels, but I can't help but just stare at her. She looks at me.
"I just can't help it, but I have my single best friend who is wearing her sports bra and spankies, and I'm here single now in bed with her."
"Blake don't fucking start or I swear I will kick you out."
"You didn't let me finish."
"Okay, finish."
"I just want to cuddle with you."


Andrea's POV

This moment can't be anymore perfect.
"Haha," I say as I move toward him. He gently puts his arm around my stomach, but I hesitate.
"It's okay," he whispers.
"I'm not going to hurt you." I relax. I turn around and kiss him like I never have before. "Goodnight Blake."
"Goodnight Andrea." I start to fall asleep in his arms and I just feel so comfortable right now. He starts to kiss my neck.
"I can't sleep with you doing that," I say while I smile. I turn around to lay on my back and we get into a deep make out session. It's nothing like I have fantasized before. It's better. He moves his way on top of me but I stop him. While my hand is on his chest, all I can focus on... are his muscles.
"We need to go to sleep."
"Fine, okay." He holds me in his arms. "What's going to happen to us now?" I say. He never answered. He just fell asleep.
Should I keep writing?
It was alright, but I want more.
No. It wasn't good.
Published: 6/7/2013
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