Chances - Part 5

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Andrea's POV

I wake up in an empty bed, but of course I'm used to it. There's a note on the pillow Blake used and I'm kind of scared to open it, to be honest. I open it... to just get the feeling of rejection over and I start to read it.
"Hey babe, sorry I left early. I'm currently at my house, getting clothes for this week. By the time you open this I will be in my car downstairs honking in three, two-" I look outside my window and it's funny how he got his timing perfect. I smile at the thought of how he knows me so well. He gets out of his car and walks into my house.

"Hey," he says with a smile.
"Hi," I reply going back to bed.
"Stop right there, little princess."
"Whaaaatt?? I'm tired." I complain.
"We have school remember." He says mocking me.
"Yeah, but I don't want to get out of bed."
"Fine." He walks around the side of my bed, and uncovers me.
"What do you think you are doing?" I ask with caution.
"Well, if I do know anything about my best friend is that she is very ticklish."
"No, no, no, I will slap the sh-" He starts to tickle me everywhere until I fall off my bed.
"Mother - I hit my head really hard, you asshole."
"Tick tock babe, we have to get to school."
"Babe? So now we have labels?" He laughs as I struggle to get up.
"I at least thought that last night." He gives me his cocky smile and winks at me.
"Ahh, alright, alright. So 'babe' what if I don't want to change?" I say while walking towards him.

"Then I guess I'll just do this." He grabs me by my arms and pins me down to my bed. He starts to make his way on top of me while still pinning me down.
"How do you like them apples, honey?" I start to laugh.
"I like them red, sweet, and juicy sweetie." He starts to soften his grip when he starts to trace my arms all to my face with his hands. I let out a slow moan.
"Wh- why are you teasing me?" I ask.
"Because I know how much you get turned on by it." I can't take this anymore.
"I'm in control now." He laughs at that thought. I slip my way from out under him and he falls on his back. I hoist myself on top of him and lift up his shirt. I start to kiss every single ab he has. He starts to get goosebumps. He lets out a small groan like he's hurting.

"Ahh, you don't like that feeling, don't you. What if I do this," I start to feel his abs with my hands and I follow his happy trail just until I reach his underwear. He starts to get hard and I get off him and laugh.
"And how do you like them apples?"
"You have got me going crazy, you know that right? I go in the bathroom and close the door. I start to brush my teeth. When I'm about to get undressed, the door suddenly opens and I panic. I pull my sports bra quickly down and I realize it's Blake.

"I like my apples, green and sour." The shower is running and Blake picks me up and kisses me like never before. His lips are perfect. I get goosebumps every time I feel his hands through my hair and lips brushing against my neck. With his foot, he closes the door and I straddle him for support. I get weak every time I feel his lips on mine. We walk into the shower still kissing and not realizing that we are soaking wet just about now. His tongue is urging me to open my mouth, I go with it. His tongue touches mine and I get a shock going through my spine. It's all so sensual and I like it.

"You're an idiot," I say pulling away laughing.
"Why is that?"
"Because now you're all wet and have no clothes to wear."
"Yeah... I never thought of that..."
"Get out dumby, I need to shower."
"Alright, well shower. I'll wait for you."
"No, haha." I push him out of the shower and lock the door. Afterwards, Blake is all dried up and in my brother's clothes.

"Alright I'll see you at school."
"Wait, you're not taking me?"
"Uh... I can't..."
"Ok." Wow so I guess this doesn't change anything. We are back to our... same old ways. I walk up to my brother's door and start pounding on it.
"Yo Brayden, wake up."
"What do you want?!"
"I need a ride to school."
"Ugh, fine." He sounds like a little stubborn teenage girl.
"I swear in other lifetime you were a girl."
"Shut up. Do you want a ride or not?"
"Gosh, Okay."

On our way out, I noticed that Blake's car is still here. I knock on the window to see what's up.
"What's going on?"
"Oh nothing, just wanted to make sure you had a ride."
"Oh okay." I'm confused. He wouldn't give me a ride either way. So I guess nothing will ever change.
"Andrea, do you want me to give you a ride or what?"
"Ok, ok Chill bro." I get in the car and I just don't even know anymore. I don't want to be his little secret.
"What's wrong dude?" I look at my brother and smile.
"I've missed you so much."
"Ditto. I really do miss waking up early and taking your sorry ass to school. When are you getting your license and a car?"

"I don't know but I'm feeling the love. It's like so strong right now."
"But seriously, what's wrong?"
"I don't want to be Blake's little secret. I just-"
"I knew something was going on!"
"Bro, let me finish."
"Alright sorry. I got a little bit too excited."
"I just don't want a quote and quote secret relationship. I mean last night was so-"
"I don't want to know about your sex life."

"Ew, chill. I haven't done anything after he-who-should-not-be-named."
"I don't know why you didn't let me beat that assholes face in."
"Because I never let you."
"Well, you should've."
"But I didn't."
"Anyway, I feel you sis. You should talk to him. And if he hurts you, I will beat his pretty little face in." We get to Stonefield High and it's still the same.
"Good luck little Miss senior."
"Bye Brayden." I shut the door and I look to my right. And I see Blake has gotten reunited with his little clique and Alison is all over him already. He catches me staring and gives me a little smile. I look away as fast as I can while shaking my head.

"Andyyy," I hear a familiar voice and I turn around. It's Tiffany!
"Omg, hey!"
"You went AWOL this summer! What's going on with you?!"
"Nothing much Bbt. My brother came back from Iraq and me and Blake are um the same." I call her Bbt because she has a big booty. Everyone calls her by that name... Big Booty Tiffany. We start to walk into the school laughing and her boyfriend Joshua comes and kisses her. Blake walks past us and all I can smell is my brother's Armani Code perfume, that he put on while he was sleeping. He looks back at me with a worried look.

"What was that all about?" Asks Tiffany.
"Well, I need to tell you a whole bunch of stuff.." I tell her everything as we start to walk to homeroom and luckily I have it with Blake, Alison, and Tiffany. I walk in and all I see is Alison all over Blake. I freeze up. I don't know how to react. The only two seats open are ones in front of Blake. I sit in front of Blake and just ignore him like usual.
"If I see you texting, I will take away your phone and not give back until the last day. Oh and Welcome Back Seniors." She gives us a little but secretive smile. Damn, she's harsh.
"Awe man, now I can't send you any pics Blakey." I turn around and see the look on Blake's and Alison's faces. I'm disgusted. I turn back around and I drop my pencil.

"What's wrong Andrea? Cat got your tongue?"
"You know Alison, I don't want to waste my time with you."
"Here's your pencil." I turn around at the sound of that deep sexy voice. I look up and he has a beachy blonde type hair, gray eyes that you get lost in and this mesmerizing smile.
"Yeah uh, thanks." He seems new here. I've never seen him before. He sits next to me and I just can't stop staring.
"That's Max Gilbert." Tiffany whispers.
"Hold up, the nerd Max Gilbert?"
"Yup." Oh my Lord. He cleared his face and lost the glasses. Looks like he's been working out. He has gotten so fine.
"You're Andrea, right?" He asks while leaning towards me.
"Yeah, Max?"
"Yeah," he gives me a small smile. He starts to back away and we just kept staring at each other. Blake clears his throat which causes to break the tension. I look back at him and his hands are into fists and knuckles white.
"Relax," I mouth to him.


Blake's POV

How can I relax when it's obvious that she's attracted to him. Where did he even come from? I write a note to Andrea and slip it under her arm. She opens it and nods. After the bell rings, she meets me in the butterfly garden.
"What in the hell was that?" I say.
"What in the hell was that when Alison was all over you?" I stay quiet.
"Exactly." She starts to walk away when I grab her arm and pull her towards me.
"Let go of me."
"What's wrong?" I ask.
"Blake, I don't want to be your little secret."
"You're not."
"Yes, I am." I start to shake my head no.
"Yes, you are. Why didn't you take me to school today? Why are we meeting secretly? Why in homeroom don't you talk to me?" I just look at her.

"Exactly. No response. You're ashamed to be with me." She starts to walk away before I can even say anything. She's right. I am ashamed of her. I punch the nearest wall and my knuckles are now bleeding. But I don't even care. I might lose my only chance of ever being with her and I really don't want that. I start to make my way out of the garden when an idea hits me. When it's lunch time I spot Andrea. I stand up on a table and Hunter my best friend gets the whole courtyard silent.

"For eight years, I had an amazing best friend; no correction 'have'." I got her attention.
"Over the years, I have fallen in love with her. But, we don't hang out with the same crowds, so that makes this some kind of problem. I seriously just don't give a fuck anymore." I smile and I look straight at her, she's in complete shock right now. I'm like shitting bricks right now.

"Her name is Andrea Maria Flores and I love her." Her mouth is wide open and she drops her food.
"Andrea, this is me not keeping us a secret. Will you be my girlfriend?" She starts to walk towards me and I start to get down from the table. Once she reaches me, she slaps me.
"What the fuck was that Blake?" She jumps on me and kisses me.
"Yes, yes, yes." Everyone starts clapping and we start to smile.

The bell rings and the first day of the school is over. We both walk hand in hand to my car. She gets in the car, and instantly gets on top of me and starts to kiss me. My tongue starts to wander with hers. The slightest touch from her sends shivers through my body.

"I didn't know this is where you wanted our first time to be, babe." I tell her. She gets off me.
"Just drive to my house and maybe you'll get lucky." I look at her and she's laughing. I drive as fast as I can. We both get off the car and she unlocks the door.

"Mom? Dad?" She yells but no response.
"Nah, they aren't home except me." Says Brayden.
"Shit," I mumble.
"Hold up. You guys came home together. From school... One car... In public." He asks. I reach for Andy's hand.
"Yes, we are now together." We both start to make our way up the stairs.
"Now, now use protection kids. We don't want no babies."
"Shut up," Andrea says as she pushes him. We get to her room and she shuts the door.
"Babe, you were being serious back there?" I ask.
"What are you talking about?"
" In the car.." She laughs.
"Yes, I was." She starts to walk toward me.
"Did you mean by what you said when you said you loved me?"
"I mean it, Andrea." She jumps up and straddles me. We start to kiss and one kiss leads to another and I put her on the bed.
"I love you." She says.
Published: 6/11/2013
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