Chances - Part 7 (2)

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Blake's POV

Wow, ok so my girlfriend went from being hot and girly to a tomboy. What is this? We walk downstairs and I'm literally staring at her no ass in my shorts.
"Stop staring. I feel your eyes staring at my ass." She says only loud enough for me to hear.
"You mean your no ass?" Her first reaction is to punch me as hard as she can on my abs.
"Oww mother-"
"Blake, you better not be cursing in my house."
"Yes, mommy."
"Yes mommy." Andrea says mocking me.
"Oh, I'm so going to get you for that." I start to chase after her until we reach my kitchen. Luckily there's a wall that separates us from the living room. I grab her waist and hoist her on the kitchen counter. I start to kiss her neck while my hand is on her thigh inching higher and higher. A groan escapes her mouth as my kiss starts to move from her neck to her jawline, to kissing her in each corner of her mouth. Her hands reach around my neck and runs her hair in my beachy blonde hair.

"Enough of this." She grabs my face and kisses me. Ha, I'm teasing her. I lick her bottom lip as a signal of letting me in. She gives in and opens her mouth. Our tongues touch and it's like electricity just flows down my spine and it's on its way back up. I hear a groan but I don't know where it came from. I feel Andrea smile and that's when I realize it was me. Woah, that didn't just happen. Finally I realize that I'm playing with lace on Andrea's underwear. I start to inch up more and she grabs my hand. I separate from the kiss and look up her.
"We're here to make cake, remember?" I start to groan as she hops off the counter. It was good and now all she wants is cake?! What the fuck!


Andrea's POV

Honestly, I know Blake's pretty mad right now because I said we're there for cake... but I'm just not ready to go any further. I take out the flour and the rest of the ingredients to make the cake and look over at Blake. He's just sitting at the breakfast bar on his iPhone 5. I grab a handful of flour and throw it at him. He quickly hid his baby and got the flour all over him.

"I swear you love that phone more than me."
"It doesn't ditch a hot makeout session for cake." He doesn't look up at me. I go over to him and move the stool so I have access to his lap. I see his phone on his lap, go to grab it and move it.
"Wow, I'm still shocked to see that you still trust me enough with your baby."
"Nah, you're my baby. But of course I do, you're my best friend why wouldn't I?" I smile at the thought that I'm still his best friend. I carefully climb on him and steady myself so that I don't make us fall over. That's the last thing I want to happen. He spins us around so I have the counter to support my back.

I start to kiss the corners of his mouth. I'm in control now. With my hands I go inside his shirt and start to roam his back. Then, I move to the front and carefully but gently touch his abs. I hear a groan escape his mouth. I go to kiss him when I feel something dripping on my face. I touch the top of my head and feel something sticky. I totally forgot I left the eggs on top of this counter. I look up at him and I want to kill him right now.

"I want some cake, babe." He winks at me. I get off him and walk towards the batter that I had already made. I put the batter into the pan and put it in the oven. I look over at Blake and he's on that stupid phone again.
"Smile babe." I get the spoon that I was using and turning around, and lick it with a seductive stare into the camera. He takes the picture and looks up from his phone. I turn around laughing so hard. He comes up behind me and starts to tickle me.
"Stop," I attempt to say, but the words just don't come out. He finally stops when he says smile. We are chest to chest. I grab his face with my hands and kiss him when we hear the click.

He smiles in between our kiss. I break it off and get a notification on my iPhone. I see that's instagram and the caption under the picture says 'Forever and Always'. I smile because he has flour all over and I have a dripping yolk on the side of my face. I look up at Blake who is typing away and throw some more flour his way. This time it gets on his phone. He looks up at me.
"Omg, I swear I didn't mean that."
"You are so dead." I leave my phone on the counter and so does he. The first thing I see is the big glass door that leads to the back. I run and push it open. I look back and he is chasing after me. I keep running till I'm at the edge of the deck and my first instinct is to jump in the lake. I come up for air when I feel hands around me.


Blake's POV

God the way she runs is even attractive. I see her jump in the lake and I stop. I am not going to jump. Ugh fine. I jump in and end up right next to her. I put my arms around her waist and turn her around. We are both breathing heavily. We look and we see the sunset.

"Wow. It's so beautiful." I look down at her and smile.
"I can't believe you're my girlfriend."

She looks up at me and we both smile. She wraps her legs around me and pulls me in close. I take off my shirt. She starts to kiss my bare shoulders and moves her way up until she's kissing my jawline. I think I'm the only one now breathing heavy. She kisses the corners of my mouth and soon enough her perfectly plump lips meet mine. She sucks on my bottom lip and I let out a groan. Her hands leave my stomach and are now on the bottom of my jeans. She unbuttons them and starts to smile. I then feel myself enjoying this too much. Her hand then touches the erection underneath her hand and she freezes. Oh shit. I grab her waist and pull her more towards me. She wraps her arms around my neck and pulls on my hair. That really turns me on. We are kissing with such a passion right now that I don't want to stop. She starts kissing my neck when I see a boat approaching us. It's getting nearer and nearer.


Andrea's POV

When I see the boat coming, I freeze up. I recognize that boat. I used to always be on that boat. I lost it on that boat.
"Ohmygod." I whisper.
"What's wrong?" Blake cups my face in his hands.
"That boat is Andrew's."
"Shit." He grabs my legs and I unwrap myself. He zips his pants ups and intertwines my fingers with his. We start walking to get out when the boat stops us.
"Woah, Andy I didn't know you did it in the lake. I guess Blake made you more kinky than I ever did." I shut my eyes and look away.
"Shut up man that's not funny. Just leave her alone."
"Oh, I get it, you already did her so now you're all protective of her. I was like that too when I started getting bored." He starts laughing and those words hurt me.
"You're such a fucking asshole Andrew I hate you!" I say before letting go off Blake's hand.

"Haha Baby I already got what I wanted. Bye, bye." I start to run and cry.
"Bro, you need to stop. As you already said you got what you wanted. Now leave her alone."
"Or what?"
"Or I'll beat your face in." I turn around and all I see is Andrew driving back home.

Blake is running towards me but I just run away back into the house. I pass by the kitchen where I see Nick taking out our cake. I run up into Blake's room and just fall down onto my knees and start crying. I just feel hands on my back and suddenly feel defensive of myself.
"No, stop Blake." I can barely pronounce my words because of my tears.
"Babe please."
"No. I wasn't supposed to lose it to him." I start backing up until I feel the wall. I look up at Blake and he looks confused.
"I knew something like this was going to happen." I start bawling again.
"What do you mean?"
"Blake, I've been in love with you for as long as I can remember. You were supposed to be my one and only. I got so tired of waiting for you. All that mattered to you was Alison. But now? I'm scarred. I can't even-" I start to cry even harder. I can't even look at Blake. Did I just make the biggest mistake of my life?


Author's Note

Hey guys, I'm so sorry I haven't written. I guess, I had writer's block. But now I'm back and I will be posting regularly. Please comment!
Published: 7/12/2013
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