Chances - Part 8

She smiles and walks up to me, and says 'Happy Anniversary'. (Enjoy it...)
Blake's POV

I honestly am speechless. I never knew she was that in love with me. I look at her but she doesn't look at me. Did I make the biggest mistake of my life? I start to walk toward her. I reach to touch her. "Don't touch me right now." "You're not shutting me out now." I reach to grab her and sit myself next to her on the floor. "I'm so sorry," I whisper and kiss her temple. I wrap my arms around her so tight, so she knows that I will always protect her. I feel her loosen up in my arms and she looks up at me. I can't stand looking into her eyes that are so red. I wipe her tears with my thumbs and kiss her forehead. "I have always loved you. I just didn't know how you felt about me. I thought we were just friends because of how comfortable you are around me, so I thought we were both in the friend zone. I honestly don't know why I have been wasting my time with Alison; but now? I'm with you. Only you. I'm going to protect you until we either break up or I die. Andrea, I see you in my future. I see you in a beautiful white Vera Wang wedding dress that you have always wanted, walking down the aisle with a smile on your face, and I see myself in tears because I can't believe I'm marrying my best friend. My soulmate."

I feel tears welling up in my eyes and I look away. "No, don't hide from me Blake." Her hands touch my face and she turns my head toward hers. "That was the most beautiful thing ever said to me." She smiles. I love that beautiful smile of hers. Tears fall down my face and she gently washes them away with her thumb. She starts to lean toward me. "I love you Andrea." She freezes up, I close the space between us with my lips. I pull back and start to get up. I start to take off my shirt when I hear Andrea say "I love you". I start to smile. I turn around and look at her. "I mean what's not to love?" I give her a cocky smile and she laughs. "Don't get too cocky Mr. Anderson." I check the time and it's midnight. "Happy Anniversary babe." She looks confused. "It's not Friday yet." I sure her with the screen on my phone and it's a picture of her licking the spoon and on the top it says '12:00 AM, Friday'. She smiles and walks up to me and says 'Happy Anniversary'. I reach under my pillow and pull out a Cartier box. I got her a ring that she would stop talking about. I open it slowly and her face is priceless. "This is a promise ring from me. It means that I will forever be with you, no matter what. I will protect you. I will forever love you."


Andrea's POV

He reaches for my hand and puts it on my ring finger. I'm honestly as shocked as can be. It's a perfect fit. I wrap my arms around his neck and kiss him. The door opens and it's his dad. "Andrea?!" "Mr. Anderson!" I walk toward him to give him a hug. "Wow, it's been awhile. How have you been?" "Good good." "Glad to see you and Blake are still friends." Blake clears his throat. "Actually dad, we are more than that now." "Wow, finally. Me and Elena were always waiting for this moment." I start to laugh. "Wait, let me see that on your hand." I show him the ring and he looks shocked. "Blake, that's where all the money from your credit card went to?" "Yeah, about that... I'm sorry about that dad." "No worries. Nice going." He gives Blake a high-five. "Well, Andrea, if you guys were still friends, I would let you sleep in here, but since you aren't, I will have you sleep in the room next to Blake." "I understand." I walk up to Blake and give him a peck on the lips and walk away. I enter the room next to his and flop down on the bed. I get under the covers and turn on the TV. My phone starts to vibrate and it's him. I smile.

Blake: In about ten minutes I'm sneaking in your room.
me: No, you're not.
Blake: You better believe it baby. Just because you're in my house doesn't mean I will listen to my parents. ;)
me: You're crazy.
Blake: That's the way you like me.
me: Yeah ok. Goodnight.

Shit. I didn't bring my PJs. I wasn't expecting on sleeping over. I take off Blake's pants and take off my bra but keep his big shirt on. I turn off the TV and turn on my side to go to bed.


Blake's POV

I turn the knob of her door. All I see her deep asleep. I creep in so that I don't scare her. "Get out Blake." I start to laugh as hard as I can. I walk up to the bed and stand there and watch her get on her knees. she starts to move her way to me. She wraps her arms around my neck and I bend my head down just a little bit so I can reach her lips. My hands move all the way down to her thighs. I notice she's not wearing any pants. I grab her thighs so that she straddles me. I lie down on the bed and she's not on top of me. My hands move from her thighs to her butt. I start to laugh at the thought that she's wearing a thong. With the tip of my fingers I go up and down on her butt cheek. She lets out a moan. My hands start to move to inside her shirt. I touch her stomach and I feel her tense up. I lick the bottom of her lip for her to open up her mouth. My hands move up and I feel her under boob. I stay frozen. She ends the kiss and she starts to take off her shirt. She presses tightly against me. I touch her bare back with hand. I turn her around so that now I'm on top. We both start to move together so that we both are now under the covers. Her hands are all over my abs and mine are squeezing the pillow as tight as possible. We keep making out for what it seems like hours. I roll myself onto my back and start to walk around my room.

"What's wrong?" I see Andrea have a worried face. "Nothing, you're perfect." "Then what happened?" "I think if we keep going, I don't think I would be able to stop." "Oh... I'm sorry." I walk up to her. "Don't you ever say you're sorry." I give her a kiss on the lips and walk to my bedroom. I grab my phone and send her a text.

Me: Babe, you're perfect, don't ever think any different from that.
Andrea: Alright babe, good night.
Me: Good night beautiful.


Andrea's POV

I look at the time and I still can't go to sleep. It's only two in the morning. I doubt Blake's asleep. I walk out the room and don't even bother wearing a shirt. I walk in and find him watching TV. He turns to look at me and the first thing I see is his boner. He groans and I start laughing. I walk up to his bed and get in next to him. His back is facing me when I get in. I turn him around and he's facing me. I reach for his hand so he can put his arm around me. He starts to spoon me and turns off the TV. "What happened?" "I can't go to sleep." "Maybe, it's because you don't have a shirt on covering up your uh... breasts." I start to laugh. I face him and the first thing he does is see my boobs. I reach for his hand and move it up so that he touches it. He flinches when his hand touches them. I move up so I can kiss him. We make out for about 20 minutes. When we are both done breathing so heavily, I move to my side and start to fall asleep. He reaches for my tiny waist and pulls me close to him. I smile. The alarm clock goes off and I panic.

"That shit scared me." I say. I get up and make my way to the bathroom. I stop to put my hair up in a ponytail and keep walking. I reach for one of his shirts and put it on. "No, take it off." I look back at Blake and he's still lying down. "Haha, super funny. We have to get ready for school." I have a personal drawer of my clothes in case I ever stay at Blake's house. Crazy, I know. I get underwear and a bra. I shower quickly and change into them. I walk outside his bathroom and go into the drawer again. I take out shorts and tank cropped top. I walk downstairs to see Blake ready to go. I grab my purse and we're out of the door. I check Twitter to see what's going on with people. When I see this particular tweet I freeze up. 'Andrew_2: Damn she was never that kinky with me.' I think I stopped breathing for a second. We get to school and I get out in a flash. Blake catches up to me. "Woah, slow down Forrest Gump." I start to laugh. "For your final gift." He starts to take off his Varsity jacket and puts it on me. This can't be anymore perfect.
Published: 7/23/2013
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