Change - A Dream, You Should Dream!

When 'Change' becomes 'the Need', mark it as a wish or have it in your dreams, to make it come true.
CHANGE is what we always need
Stop searching around dear
It needs to come from within.

Close your eyes and think for a moment
What is the one thing that needs to CHANGE,
True, it should be for a noble mean
And to make it happen, you have to have a dream.

To make a dream come true,
Imagine it happening is the simple clue,
Day and night, experience it in bits and pieces
Soon, you have with you, one of your 1000 wishes!

I agree, thoughts just won't get you far
But topping it with efforts, can earn you the star,
So think of the 'Next Change' and add it to your dreams
Who knows, it can come true, earlier than it seems!
By Suhrud Potdar
Published: 12/31/2011
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