Change Is A Sign Of Life

To ripple on eternally is the nature of the brook and to revel in the moment is the moth's true prayer. Each one of us must ebb and rise in the tide of life. There is no wave that doesn't oscillate between the azure womb and shore...
All that is dead lies still and bare, without any respite in new dawn;
Your choice is either hide or dare, or turn into a still, lifeless pawn.

Learn from the brook onward flow and to flaunt wingspan from a lark;
Learn to shine bright, learn to glow like the firefly glistens in the dark.

You have no way but the one ahead; rise tall and make the most of it;
It is designed from glades you tread, opposing weakened urge to quit.

If you look around you'll see no hue sparkling in cold, shivering death;
In stillness, you just cannot construe, sign of another chance at breath.

The path is long or short as deemed, getting brighter as you dare strife,
It is made of fabric you have dreamed, with change being the sign of life.
By Gaynor Borade
Published: 5/26/2009
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